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 have a fine Easter, you lot.

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A remarkable man:

 ‘William Walker (1869–1918) was an English diver famous for shoring up the southern and eastern sides of Winchester Cathedral… …Before his work, the cathedral had been in imminent danger of collapse as it sank slowly into the ground, which consisted … Continue reading

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NZ: ‘Criminals are being given free mobile phones in a bid to stop them reoffending when they get out of jail..’ No, they are NOT “free”…once again, the taxpayer is picking up the tab. And anybody who thinks this clownish … Continue reading

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Sweden: Socialism to totalitarianism,

in one easy step. ‘A new law will come into effect in Sweden after Christmas 2014, that will allow people to be prosecuted for criticizing immigration or politician’s unwillingness to tackle the issue.’ (Thanks to Thor42 for the tip)

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Open house

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: “Those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear.” “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”      Benito Mussolini

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Tonight on the ABC: serious science.

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Half of foreign doctors are below British standards

‘Half of foreign doctors would not be able to practise in Britain if they were subjected to the same level of scrutiny as British doctors, a study by University College London has found The majority of the 88,000 foreign doctors … Continue reading

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The slimy leftist media

never spoke of “the ghosts of Julia’s past” (and she had lots) and made sure to publish the most unflattering pictures of her they could find. This is becoming a pattern with

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“Refugees” my ass:

‘..AUSTRALIA’S hard-line strategy against people smuggling has reduced asylum-seeker registrations in Indonesia by more than 80 per cent this year. Between late December and the end of last month, the number of asylum-seekers registering had fallen from 100 people daily … Continue reading

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 ‘Some of the most fearless warriors in military history have been taking part in a biennial exercise with the NZ Army in the South Island…’ (Lance corporal Minraj Tamang. Photo / Sean Spivey, NZDF)

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