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Fascist homosexual activists

‘Gay rights activists to Christians — surrender, or else ‘A few years ago I hosted gay activist attorney Andrea Ritchie on my radio program and asked her whether she believed the homosexual lobby could peacefully coexist with traditional Christian morality. … Continue reading

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America’s islamist President:

‘US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program …Another highly suspicious aspect of the document is that while the Pentagon saw fit to declassify sections on Israel’s sensitive nuclear program, it kept sections on Italy, France, West Germany and other NATO … Continue reading

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Wake up, Whitey. You’re at war.

Even if you don’t realize that yet: ‘The Old Man and the Sea of Black Mob Violence They didn’t count on the Old White Dude with a bat.  But now the man who defended a white family from a black … Continue reading

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Death by bureaucracy:

‘MINING billionaire Gina Rinehart has stepped up her criticism of governments for imposing too many costs on the mining sector amid a commodity price downturn. …Ms Rinehart’s $US10 billion ($A13.19 billion) Roy Hill iron ore project, which is 76 per … Continue reading

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Open house

Obama talks tough on Israel ‘US President Obama says preserving America’s credibility requires re-evaluating the US stance on Mideast peace talks.’ What would do most to “preserve America’s credibility” would be for We The People –  armed with pitchforks and … Continue reading

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Pilot locked out of cockpit you say?

Airline still hasn’t released the pilot’s names?Hmmmm…..must be those Presbyterians causing trouble again  

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Color us amazed……

‘Corruption survey a shock for NZ’ It’s only a shock for the uninformed. Something encouraged by a supine, partisan,lazy and cowardly media. And it’s far worse and more widespread than this report suggests.

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Barefaced theft by the Key government. Again.

‘Kiwis hoodwinked over state housing’ Slice it or spin it how you like, but whichever side of the political divide you stand this is still another massive theft of taxpayer-owned property to be handed to political and/or business cronies.

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‘Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus

Scaffido doesn’t even blink an eye when the undercover asks about providing material support for terrorists — “care packages, whether it be food, water, electronics.” How about supporting Hamas? No problem at all, Scaffido said. “The university is not going … Continue reading

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Britain Surrenders

‘The phenomenon of Muslim rape gangs in Britain, and the unwillingness of law enforcement officials had of prosecuting them for fear of being tarred with charges of “racism,” is hardly summed up by the word “scandal” anymore. This isn’t just … Continue reading

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