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Just don’t mention islam, ok?

‘Rubbish bins are out-of-order and being removed around Brisbane train stations for ‘safety reasons’..’ Yet another example of how these barbarian animals are being allowed to degrade the quality of life in the West, while our cowardly so-called “leaders” refuse … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Gecko!

 My beloved best mate, navigator, travelling companion and wife.

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Yup, that’s about right.

And not only in America. This, via The Woodpile Report: ‘National child abuse ring – Government buses prowl the neighborhoods of American cities every morning, snatch millions of kids off the streets and drive them to a government facility where … Continue reading

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Two straight guys get married.

Homosexual activists deeply pissed off.  At the “trivialization of marrriage”, would you believe! Bawaaaahahaha! ‘Mates’ marriage horrifies gay rights groups’ Francis Porretto: ‘…The dudgeon of the homosexual activists is a truly delicious item of Biter Bit. Having trivialized marriage by demanding … Continue reading

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Open house

I meet them all the time…

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Francis Porretto:

‘…The rough beast has reached Bethlehem. You have no allies in any element of the State. It’s come down to individuals and awakened communities. Nothing will substitute for individual and local preparedness. If you cherish freedom, make ready to defend … Continue reading

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Police State, much?

Via The Woodpile Report

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Jeff Sessions-Righteous rant

Jeff Sessions on amnesty and big tech’s H1 visa scam- The Senators,President,and corporate CEO’s represented in this article are all traitors IMO and should be treated as such.

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the Trivia Generation?

‘Young America’s Foundation spokeswoman Ashley Pratte took to the George Washington University campus on Friday, September 5 seeking to interview students about the upcoming anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The results are stunning: -6 out of 30 … Continue reading

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Girly “men”. Excuse me while I throw up.

HERE And this crap is headline “news”. sigh…..

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