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Open house

‘Green Activists Explain How To Brainwash Children With Climate Pornography’ There is a war being waged against rational thought, liberty and commonsense and anybody who thinks otherwise simply hasn’t been paying attention.

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Ireland’s Road to Serfdom

‘..In Ireland all of the major political parties backed Same Sex Marriage, the press ran three times as many articles in favour of Same Sex Marriage as those against and the Yes campaign were allowed to spend almost ten times … Continue reading

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Jan Wright

NZ’s Commissioner for the Environment. Just another leftist academic career leech? You decide

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Rounding up a stray sheep, today

cropduster moving a sheep off the airstrip at the back of our house.

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The Iron Legion

‘Strength and Tradition’ ‘The Iron Legion is a movement that encompasses the men and women who wish to see a return to traditional values and preserve the identity of the European people. We are united by our blood, traditions and values. … Continue reading

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‘Clearly Treason’

‘Matt Drudge took to Twitter to deliver an ongoing tirade against Republicans’ eagerness to deliver a fast-track trade bill to President Obama’s desk. The bill’s details have not been made public — which hasn’t stopped Republicans from surrendering Congress’s power … Continue reading

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The horror! ‘Kiwis eat about a million pizzas every week, but  many of the discarded boxes aren’t recycled’ The surprise! ‘Complaints midwives are giving expectant mums dangerous anti-immunisation advice.’ The grin: ‘Would-Be Victim Pulls Gun On Carjacker: ‘So You Woke … Continue reading

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‘Top UN official says Europe must open borders’

Link     Is anybody else wondering why Isis can hold military parades in broad daylight – displaying long columns of vehicles crammed with jihadis – without have the crap bombed and strafed out of them? Could it possibly be … Continue reading

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What was “paranoia”

is now fact: ‘Foundations plan to pay news media to cover radical UN agenda EXCLUSIVE: The United Nations Foundation created by billionaire Ted Turner, along with a branch of media giant Thompson Reuters, is starting to train a squadron of … Continue reading

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Sweden, leading the way into Europe’s new dark age:

‘Elderly Residents Evicted to Make Way for Asylum Seekers …Sweden is, per capita, the largest importer of asylum seekers in Europe, with 8,365 asylum applications per million citizens in 2014, compared to just 494 in the United Kingdom. Breitbart London reported … Continue reading

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