Let’s pump arms into Arab countries, then sit back and watch them destroy one another.
Egypt crisis turns violent’

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8 Responses to Excellent!

  1. The Gantt Guy says:

    Oh no, you horrid rrrrraaaaaaccccciiiiiissssttttt!!!!!

    What they need is billions of dollars in foreign aid, and a nice cuddle. Oh, and help to kill all the joooz. That will solve everything.

  2. KG says:

    Mr. Putin seems to have the same idea as I have. :mrgreen:

  3. Took some time off- come back- and find that you have a post on one of my two favorite air craft-
    SR 71 – Blackbird !-

    the other favorite – the P – 38!!
    both designed by Kelly Johnson–

    My uncle flew the P – 38 –cool HUH!


  4. Flashman says:

    These ferals don’t want weapons, they need green-jobs, solar power and wind energy to combat climate change. :lol:

  5. thor42 says:

    They *really are* bloody ferals.
    If the Egyptians had any sense at all, they’d realise that Islam was the cause of damned-near all of their problems and they’d burn down every mosque (and kill every imam) in the country. It’ll never happen.

  6. RWT says:

    Personally I wouldn’t give them anything, i don’t trust them with the time of day. One must always remember that they can use the arms and money we give them against us. They always do it to us. Only people I’d help out in that shithole are the Jews because they understand them very well.

    It’s the sad reality of this world, you play nice to some of these c***** and they’ll turn on you first. You don’t see them waging any jihad against the Chinese or North Koreans do you. Treat them like shit on your shoe and they’ll find some other stupid sap to betray and stab in the back.