A Missive to Chris Finlayson

Chris Finlayson is New Zealand’s corrupt Attorney General. He is the Corporate IWI’s man in the Ministry, and has done more to enrich his Masters than any Attorney in New Zealand’s history. He is a “man” possessed of neither character or integrity. He has given his Masters money hand over fist, and has established a panel to look at New Zealand’s “constitutional arrangements”. The panel is rigged with those who long for a 2-state solution for New Zealand, who seek to establish Apartheid Aotearoa, a country in which those who can claim some distant relative who may or may not have been Maori are first-class, and everyone else is second-class.

This disgusting creature was interviewed over the weekend on Marae Investigates, a Maori propaganda television programme on state-owned TV. Here’s a link, but I warn you’ll need a strong stomach:


I was so insensed by this interview I was compelled to put fingers to keyboard, and fired off the following to Finlayson and his boss, PM John Key. It won’t do any good, but it’s better than doing nothing…


I have just watched your interview of 2 December 2012 on Marae Investigates, and I am writing to express my utter disgust. Firstly, you claim the settlement process will never end. How can we ever move forward as a nation when you and your ilk are constantly looking in the rear-view mirror?

Secondly, your reference to those who desire One Law For All (which, as far as I can recall, was and remains a policy of your Party), and a colourblind state as “miscreants” and “KKK types” is utterly appalling. I am a man of character and thus do not habitually resort to name calling, but if I did I might refer to what you’re doing as establishing Apartheid Aotearoa; I might liken you to PW Botha.

Sir, you have “outed” yourself beyond all sense as the Corporate IWI’s man in the Ministry. You have done more to further the cause of your Masters in the Corporate IWI than any politician since Rata established the hopelessly biased Waitangi Tribunal in the ’70s. You cannot possibly now claim to negotiate on behalf of the Crown with such a one-eyed perspective.

If you had even the tiniest measure of character or integrity, you would hand in your warrant and no more bring disgrace on the office of Attorney-General. Furthermore, I charge you with cowardice. You have never, and I’ll suggest will never, have the courage to stand before electors and seek approval of your programme or your performance.

Make no mistake, Mr Finlayson, you have utterly mis-read the mood of the nation. The vast majority is utterly sick of the over-reach of the Corporate IWI, and the constant surrender by a succession of governments but yours more than any other.

Prime Minister, when in 2014 your government is defeated by midgets like Shearer and Mallard, backed by poisonous ideologues Turei and Norman, you should look no further than yourself and your Manchurian Arttorney.


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10 Responses to A Missive to Chris Finlayson

  1. mawm says:

    I fear that you slander PW Botha. He at least did try to move forward but faltered when he came to the Rubicon.

  2. KG says:

    I wouldn’t even address the slimy bastard as “sir”–if such a thing as justice existed he’d be behind bars for fraud and false pretences.
    He has enriched himself twice over, both from the taxpayer whose money and property he has taken under very dubious colour of “law” and from the race-parasites he represents.
    I’ve scraped higher life forms off the soles of my boots. :rant

  3. starboard says:

    Im with you 100% on this one KG. Tinkerbelle Finlayson is a dirty little slimebag . The arrogance of this prick is astounding. Rorting the country for the sake of a few is what he’s doing, with Keys full blessing.
    I wouldnt :censor on either of them if they were on fire. :rant ..and whats more the dirty :censor :censor homosexual :vomit is only a list mp ! :rant

  4. KG says:

    The list MP bit really sticks in my craw, starboard. A person nobody voted for is given enormous power in government.
    It stinks.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Just like Michael Cullen, who squandered a once-in-a-generation economic boom.

      Just like Margaret Wilson, who (with absolutely no mandate from or recourse to The People) removed our right of appeal to the Privy Council, replacing it instead with a Supreme Court populated by party hacks and intellectual midgets (‘scuse the tautology).


      Funny how the political class always manages to give the most odious and unpopular jobs to those who will never have to stand before the voters and seek a review of their performance.

  5. starboard says:

    Being an ex Ngai Tahu lawyer/spokesperson should get the blood boiling as well.
    You cant tell me he hasn’t been maori-ised.

  6. Barry says:

    The sodomite finlayson is a traitor to NZ. He should get life in gaol for his treachery. key and heatley and the rest of them should be sharing the cell with him