FFS! #262

‘..NSW north coast health workers cannot call colleagues or patients terms such as “mate”, after a memo stated it was inappropriate.
The memo, which was sent out by  the Northern NSW Local Health District, told workers that these terms may be perceived as disrespectful, disempowering and non-professional, the ABC reports.
……”The utilisation of this language within the work place at any time is not appropriate and may be perceived as disrespectful, disempowering and non-professional,” the memo said…’
So, a gaggle of slimy little bureaudweebs, sucking off the taxpayer’s tit while they sit around in an office dreaming this shit up, presumes to tell adults what terms they may not use when addressing other adults in the workplace. And they cover their fat meddling arses with the word “inappropriate”, the word which has become an identifying mark of the purse-lipped meddling little clipboard leeches who contribute-fuck all and merely get in the way of grown-ups doing the heavy lifting.
And as always, there will be cowardly inadequates in the workplace who will be only too glad to feed a fellow worker or two into the beast’s maw. People who can’t manage their own relationships with co-workers and are only too happy to hand over revenge and subsequent persecution to the office Stasi. *spit*.
It’s high time the grown-ups stood together and told the contemptible scum dreaming up this garbage to fuck off and get a proper job.

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13 Responses to FFS! #262

  1. Michael in Nelson says:

    Just what kind of a word is ‘disempowering’? :wtf Sounds like a liberal STD to me :twisted:

  2. KG says:

    Not much different, Michael. :roll:
    It’s the word pathetic whiners use when somebody suggests they stop whining and just get on with the job.

  3. john says:

    Would that have anything to do with putting these fuckers’ lights out? :gunner

  4. Darin says:

    The irony here is that it’s the PC crowd who is most guilty of grouping and labeling people.It’s the first step in divide and conquer :gunner

    Edited for sellping :whoop

  5. The Gantt Guy says:

    Shiny-arsed, clipboard-carrying little Hitlers who work to prevent the people who work in the hospitals from carrying out their core responsibilities to make sick people well, and save people’s lives.

    To the Aussies I know, the term ‘mate’ is among the highest of compliments. To call someone a ‘mate’ means you respect them, trust them and you have their back.

    And as for the other terms mentioned, I know some women who save themselves the bother of learning names by calling everyone, from the local butcher to the Pastor to the Queen herself, ‘Darl’.

    To suggest otherwise is, well, it’s bloody un-Australian!

    • Darin says:

      Same thing here,the women call everybody sugar or dawlin,the men either Bro,Budd or Babe.
      The clipboard nazis would never make it around here with common questions like-“Howzyamammaannim?””Watchatake in yacoffee dawlin?” :mrgreen:

  6. Phil Stephenson says:

    Another contemptible attempt at social engineering from people who, as you say, have nothing better to do and get in the way of the grownups. It’s nothing new, though. Back in the 90’s I worked with a cop who had an unfortunate habit of calling people, “Darl”. He said it to a young female officer one time and she complained to the boss, so he was disciplined for it. Never mind that he was a working cop who pulled his weight, and she was a bludger with about three years of service, yet who was already working in a hidey-hole job away from the front line, and rarely soiled her hands with an arrest, it was all about her sensibilities at being called “Darl.”

  7. Ashley Shaeffer says:

    Cultural re-engineering at it’s most sickening. If the country had any real leadership, someone from on high would step up and publicly ridicule such a policy for the pile of steaming crap that it is. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • KG says:

      Me neither. What are they afraid of, Ashley?

      • Ashley Schaeffer says:

        They will get vilified in the press and labelled/slandered with terms like racist, misogynist, [insert approriate leftism here]. Mud sticks and the sheeple will believe whatever they are spoon-fed.

  8. KG says:

    “Mud sticks and the sheeple will believe whatever they are spoon-fed.”
    Ain’t that the truth. I guess believing is easier than thinking.