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NZ. Wimmin in charge.

Regarding the insane proposal to create a register of sexual misconduct allegations: ‘If you read this article, you’re an idiot. Now imagine if that statement was true. Imagine if the mere fact I said something about you made it so. … Continue reading

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South Africa -Failed State 2.0

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Checkout Ice Age Now…..

…before going outside and chopping more firewood- Hmmmm….record snowfall,record cold temps,all over the Northern Hemisphere.I see a trend forming here.

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Open House

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High Crimes-

FBI informant on Uranium One breaks silence- FBI informant on Uranium One Breaks Silence

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Into The Mystic

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And Trump is supposedly a Racist??

Here- For those of you not familiar,the man to Obama’s left is one Louis Farrakhan,outspoken racist,anti-semite Nation of Islam leader,a black version of David Duke if you will,only more vile.

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One article,many facets

Spotted this one on Breitbart- “Moderate Muslims”- This article gives us several different lessons and re-affirms conventional wisdom about the state of our world.

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A brilliant, must-read essay.

From The American Interest, by Claire Berlinski: ‘The #MeToo moment has now morphed into a moral panic that poses as much danger to women as it does to men.’ ‘..If I were suddenly to feel as Ms. Portman now feels, … Continue reading

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Open House

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