is a beautiful thing
UPDATE: And the lack of it can be very ugly indeed: ‘Teachers Flock to Northwestern University for ‘Marxist Conference’

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12 Responses to Integrity

  1. MvL says:

    As well as integrity and good camera skills, he has an elegant way with words…..

    Apparently “climate deniers” are people with a different viewpoint to yours, so are fair game to be labelled , put in a box and publicly pilloried. I would have though the correct scientific response would be to simply convince them of your argument. I think few people have doubt that the climate is changing, the questions are to what extent and whether it is human-induced. I am happy to be convinced, but by simply labelling questioners who need more information “climate deniers” might be colorful politics, but would seem a doomed approach to science education.
    Well said Mr. Tangey :cheers

  2. Darin says:

    Good on him!Mr Tangey used two powerful weapons against the leftist nitwits-Integrity and intellect,weapons for which they have no defense.

    No matter what people say about GW Bush one thing is certain,at least we didn’t get stuck with that idiot Gore for president.

    So this Sinifex grass is some pretty potent stuff huh? I once saw a small patch of Eucalyptus go up in smoke,it was tried here for soil control,never did catch on.Probably cause it catches fire and burns like Kerosene :shock:

    • KG says:

      Spinifex is ok (although it burns very hot) Darin, just so long as it’s subjected to at least three-yearly (or so) burns.
      Mostly, the country it burns in is so sparse that not much else goes up in flames with it and that which does, tends to grow back with the first rains.And the fires are rarely more than a couple of hundred square miles anyway.
      A much bigger threat is the millions of acres of grazing land which have been seeded with exotic grasses. The much higher temperatures of grassfires there tend to kill off any native vegetation past the point of re-generation.

      • Darin says:

        I wonder if anybody has tried to make liquid fuel from it.I seem to remember something about the Japanese making synthetic fuel from Pine needle Turps toward the end of the war.

        • KG says:

          Not that I know of, Darin. The stuff is pretty sparse–you’d have to harvest half a million acres to fuel a 747. :grin:
          (rough estimate only..your mileage may vary)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Integrity? If you can’t spell it without spell-check, cannot define it or remember its place in society or need a free “Obastard phone” to get you to the voting place, I UNDERSTAND. I really do. Our past govt. did this with our native people by driving them to polling stations with the promise of KFC burgers and chips. And the idiots voted accordingly. Democracy is what it is. I’m pleased to be quite old though, so I won’t see the worst of the result.

  4. The Gantt Guy says:

    “Right now, as you read this, your children and grandchildren – in fact, every single American under 18 – is saddled with over $216,000 of federal debt they will be expected to pay off. They can’t, they won’t, and it is immoral in the extreme to expect them to. Their debt has to be defaulted upon. The way to start is to refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

    Just to be clear – when I say you have two years left to live politically, that’s a best case scenario. Unless you roll over and become Obama’s poodles, being a Republican Congressman will be the most dangerous job in America.

    You will get death threats, so many you’ll lose count, and there may well be actual attempts on your life. The CorruptMedia will oppo-research every hidden nook and cranny of your life to smear and expose whatever dirt they can find on you.”

  5. mistress mara says:

    “Golly, look at this.” Sigh, we will be duped yet again. Chinese are more cunning than we naive, trusting dumb as dirt oafs, but to publically state this obvious fact makes us RRRAAAACCIST. (Present co excluded.) :roll:

  6. octagongrappler says:

    But it’s needed to keep the Housing Ponzi Scheme going… :popcorn ….