Some perspective:

‘..In 2011, according to the FBI, there were 14,612 victims of homicide in the U.S., down 14.7% from 2007. Of those 14,612, only 323 were murdered with any type of rifle. More than five times as many were killed with knives. More were killed with blunt objects, and more than twice as many were killed with the assailant’s bare hands…’

John Hinderaker

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8 Responses to Some perspective:

  1. GW says:

    On the flip side of that equation, the M16 variants (AR15, etc.) make the single most effective “family” weapon for defense of home. Because it has virtually no recoil, it can be fired effectively over multiple rounds even by people with reduced strength. And because it has a high velocity round, it has “stopping power.” FWIW – Boy Uses AR15 To Stop Home Invasion

  2. Flashman says:

    Most violent US crime is gangbanger-on-gangbanger. No great loss to society.

    But one can’t put those facts on CNN.

  3. Contempt says:

    I am a hell of a lot more afraid [and do not] to drive through the wrong neighborhoods or shop at a store where those inhabitants dwell. Purely a safety issue. Who wants to be “randomly” killed.

    “Assault” weapons are misnamed to our detriment in society.

    • MvL says:

      ….And the media continue to use the more hysterical “Assault” when describing
      “AR’s”. Rather than the correct name…”ArmaLite”

      • Redbaiter says:

        The media are traitorous scum.

        Thank god for the internet where we can see real news.

        Like the video by Suzanna Hupp that KG had up a few days ago.

        More truth in that 5 minutes than days of crap from the mainstream media.

  4. Pascal says:

    This is more for the SKUNCs who monitor your site than for your regular readers.

    Of course the governments will never let on that the largest numbers are murdered without guns. In most instances, the presence of guns prevents the murderer from acting. Since our governments have become riddled with Sustainability buggers (the most extreme are closet Death Cultists), lessening the number of breathing citizens is viewed as a feature rather than a bug. The murderer is now an unofficial agent of the state. Thus they get more rights under law than the citizen.

    So you creeps who are monitoring this site, you need to know you are in the employ of death cultists. And when they come to power you will be the first large body of people to find yourself liquidated. Thus it may be better for you to reconsider where your better interests lie: with the death cultist Marxist/Statists (and their 100 million mountain of skulls) or with us.

    Too bad you are surrounded by those too stupid to understand this and you’ve been indoctrinated to go along to get along. But I have to be able to tell my Maker that I tried.