The NZ “justice” system:

‘Three people arrested in a migrant labour exploitation case will miss their next hearing so they can attend a birthday party in China.’
Their defence lawyer claims the party is “culturally significant”–apparently, the administration of justice in NZ takes a back seat to that. When it suits.
The fact is, the moment “culture” is taken into consideration in a court of law, then the process becomes illegitimate. Because that means that all defendants will not be treated in the equal, colourblind way our society demands of the law.

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12 Responses to The NZ “justice” system:

  1. Findalis says:

    Do you believe that these assholes will come back for their trial? Not in an instant.

    I guess NZ is now run by brainless idiots.

    • Flashman says:

      Adherents of funny handshakes and/or having “a quiet coffee” where a fat envelope was passed under the table, more likely.

  2. This is the typical multicultural mindset; have they not considered our culture? No, that has been replaced with 101 cultures, and we can’t even manage two.

  3. KG says:

    “Our” culture, Conservative? Our culture is now unmentionable and indefensible–we’re the culture of the colonialist oppressors, after all. We have to kowtow to every damn third-world primitive, to beat our breasts and apologise for bringing them civilization, for saving their kids from the cooking pot and their wives from abuse and murder.
    Our culture is to be wiped out, leaving only the material benefits it brought. :evil:

  4. The Gantt Guy says:

    “Our” culture? What are you two, racist or something? Everyone damn well knows Anglos don’t have a “culture”! Why, we haven’t even been known to eat anybody, or shrink their heads, in the recent past.

    And as for the art, music, architecture, individual liberty and personal responsibility which made western civilisation the greatest in history, why we probably bloody stole that from some bedouin tribe, or clan drifting across the Mongolian plains, or long-lost African tribe. And then we probably killed them with TVs, health care and iPods!

    Culture? pfft!

    • KG says:

      :shock: You’ve been watching SBS and the ABC, haven’t you?

      • The Gantt Guy says:

        And TVNZ, and TV3, and reading the SMH and the NZH. And listening to our betters in the indoctrination education profession. And Parliament. And the UN.

        • The Gantt Guy says:

          With apologies to Freddie Mercury …

          We are the enemy, my friend.
          And we will be vilified, to the end.
          We are the enemy
          We are the enemy
          We are the enemy
          Of the world.

          Now, where’s that sack-cloth and those ashes… :vomit

  5. KG says:

    And of course, we all know that some fat moori thug in a grass skirt, sticking it’s tongue out in a war dance, or a Somali primitive could have created this:

  6. KG says:

    Was anybody wondering about the sneer quotes in the post’s title?
    ‘A former Serious Fraud Office chief prosecutor has pleaded guilty to forgery charges but was this morning discharged without conviction.
    Anita Maria Killeen, 35, appeared before Judge Mary Beth Sharp in Auckland District Court, where her lawyer, Paul Davison QC, entered guilty pleas to forgery and using a forged document…..
    …This was because the prosecutor, who was up until the time of her arrest practising as a barrister, had undertaken a course of fertility medication which in 1 per cent of cases caused severe psychological side effects, Judge Sharp said….’

    • starboard says:

      one per cent eh…best to err on the side of caution don’t ya think…she could of had it bad.. :roll: