Cold Fury nails it–and we in Australia and NZ are no different:

‘…The truth is, the Amerika we live in is made up of a clear majority that likes socialism, likes to be treated as if they were children, wants to be wards of the nanny-state. They believe themselves to be incapable of managing their own affairs and living their own lives without government interference–and by the clear expression of that wish via somewhat free and almost fair elections have proven themselves so. The signs have been there for a long, long time, but our own delusional wishful thinking blinded us to that sorry reality. We can no longer deny it. All that’s left for us is to sit back and watch the trainwreck continue, point and laugh when we have the opportunity, and do the best we can to avoid having any of the flying wreckage land in our own yard.’                    source

UPDATE:   Melanie PhillipsAmerica Goes Into The Darkness

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18 Responses to Cold Fury nails it–and we in Australia and NZ are no different:

  1. Robervdl says:

    Obama Was Re-Elected – I’m pissed – This ain’t pretty

    • Ronbo says:

      The time has come for American Patriots to declare a Second U.S. Civil War! :gunner


      SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! :gunner

      • KG says:

        There will be no war, Ronbo. Instead there will be a slow (or slightly faster) slide into European-style slavery.

        • Ronbo says:


          No civil war? That’s what they said in 1860 after Lincoln was elected. I wouldn’t be so sure about patriot Americans not rising in revolution like they did twice in our history of just over 200 years. The USA is a country born in war.

          However, I agree that nothing is inevitable either way – but my gut says civil war and soon, as patriots know that unless this criminal Regime is overthrown – and soon! – we will become slaves.

          But let assume there is no mass insurrection – in the Great Depression there wasn’t a Second U.S. Civil War – the Democommie Regime is doomed to collapse within the next few years as did the old Soviet Union in 1991 due to economic conditions…ditto the European Union…ditto the Russian Republic…ditto China…ditto Australia…ditto New Zealand…

          All the economies of the world are like crap being flushed down to the sewer.


          This was Ayn Rand’s prediction in her 1957 best seller, “Atlas Shrugged” – that the USA – and the world order – would collapse due to socialism run amok in a more or less peaceful super Depression, where the producers and patriots withdraw their labor and head for the hills.

          In any event, people like ourselves will triumph in the end, and we will create a world civilization that makes socialism impossible.

      • Robervdl says:

        a slow (or slightly faster) slide into Saddam Hussein-style slavery.

  2. KG says:

    From NRO:
    “..Men would have elected Gov. Romney President by a wide margin. Women, who cast about 53 percent of the votes, gave President Obama about a ten-point margin and another four years in the White House.”

    • Ronbo says:


      That’s what the Lamestream Media is saying…but how do we know what the truth is about the election at this point? My gut feeling is that the Obama Democommie Machine has stolen our victory, as the stats the Right had developed other many months said Romney in a landslide. American Patriots now have no other option than taking up the knife, gun and the bomb, and attacking the Communist federal government of these dis-united states! :gunner


  3. Alan says:

    The old saying ‘you get the government you deserve’ is so true. The crux of the
    matter is that the population at large in any country, like to be nannied and receive
    free stuff. The world as we know it is swimming in socialism, the lines between
    the so call left and right have become blurred. In New Zealand and probably
    Australia the so called right of center parties have become virtually indistinguishable
    from those of the left. In the U.S. unbridled immigration from third world
    countries and others from places with a socialist base, have exascerbated the
    problem. True conservatism in the U.S. is dead, a very moderate republican could
    not get elected. I cannot forsee anytime in the future when a conservative
    administration will be in place. Selwyn Duke at American thinker has an
    excellent article on this. Talk of a civil war or other violent action will not
    work. The only faint hope of taming socialism is starving the monster.

  4. “The only faint hope of taming socialism is starving the monster.”

    Thus the comments about cash only – et al – must be taken to heart—

  5. EXOCET says:

    The only sure cure for Socialism is a good hard dose of it.The collaspe is inevitable and will occur sooner rather than later.

    Don’t despair, prepare!

  6. Benares says:

    Grim times ahead for the USA (and ultimately us in NZ if they fall), but don’t despair friends – this will speed up the final collapse. We’re looking right down the barrel of the same situation here in NZ in 2014.

    Exocet is correct: me, I’m seriously considering going Galt’s Gulch if the Labour/Green/Mana/Maori/NZF coalition becomes government. I’ll resign, sell my house and most assets, cash out and go off the radar. I’ll go live on my 10Ha rural block, spend absolutely minimally, game the system to collect the dole or sickness benefit, do cash jobs, go hunting/fishing/growing, work onsite slowly building my dream holiday home – in other words contribute as little as possible and take, take, take. I recommend all other nett taxpayers/producers do the same, give them as little as possible – they want Cloward-Piven, give it to them – but the outcome won’t be the glorious workers revolution lead by the noble liberal elites that they expect.

    • KG says:

      :mrgreen: Good comment! Exactly so–use their own ideology to destroy them.
      But I’ve a hunch you may need to surround yourself with like-minded people and be well armed Benares–because the hyenas will attempt to take whatever they decide they need when the welfare runs out.

      • Darin says:

        I asked a white,stupid Obama voter today to name me one,just one city,county,state,province or country that has black African leadership that’s a success.

        I suspect I will be waiting for awhile for my answer :popcorn

      • Ronbo says:


        Glenn Beck – the New Media superstar and AM Talk Radio host – as called for patriots and revolutionists to move to Texas…to what he calls “Galt Gulch.”

        I should note that up here in the Northwest at places in Montana other patriot leaders have been setting up resistance centers since Obama was elected, just in case the worst happened.

        It goes without saying they are well armed and quite capable of dealing with poorly trained and equipped boys from the Hood.

    • Ronbo says:


      Ayn Rand would be proud of you! We devotees of her philosophy call this “Going Galt” – This is related to John Galt, the protagonist in Atlas Shrugged who organizes a world wide strike of the Great Minds. In short order the world economies collapse and in the resulting Super Depression, the world regresses back to feudalism and anarchy.

      When at last mankind is reduced to serfdom and starvation, the Great Minds of Galt’s Gulch, Colorado suddenly reappear and remake the various nations of the planet. In this new civilization safeguards are put in place to make socialism impossible.

      Anyhow, this fictional revolt of the producers and patriots has had much exposure since 1957 and Atlas Shrugged is the best selling book in the USA aside from the Holy Bible.

      Thus many millions of Americans with rebel blood may opt for this type of peaceful revolution against the regime.