“Just who the hell do you people think you are?”

Heroic speech,Nigel Farage

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15 Responses to “Just who the hell do you people think you are?”

  1. KG says:

    Oh, for just one person of this calibre in Australian and New Zealand politics…just one.

    • James Stephenson says:

      Unfortunately the likes of Farage only manage to get elected to the European parliament when people are prepared to protest-vote in decent numbers.

      Come General Election tim,e all the old problems come back around, so you end up with the HoC stuffed with careerist, bumlicking, party-lie-toeing, expenses-rorting wankers.

      • KG says:

        Up to a point, that’s true James. But in today’s Daily Mail, I see that Cameron is being pressured -as a direct result of UKIP’s rising popularity- into changing his EU stance. :grin:

  2. Redbaiter says:

    Well, there are one or two, (Cory Bernardi see what happened to him?)) but they are far outnumbered and bullied into silence by the craven cowards in the majority.

    • KG says:

      Fair point, RB. But the fact they can be bullied into silence indicates to me a problem with their strategy.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      What I find disappointing is that the good ones (Bernardi, David Garrett, etc.) allow themselves to be bullied so easily. Both Bernardi and Garrett capitulated over utter non-issues. I understand *why* they did it, but I do find it disappointing that neither of them fought a little harder and dirtier.

  3. KG says:

    UK Independence Party, Carol. Farage was elected to the European “Parliament”.

  4. Thank you KG-
    Just got back from Google-ing Farage – WOW-
    The UK is lucky to have him-
    I pray for his safety-
    Seems he was injured in a plane crash-
    I am always suspect of those-
    to whit- I read on and it told of a pilot of one of the planes had made death threats on Farage–

    Remember Ann Romney’s life was in danger -plane mal- function–
    After that- Romney became a ‘whimp’ on the issues–

    Don’t trust the Dark Side with brave folks like Farage..

  5. KG says:

    “Don’t trust the Dark Side with brave folks like Farage..”
    Me neither.

  6. KG says:

    A good interview with Farage here. Unlike the BBC, the American interviewer did a damn good job:
    ‘Nigel Farage on the Rise of UKIP, the Fall of Europe, and the Parallels for the US’

  7. mawm says:

    “Just who the hell do you people think you are?” says it all about politicians in the West. One day you will all be adorning lamp posts. :popcorn

  8. KG says:

    “One day you will all be adorning lamp posts”
    I pray you’re right, Mawm. On that day, I’ll raise a glass to whoever strings them up. :cheers

  9. I can’t add much to that except to say we downunder desperately need voices like him and Daniel Hannan–remember this one from him on Brown