The great maori power grab:

‘..As each month passes, there are new rights, new privileges, new funding, new settlements – all in a relentless incremental transfer of money, power and public resources that goes largely unnoticed by most New Zealanders, who are too busy getting on with their own lives. However, some New Zealanders (especially those associated with the NZCPR) do notice, because we have come to realise that this is all part of a much larger agenda – a drive for the co-governance of New Zealand. How to alert a largely passive public, who are blindingly oblivious to the danger, will be our major challenge next year…
…Those calling for a new “written” constitution want to transfer that ultimate law-making power from our elected representatives to unelected judges – who cannot be sacked. By re-drafting our constitutional arrangements into a single document, lawyers and judges would be put in charge of law-making in New Zealand and if our elected Members of Parliament tried to change this arrangement, their attempts would be struck out as being “unconstitutional”.’

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4 Responses to The great maori power grab:

  1. KG says:

    The NZ “justice” system:
    ‘Three people arrested in a migrant labour exploitation case will miss their next hearing so they can attend a birthday party in China.’

    Their defence lawyer claims the party is “culturally significant”–apparently, the administration of justice in NZ takes a back seat to that. When it suits.
    The fact is, the moment “culture” is taken into consideration in a court of law, then the process becomes illegitimate. Because that means that all defendants will not be treated in the equal, colourblind way our society demands of the law.

  2. Barry says:

    I blame John Key – he’s had four years as pretend-PM to knock all of the part-maori garbage on the head but all he’s done is make it worse every day

    • KG says:

      Yep–he’s used the “implicit mandate” given by voters -when they voted Nats in order to get rid of the Klarkula -as a tool to further the maori/left agenda.
      The scumbag is a traitor, a smiling jerk with no ethical centre.

    • starboard says:

      Exactly. At least Klark had the balls to tell maori to :censor off if they got too greedy..Key’s just bent over and let NZ take it up the chook . Bastard. :rant