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Open House

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High Crimes-

FBI informant on Uranium One breaks silence- FBI informant on Uranium One Breaks Silence

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Into The Mystic

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And Trump is supposedly a Racist??

Here- For those of you not familiar,the man to Obama’s left is one Louis Farrakhan,outspoken racist,anti-semite Nation of Islam leader,a black version of David Duke if you will,only more vile.

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One article,many facets

Spotted this one on Breitbart- “Moderate Muslims”- This article gives us several different lessons and re-affirms conventional wisdom about the state of our world.

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Open House

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It’s not the bottom,but I can see it from here

Another Slippery slope argument comes true-

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Powerful Stupid

People who wonder why I have lost all repsect for school teachers need to read this- FOX- More here- More here-    

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It wasn’t supposed to be this way!

How could this happen?It wasn’t supposed to be this way,things were supposed to get worse.He was supposed to be universally hated by now.The Economy was supposed to crash.Why hasn’t he been impeached or at least brought up on charges? And … Continue reading

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Annoying Celebrity Hypocrites

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