NOT “refugees”..the evidence:

‘ANOTHER 30 Sri Lankans have opted to return home rather than spend time on Nauru…
…A total of 883 Sri Lankans have returned home both voluntarily and involuntarily since August 13, when the government announced that asylum seekers would be liable for transfer to regional processing facilities…’
And they’re the tip of the iceberg. Most of those who have invaded Australia since the Gillard government came to power aren’t refugees–they’re illegal immigrants, no matter what the lefty reporters and bleeding-heart “progressives” choose to call them.

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3 Responses to NOT “refugees”..the evidence:

  1. Flashman says:

    Viewed from the hardscrabble settling pond that is modern-day Ceylon, Australia is seen as a golden land where all one has to do is to get there in order to lie in a zero-cost hammock and stretch out a hand to have it filled with free cash.

    And gillard’s scumbags do nothing to disabuse such third world audiences. Just as they never bother to ask permission of Australians first.

  2. KG says:

    “Just as they never bother to ask permission of Australians first.”
    Is the bit that really pisses me off.