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Francis Porretto’s new book.

 is an absorbing read. To get some idea of what it’s about, go HERE

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Clementine Ford needs a psychiatrist

or a bullet. “….this is what a feminist utopia would look like”

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Open house.

Beer’s in the fridge. Having done very little today, I’m stuffed. So here’s a pic of a nice football.

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Before the West went collectively bananas:

When kids could learn from play and curiosity. Before the safety nazis. Before the State owned your children.  Before leftist academics with no skills whatsoever knew better than you how to raise your children. with thanks to GW of Wolf … Continue reading

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Wabbit’s next project

 A very kind person just dropped off this 300+mm diameter, 5 metre long PVC pipe. Which Wabbit is going to turn into a wind harp.  Stood upright in the never ending gale-force winds around here, the strings should moan like…never … Continue reading

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This evil idiot must resign or be sacked!

Australia: ‘THE federal government has warned Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs that it “fundamentally disagrees” with the way her organisation has ­relied on foreign rulings that have no legal force in Australia. The warning is contained in a letter … Continue reading

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Midwives….is there a pattern here?

‘Deaths of 30 Babies and Mothers ‘Caused by Turf War Between Medical Staff’ at NHS Hospital The report into the investigation, which is yet to be released, is expected to show that vulnerable mothers and babies were put at risk … Continue reading

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well I’ll be………

Nearly twenty years after I built this ultralight sea kayak, I just found out that it’s still in use, and by the look of it, in good condition.

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Open house

Quiet, Humins, I’m hunting Wabbits!  (Thanks to T for this.)

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‘Greek election leaves Eurozone in crisis: Far Left sweeps to victory with vow to end austerity years as EU braces for ‘catastrophe’… Daily Mail UK Yeah, that’ll do it all right…..elect a commie asshole and refuse to pay debts. Not … Continue reading

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