Open house.

Because we may (might?) as well have some fun as the world goes to hell in a handbasket.
Update: Bring yer own popcorn..Ciaron’s eaten it all.

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49 Responses to Open house.

  1. The Gantt Guy says:
  2. KG says:

    Oh YES! But what principal would dare, eh?

  3. The Gantt Guy says:

    Oh, and I just finished reading Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. I won’t quote any passages because there’s so much gold in there if I start, I’ll end up posting the entire book. Just … read it. It’ll make you smarter. (with thanks once again to Redbaiter for introducing me to The Great One).

    Levin did a Q&A at the Reagan Presidential Library last week. It’s on Youtube here:

    Having finished Liberty & Tyranny, I’ve moved on to After America by Mark Steyn. Both Liberty & Tyranny and After America have very deep, disturbing subject-matter but I find myself more optimistic about the future having read them (well, read one and reading the other) because surely, surely, surely, what these two brilliant men write makes sense to millions of others as well as just me? I mean, if I can get it…

  4. KG says:

    To read them, one has to know that it’s necessary to know more.
    Most people are too uninformed to know they’re uninformed. Not stupid, just utterly unaware that television “news” and what they read in newspapers is a tiny slice of reality and not necessarily the truth.
    So the number of people who will read and absorb what the Levins and Steyns have to say is a tiny, tiny fraction of the population.
    Enough to make a difference? Dunno. If it is, then it will be a slow process, and I doubt we have that much time.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      There goes the tingle up my leg. Thanks for killing my buzz, man. I guess it’s back to :rant for me.

      Seriously though, I saw Steyn on last week’s Q&A (the show where some tool threw a shoe at John Howard, because some other tool on Twitter told him to), and it answered for me the question of why a Conservative would willingly step into the lion’s den. Steyn was erudite, charming, articulate (and Amanda Vanstone was also on the panel). Many of the tweets (surprisingly) were supportive of his comments. If just one twit from the tweets takes it the next step and reads Steyn’s columns or books, it might be one less libtard in the world. And that, my friend, makes the world just a tiny, tiny bit better place.

      As Mark Levin says (yes I know, I know, stars in my eyes), he’s “educating the world, one liberal at a time”.

      Yeah, I know. Too much whiskey. Time for bed. :oops:

      • KG says:

        Nooo! Don’t misunderstand me–I think the Levins and Steyns are essential, and I admire them enormously.
        It’s just that I think time and the inertia of the indoctrinated will defeat the message.

        • The Gantt Guy says:

          Well, if they lose the US, where the people (a) are generally a lot more politically aware than here, and (b) have the worlds best set of foundation documents on which to rely … then there is no hope for the rest of us.

          • KG says:

            Which is exactly my reply to the fools who ask why CR features so much U.S. content.
            America is the only ideological battleground that matters.It’s our lodestone, our yardstick and our example.

            • The Gantt Guy says:

              I’ve had the conversation with a few IRL people, about why I’m taking an interest in the Republican Primaries. It’s pretty amazing to see people’s reactions when you explain whats really going on, who Zero really is, what he’s doing to the US and what it means for the rest of us.

              The other thing I like to do is walk people through their constitutional arrangements. They bleat about free speech. The more enlightened den understand the concept of private property rights. But what most don’t know is that in every western country except the US, the only rights people have is those granted to them by their political masters. Only in the US were the founders so afraid of tyranny they set up the three branches with specifically enumerated authority. It’s just a pity you can’t legislate morality and uprightness, huh?

              • KG says:

                Yes it is. Who was it, when asked by a woman what kind of political system the founders arrived at, replied “A republic, ma’am–if you can hold on to it”?

                • The Gantt Guy says:

                  Franklin. And it seems they can’t. Or won’t. Or can’t be bothered. Or something.

  5. KG says:

    No Constitution can survive an immoral people.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Once again, I come back to the failure of the universal franchise. If only the productive could vote, no Dem or RINO would ever be elected.

  6. KG says:

    Quite so. And that’s what is killing the West, far more than whatever’s in second place.

  7. KG says:

    There’s no solution to this. To be a solution, any idea has to be workable and enforceable (to state the obvious).
    Not going to happen, so we have to watch the train wreck unfold.

    • Mawm says:

      The solution is total disempowerment of politicians by a Constitution. Unfortunately we no longer have leaders who have the honesty or strength of character, and there are too many gimme groups wanting their free lunch, to write one that would ensure a secure future. The Nats and the Maori are going to stuff it up big time.

      • KG says:

        They surely are. And in such a way that it will be almost impossible for their successors to undo.

  8. Darin says:

    I read Levin’s L&T when if first came out,excellent book,well referenced too.It was actually difficult for me to read,I kept finding myself chasing references as I went along.I think I wore out a couple book marks :grin:

  9. KG says:

    Headline in this morning’s NZ Herald: ‘Women, girls in Homs ‘massacre’ ‘
    Seems men and boys aren’t anywhere near as important, and it may not have been a massacre anyway.

  10. Ciaron says:

    I’m taking a series of photos of the Hotel Grand Chancellor deconstruction from my desk. Unfortunately, I didn’t get this bright idea untill the top 3 levels and plant room were gone. At the moment it’s close to half down and provides an interesting distraction :popcorn

    • KG says:

      All that popcorn will make you fat. Which will be interesting, because I’ve never known a fat engineer….. :mrgreen:
      And why can’t they just blow the thing up, Ciaron? Me and Oswald would be glad to help… :cool:

      • Ciaron says:

        Virtual Popcorn Has Virtually no harmful properties :roll:
        I assume a C-4 type solution was not available because of the potential effects to other less compromised (savable) nearby structures… but most probably political.

        • KG says:

          Sigh…..more proof that civilization is doomed. In my day, youngster, explosives were the first option, not the last.
          And the world was a happier place for it.

          • Ciaron says:

            Good times :cool:

            • KG says:

              Well, yes, they were. Really. Our local hardware store in South Australia stocked gelignite in wooden cases behind the counter when I were a brat, and any adult could walk in and buy it, by the stick or the case.
              I don’t recall anybody going berserk with the stuff and blowing up police stations and parliament buildings. Just the odd car wreck and tree stumps.

              • Ciaron says:

                I love the line from Valkyrie:

                Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is not to be around when they go off.

  11. KG says:

    :mrgreen: So, it’s high explosives and an airline ticket.

  12. KG says:

    Hmmmm….bring more popcorn. Kim Dotcom could be about to blow the whistle…
    ‘The boss of the recently shut-down Megaupload file-sharing site claims that his records show plenty of US government users, including members of the Senate and the Department of Justice…’

    • WAKE UP says:

      Alright by me as long as he chokes on it at the same time.

      • KG says:

        Nah, good on him, I say. :razz:

        • WAKE UP says:

          We’re gonna agree to disagree on this one until the lid blows off KG :roll In my opinion, the long arm hasn’t reached all the way to little ol’ Coatesville for no reason.

          • KG says:

            oh, it’s for a reason all right–just not the reason that’s being given. ;-)
            “..the long arm hasn’t reached all the way to little ol’ Coatesville for no reason” is no better than the people who say “he must be guilty, otherwise they wouldn’t have arrested him”.
            Arrest by government goons is not evidence of guilt.

            • WAKE UP says:

              No KG, the guy has form, and has been on the move for a long time, until he went as far as he could – good old Godzone.
              What I don’t get is why the knee-jerk NZ public is so affronted on behalf of a fat German conman who bought his way into the country with dirty money, and who displays all the signs of being the biggest and “best” con man to ever get across our border (we have a long history of such people – remember Paul Holmes fawning over Milan Brych?). Whatever “info” Herr Schmidt has, that doesn’t alter what and who he is ( in one word : a major thief) – let’s not confuse the two issues.
              In the end, you and I may both get our expected outcomes here; meantime, I declare a Mexican standoff. Have some popcorn :popcorn while we wait, cheers.

    • KG says:

      This is the answer, I reckon–expose the lies and corruption and hypocrisy of politicians. Dig up the dirt and dish it right back at ’em.

      • Darin says:

        Speaking of lies,corruption and hypocrisy I gotta go vote in the primary tomorrow :lol:

        Okay,so I am asking for a vote here as to who I should vote for.
        1# Santorum
        2# Gingrich
        3# Romney

        I know,I know,but I gotta hold my nose and swipe the card for one of the bastards :grin:

        • WAKE UP says:

          Tough call Darin, but on balance (which may not be the most appropriate word ;-) ), maybe Santorum. His personal (religious) issues aren’t really in the mix (that’s mostly been MSM bullshit) , and he’s pretty good on the REAL issues: national security and the economy.

          Then again, so is Gingrich… :roll:

  13. WAKE UP says:

    From the Gallia Watch blog:

    ” 75% of our meat is halal”.
    The newspaper headline above is from the local paper Le Villefranchois. The article warns the citizens of Villefranche-de-Rouergue (department of l’Aveyron) that 75% of the meat they purchase is halal.
    That is followed by THIS line: ‘For those who buy New Zealand lamb, you should be aware that 70% of the lamb, including exported lamb, is halal.”

    Now, THAT is interesting…

    • Darin says:

      Ring them up and ask if the Pork they sell is halal :mrgreen:

    • oswald bastable says:

      The farm-kill stuff that I eat is NOT wog-friendly :mrgreen:

    • Kris K says:


      Having had personal experience with meatworks – I was part of a small group of engineers who redesigned the Beef Slaughter chain at Wellington’s Taylor Preston Ltd – I can give you the low down on Halal slaughter methods and typical percentage breakdowns of Halal vs non-Halal.

      Method of Halal slaughter (same for beef or mutton):
      • Slaughterman must be a certified Halal slaughterman (and a male practicing Muslim).
      • Animal is stunned electically (but not killed).
      • Animal is oriented so that it points towards Mecca.
      • Slaughterman says Muslim prayer while cutting animals throat and allowing to bleed out.

      Typical breakdown for a given works – Halal vs non-Halal:
      If a works has ANY component which is exported to Muslim countries then ALL of the throughput is slaughtered in accordance with Halal certification. This includes exports to non-Muslim countries AND all Local Trade (ie for our local market).

      So, for example, in Wellington’s case because the Taylor side (of Taylor Preston Ltd) of the business is concerned with export only, and mainly to Muslim countries, then all exports out of Wellington are Halal. And as the Preston side of the business is Local Trade to Wellington and environs, and because no distinction is made between export and local trade regarding slaughter methods, then ALL of Wellington’s Local Trade is also Halal.

      So the ONLY works which are non-Halal are those which a) if export, do not export to Muslim countries, OR b) are dedicated to Local Trade only.

      So all you Wellingtonians, when you purchase beef or mutton products you are eating Halal prepared meat.

      Yet another example of how the Muslim world dictates how we live our lives in the West.

  14. Andrei says:

    A new toy for the toy box :whoop