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Creeping subjugation

aided by leftist (or simply idiotic) “teachers”: ‘Iraq War Vet Banned from Daughter’s School for Opposing Muslim Homework’

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Who, really, owns John Key?

‘Thousands of state houses could be put on the market despite the Government earlier ruling out selling off more state assets after this year’s general election. ….”People are living in cars and garages and in caravans in camping grounds. The … Continue reading

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Spaceflight has a price

And sometimes that price is very high.Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2 explodes during test flight,Co-Pilot killed,Pilot seriously injured. The term “serious anomaly” is the understatement of the year.”Catastrophic Failure” would be more like it.

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Brass covers ass. Again.

‘Marine’s lawyers seek new judge in war crime case CAMP PENDLETON, California (AP) Attorneys for a Marine being retried on a murder charge in a major Iraq war crime case have asked a judge to remove himself, saying he’s incapable … Continue reading

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pffft..never mind Ebola,

what about THE CUPCAKE MENACE? We are so fortunate, having people so aware and concerned looking out for our wellbeing.

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“Justice” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Betraying the Republic for her own short-term ignorant porcine pleasure.

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Open house

0400 and there’s a gale blowing, I feel distinctly worse than yesterday. This will be a long day…….

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Protesters storm Burkina Faso parliament

‘The United States expressed concern about the unrest, in a statement issued by the White House press secretary’s office. “We believe democratic institutions are strengthened when established rules are adhered to with consistency,” it said. “…President Obama fully intends to … Continue reading

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Off the Plantation

Elbert Guillory,Black State Senator for Louisiana who left the Democratic party to become a Republican has launched a couple new ads that hit the dems where it hurts- “you are not her cause and you are not her … Continue reading

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