Ann Barnhardt:

‘..We don’t flinch at the reality of Nazism, nor at the necessity to exterminate it from the face of the earth, because we accurately call it what it is: a totalitarian political system. But because we have been brainwashed and conditioned by the left to self-loathe our own Judeo-Christian culture, reject critical thinking, and embrace islam as a constitutionally-protected religion, we refuse to acknowledge the plain, simple fact there will be no peace unless and until islam is exterminated from the face of the earth. We keep telling ourselves that “democracy” is the answer and that if we just facilitate voting in muslim countries, everything will be fine, and the entire world will be enveloped in peace, rainbows, gumdrops and unicorn farts. Because all “religions” are good and equal, and anyone who says different is a bigot and an intolerant hater…’   Source

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9 Responses to Ann Barnhardt:

  1. Robervdl says:

    Bravo :cheers

  2. Cadwallader says:

    Likening Islam to a satanic cult gives me cause for concern. The very notion of a “satan” continues the myths that all religions rely on to survive. I prefer the comment that what Islam truly is, is the failure to accept individual personal responsibility. Great article anyway!

    • Dallas says:

      Evil really does exist – so why couch the terms for it in politically-correct euphemisms. Don’t be afraid of Biblical imagery. It’s not evil. Don’t let them get to you.

  3. Robervdl says:

    Most religions, cults, forms of government, are brainwashing the individual so that he is happy being ruled over by a small wealthy elite while he himself is living in poverty. All power structures that are not based on individual freedom need this to survive.

  4. KG says:

    Islam is not a religion. The contrast with religions couldn’t be more stark. To conflate it with Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism (to name just three religions) is to obscure the difference, and that will continue to afford islam the protection of the status of “religion”.
    Which is Barnhardt’s point.

    • Pascal says:

      It really needs to be spelled out explicitly. Religion tend to convince of the right way to LIVE.

      When people are compelled by terrorist acts and fear of death to believe in a creed, it ceases to be a legitimate religion.

      As our Curmudgeon wrote in a series long ago — the Convergence of the Death Cults — the Leftists and Statists embrace Islam precisely because it is too is a death cult. Vultures of a feather flock together.

  5. Contempt says:

    Also, we should add that those who follow Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his Rules for Radicals to Satan, are themselves devil worshippers. 1+1=2.