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America’s friends sing her anthem

Watch the latest video at

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This grovelling idiot should be flogged out of town.

Mayor calls for half Maori councils

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‘The great grain race

was the informal name for the annual windjammer sailing season generally from South Australia’s grain ports on Spencer Gulf to Lizard Point, Cornwall on the southwesternmost coast of the United Kingdom, or to specific ports. A good, fast passage Australia-to-England … Continue reading

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Doing the business…

‘..SAS quad bike squads kill up to eight jihadis a day and leave 200 dead in just four weeks after daring raids on ISIS in Iraq’

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The biter bit?

Somehow I don’t think they’ve thought this through….. ‘New domestic violence law will outlaw coercive control Theresa May expected to unveil plans to put psychological and emotional abuse on a par with domestic violence..’

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Amnesty? Not for Christians.

Feds order bible college to deport 120 Christian students.

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Michele Bachmann on ISIS:

“You kill their leader. You kill their council. You kill their army until they wave the white flag of surrender.” Excellent article HERE and ‘Michelle Bachmann: GOP Plans Not to Resist Obama Executive Amnesty’

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Imported barbarians

and it will only get worse, the more of these muslim animals we import. The lessons of Norway, Sweden, France and Britain are lost on New Zealanders. Mind you, that’s not surprising. People who get their news from television and … Continue reading

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Property rights? What property rights?

Jo Nova: ‘Peter Spencer versus The Commonwealth The Federal Government can’t take your assets  without paying, but the state governments can. The Native Vegetation Acts were brought in by the states to stop farmers clearing native plants — but no … Continue reading

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‘League Of Outlaw Bloggers’

This should become very interesting – it’s Francis Porretto’s latest creation.

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