This is our future, too.

It’s not “immigration”–it’s colonisation and cultural genocide.

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9 Responses to This is our future, too.

  1. Contempt says:

    Why do people keep calling islam “radical islam?” Is it “radical” to act in the manner your founder commanded?

  2. Contempt says:

    Pearl Harbor website with many links:
    A day that will live in infamy.

  3. KG says:

    O/T: “Panetta Warns Assad of Chem Use ‘Consequences'”
    Can somebody tell me why a single American soldier should risk his life to save Arabs?
    Who gives a fuck how many Arabs kill how many Arabs?

    • starboard says:

      Just nuke ’em. Turn the entire place into a car park. :gunner
      Do that shit hole Iran at the same time. :gunner

  4. kowtow says:

    Back to the “stoning age”,very true.

  5. D.T. says:

    Let’s see if Barry is true to his word . He will fight against the use of chemical weapons in a civil war that has NOTHING to do with him but he won’t defend the deaths of four Americans.
    Very strange indeed…….