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Arse Hole of the Week

There is no shortage this week 

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If you have a few minutes…

Take a bit and visit our friend Pascal over at his blog- Pascal Fervor He has a couple posts up on the sorry state of affairs that exists in our world that have been brought about by the unhinged behavior … Continue reading

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Hungary Defiant

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Breaking:Mass Shooting at Vegas Concert

50 dead including the shooter- Shooter identified-

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Catalonia Votes Yes!

Yes vote- It was not without violence on the part of the Jack Boot Thugs aka “police”  however- With apologies to Robert for not posting this sooner 

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A Lying Quartet

Victor Davis Hanson has some thoughts on the previous administration’s plethora of lies and treason- A Lying Quartet      

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Apple – power mad and dishonest

Yet another Apple press release disguised as news: ‘macOS High Sierra – New virus threat could be the biggest reason to update your Mac …According to new research by Duo Security, Apple’s computers are at risk of attack due to … Continue reading

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NZ Herald, peddling fake news again:

Breitbart: Puerto Rico Gov. Praises Trump’s Swift Hurricane Response NZ Herald front page headline: ‘You are killing us’: Trump goes golfing amid disaster Why would any reader trust anything this socialist rag publishes?

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Open House

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Arse Hole of the Week

NFL owners,players,sports announcers,news anchors and various other overpaid,talent less hacks. It’s a bumper crop of Arseholity boys and girls 

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