Open house

Feel free to offend, rant or vent. Or all three.
(And…the latest Woodpile Report is up.)

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  1. KG says:

    hmm..i see we just passed the 10,000comments mark in the new CR.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Woo HOO! Time for a wee celebration, methinks.

      :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

      • KG says:

        It’s all thanks to our regular commenters, Gantt. We couldn’t wish for a better bunch of people. :grin:

        • The Gantt Guy says:

          And a steady supply of interest, outrage and observation from you, Captain Wabbit!

  2. oswald bastable says:

    The simple pleasures in life- when you know a jobsworth pommie bastard manager is about to be summoned to ‘please explain’ why a bill has been inflated by a factor of 20.

    And tenders for a new contract are about to be put out.


  3. Cadwallader says:

    What is the best way to tackle an energy company when it is being imperious?

  4. Octagongrappler says:

    I see the Chows in Darwin want to stay in Aus after all. That Wanka immigration minister who I hate so much I cant mention his name said that Australia will proccess them afterall.

    Sorry Guys rather you than us :cheers

    • KG says:

      Well, I’d prefer them to more islamist assholes. Grappler. Trouble is, it’s islamists plus them.

  5. The Gantt Guy says:

    Reading the comments under Sinclair Davidson’s post about Anita Heiss, and Boy On A Bike has posited an interesting coincidence. Heiss lives in the Kingsford Smith electorate. Her $90,000 grant from the Yarts Council was approved on 9 March 2010. MP for Kingsford Smith is Peter Garrett, who became Minister for the Yarts on 8 March 2010.

    But I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

  6. The Gantt Guy says:

    I reckon Jefferson City, Missouri will be the place to be on May 19th:

  7. KG says:

    We’re being strangled by bureaucrats:
    ‘Usually-docile Australian business groups demand cuts to green bureaucracy:
    The groups cite the case of one major resources project that took more than two years to get environmental approvals, involved more than 4000 meetings and presentations with interest groups and prompted a 12,000-page report. The project was approved with more than 1200 state conditions and 300 federal conditions, with a further 8000 sub-conditions … ‘
    And how many leeching bastards are employed doing this? The costs must be astronomical. I don’t know how some people can sleep at night.

  8. KG says:

    Hmmm….it seems Mr. Zimmerman is a registered Democrat! :lol: :lol:

  9. KG says:

    And the latest bunch of hired quacks has decided that Anders Breivik is not insane!

  10. KG says:

    Screw Bing! I entered “tobacco leaf shredder” and it came up with “some results removed”. No shredders.
    The same term in Ixquick brought up homegrown tobacco sites and leaf shredders.

  11. KG says:

    8.7 ‘quake off Indonesia, and it went on for five minutes!

  12. mara says:

    I reckon that there is a doctoral dissertation available on the topic of why :popcorn man is so dammed appealing. And I blame you bloody KG. I was a fairly normal person before I saw him. :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn

  13. KG says:

    He seems to be such a happy little chappie..maybe that’s it? Anyway, blame Andrei, he installed the little muncher. :mrgreen:

  14. KG says:

    And “normal” is such a vague term, Mara… ;-)

  15. mara says:

    Thank you.

  16. The Gantt Guy says:

    Mara, be proud of who you are. Don’t let “society” tell you it’s wrong. You tell them it’s natural. You’re a victim of society’s patrician standards. You should make a claim for compensation!

    :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn

  17. mara says:

    The Gantt Guy. ;-)

  18. Anyone watching the election in France? They are on the border of outright communism, the communist candidate is at 15%!

    The leader in the polls Hollande is a socialist and is proposing a 75% top tax rate which, when combined with health and social welfare payroll taxes, would equal a tax rate over 90%! My father in law said he’d have an over 100% tax rate when he added his tithe. Lol.

    Even Sarkozy the “Right Wing” candidate, is proposing more taxes on the wealthy.

    Hopefully it might finally blow up the EU.

    They are some good articles on the economist website too.

    • KG says:

      Thanks PFZ. I stopped reading the Economist when it took a lurch to the left–perhaps I’ll go take another look.

    • mawm says:

      It sounds as if I need to stock up on Kruger Rands and dig a small hole at the bottom of the garden. Supertaxes on any self-supporting person are on the way… The greedy scum who call themselves politicians can barely wait for an excuse to tax us into poverty. :censor :censor :censor

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      The good thing about France going in this direction is that the last 2 productive people in the place will finally get the message and leave. France will collapse nd Germany will be unable to hold the EUSSR together by itself. :popcorn

      • KG says:

        :evil: And the sooner the better, I say.

      • mawm says:

        They have acheived the Third Reich by different means. Some one better tell Merkle to watch her eastern front.

        • KG says:

          Hmm….these politicians have a track record of believing “this time it will be different” and of course, it seldom is. Ego leads them to think they can beat history.

      • That’s definitely my hope GG. My guess is Spain, Portugal, Greece and now possibly France will be ejected and have to re-establish their own currencies. Reality enforced reforms and free floating currencies will cause devaluations and a kick start to growth in the ejected countries putting pressure on the remaining members of the EU.

        Yet people still act like us Euro-sceptics are tin foil hat wearing loonies.

        • The Gantt Guy says:

          Hey, al-foil makes great head-wear!

          And I don’t believe the common currency was the root cause of Europe’s woes. Yes, is Greece had a drachma it could have devalued to inflate its debt away, but that’s band-aid on a cancer stuff. The core problem is the western European addiction to the welfare state, and the common currency had nothing whatsoever to do with that.

          • The problem is of course almost solely attributable to socialistic policies, not just welfare spending but labour policies balloning unemployment.

            An employer in Spain once described hiring someone in Spain, “like Marriage – but without the option of divorce”. Crazy minimum wages, payroll taxes for Africa, paid parental leave of over 6 months! etc, etc.

            Currency devalution is simply a tool distressed governments need to balance their economies, the books, the export sector, etc…

            You literally have to be crazy to start a business in Southern Europe, you risk everything, have no flexibility, reduced ability to compete and your workers believe you have no right to any more rewards than them.

  19. Scumsucker says:

    1) Essential internet privacy software

    2) After reading and

    Scumsucker has coined the term “Utopiacrats” – ‘those who will rule over us in the quest for a much better or perfect world’.

    These folk are the heirs to Marx, Lenin, Gramsci, Pol Pot et al manifesting today as Salafid Islam, Greens, Labour and (gulp!) those traitorous pricks that call themselves the New Zealand National Party.

  20. KG says:

    “Yet people still act like us Euro-sceptics are tin foil hat wearing loonies.”
    Commonsense has become the new lunatic, PFZ.

  21. rivoniaboy says:

    Mawm – on May 24, 2005 I did an interview in the Christchurch Press in which I stated:
    “If you don’t have a few gold coins in your safe deposit box then you probably don’t care enough about your future”. Gold price on that day $418.30
    Never too late mate. :cheers :cheers

  22. KG says:

    Wearing a sweater here this morning. :shock: It’s 18c and windy.

  23. mawm says:

    It’s 2nd degree Murder

    “It is the search for justice for Trayvon that has brought us to this moment,” state attorney Angela Corey said.

    Corey also had a message for those who have been rushing to judgment on the case.

    “You cannot know what it’s like to launch this type of investigation and come to this conclusion,” State Attorney Angela Corey said during the press conference. ”We don’t prosecute by public pressure or petition.”

    Yeah right…….

    • KG says:

      “It is the search for justice for Trayvon that has brought us to this moment,” state attorney Angela Corey said.
      Not justice for Zimmerman?
      I smell a railroading coming up…..

  24. KG says:

    And apparently, justice isn’t important when black thugs put out “wanted, dead or alive” posters…..

  25. KG says:

    “If he’s found not guilty riots will breakout all over the nation..”
    Which is why he will be found guilty. Any bets?

  26. KG says:

    I see the media are still using the pic of Trayvon which shows him as a fresh-faced teenager, too….

    • Darin says:

      Yup,at least some have started using the clean cut shirt and tie picture of Zimmerman.

      Then we have this horsecrap from Bloomberg-

      :wtf Yes Mayor Spiderman,shooting someone who has you pinned to the ground bashing your skull in on the pavement makes you a Vigilante—- :roll: :censor Idiot in the extreme!

  27. KG says:

    Good links, Darin and DonD. Maybe we should put up that poster here?

  28. Darin says:

    Good one! :mrgreen:

    • Darin says:

      It’s all the Oil being sucked out of the ground,the seafloor is sinking,bad news for Hawaii,but soon there will be an interstate highway between Los Angles and Brisbane probably with a ridiculous speed limit of 35mph


  29. mara says:

    KG. “Wearing a sweater here this morning. It’s 18c and windy.” Oh diddums schmiddums. How in hell have you managed to survive in such hellish climes? Shall I organise a woolly knit-a-thon with the likewise concerned to keep you alive over winter? Please advise of your fave colour; shell pink, baby blue or lemon. I shall not sleep tonight for worry….. please send foot size soonest.

    • KG says:

      I detect a whiff of sarcasm there….
      :roll smartasses–there’s always at least one around when you least need ’em.
      It did finally get up to 31c, Mara, which is more like a temperature fit for yoomans.
      Perhaps “Happy Feet” would be a better nick for you? hmm?
      :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn

  30. KG says:

    And I’m sitting at the desk wearing Ugg boots right now….let’s see what you can make of that. :twisted:

  31. dondiego says:

    I see my man John Ansell is back on the internets:

    I’m glad somebody with a bit of know-how is looking into this travesty (which I’m sure was mentioned early at TrueblueNZ, and probably here too).

    The apathy of mates/rellies/co-workers astounds me; Advance Australia Fair!

    • KG says:

      Brilliant link, DonD. I’ll put it up as a post. It encapsulates almost all that’s wrong with race relations in NZ today, and the cowardly response of people who ought to know better.

    • mawm says:

      Very sobering read. It is amazing how a dark skin allows you to get away with murder…literally.

  32. mara says:

    Wearing Ugg boots :mrgreen: so am I. Sometimes you are too easy sport KG. But seriously, it does lower the blood pressure a bit. Don’t it? BTW, what happened to the little spewing thingee? It’s gone.

    • KG says:

      It does lower the blood pressure Mara. Which may not be entirely a good thing, since mine is generally below normal. :lol:
      The spewing thingy? I have the code for it if you want it:

      Sent you the code.

  33. KG says:

    Back in a bit–going to buy a burger from the roadhouse.

  34. KG says:

    Life’s full of little surprises—go to the roadhouse for a burger, and meet a very attractive lady in tight well cut blue jeans sailing a dinghy…. :mrgreen:

    • mawm says:

      Hmmm….shrink-wrapped? :shock:

      I must admit to being a bit confused……roadhouse/dinghy?

      • KG says:

        If I explain it, then it won’t seem half as interesting. But here goes anyway:
        Me and Gecko went to the roadhouse and bought burgers for dinner, and drove across the road to the local lake to sit and eat them. There was a little Sabot dinghy there and the helmsman seemed to know what he was doing. Anyway, he turned out to be a she, with husband and two boys and we had an interesting conversation about renovating their dinghy and building a few more so the local kids could race them.
        I just happened to notice the cut of her jeans in passing, as it were. And as one does. :grin:

        • mawm says:

          That did spoil it, especially the part about her husband and the two boys, and Gecko being there. For a moment I thought I’d have to use :popcorn -man

  35. KG says:

    :lol: Gecko was laughing at my reaction to the jeans….the husband appeared not to notice.

  36. KG says:

    Jo Nova..not just beautiful, but a great blogger on climate change:
    ‘Regulators wet dreams of controling you’

  37. The Gantt Guy says:

    Bill Whittle hits another one out of the park, this time it’s the edudoctrination system.

    Hey, I just made a word! Edudoctrination.

  38. mort says:

    is Labor your mate?
    Click the link to see

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      That was gold! I was all ready to say the only one of those arseholes with any shred of credibility was Albo, but then he pinched the script from The American President for his National Press Club address. Dickheads the lot. And the other bunch are only slightly less dickheaded.