That’ll improve the standard of driving in NZ.

“New Zealand trainers teach dogs to drive cars’
Now they should send ’em to the Masterton area–as instructors.

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5 Responses to That’ll improve the standard of driving in NZ.

  1. Anonymous says:

    True story……
    I once owned a SWB Landcruiser FJ40. Fiitted a 350 Chev and auto to it. (As you do)
    Was dual fuel, LPG and petrol.
    Started it one cold morning on gas, and to keep it running pulled the hand throttle out to let it warm up at high RPM. Backed out, closed double gates, and with vehicle parked on driveway, revving wildly, sat on house front steps pulling on boots.
    My dog, Max, a Rottie with extensive experience as a passenger, but none as a driver, decided to jump from his usual position in the back, over into the front. In doing so he caught the groovy Hurst chrome plated shifter I had proudly fitted during the conversion, and hooked it into “Drive”.
    The vehicle launched as well as any dragster and sped off into the gates with a wide-eyed dog looking at me saying…”It wasn’t me”, as it crashed the gates and sledged to a halt in the garden. Door flew open and the bugger scarpered. He never drove again. Some wag at work, on hearing about it, posted him a NZ Road Code book. :mrgreen:

  2. KG says:

    :whoop :whoop :mrgreen: :cheers Nice one, MvL!

  3. Redbaiter says:

    I hope they know the rules, like no talking on the cellphone while driving..!!

  4. KG says:

    :mrgreen: I hope they break ’em–I’d love to see Fido as a defendant…it’d highlight the Kafka-esque grotesqueness of the idiot laws. :lol: