microcephalic greenies

We have a neighbour, a Kiwi greenie-type and a¬† temporary resident who is disappointed there’s no recycling here. Never mind that we have millions of acres in which to bury garbage, and that recycling the bloody stuff would consume more energy than simply burying it.. And the clown disapproves of me spraying cane toads (a noxious introduced species) with Dettol in order to kill them, because they’re “the same as frogs and frogs are sensitive to chemicals”. The fuckwit apparently doesn’t know that cane toads kill large numbers of native animals. The arrogance of this prat is amazing. And he’ll no doubt return to NZ, having made a considerable amount of money here in Oz and complain about Australia and Australians. And wonder why Aussies so often dislike Kiwis…….

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  1. Darin says:

    True story,meet the Nutria Rat-

    That one is half grown,they don’t belong here,they completely destroy large patches of marsh and have a bad habit of showing up in peoples yards,most times getting shot or clubbed before they bite somebody.That was too much for PETA,so in charges this hysterical 20ish woman from Boston of all places to save the poor,defenseless Nutria.
    She gets a call to rescue this 30lb rat that’s cornered in somebody’s backyard.She had on welding gloves when she reached down to grab the thing,that’s when it bit her middle finger off at the first knuckle.After that nobody gives dam about Nutria rats :mrgreen:

  2. medusa says:

    Dettol is god’s gift to humanity, in my case it helps me with the agony’s of sand fly/mozzie bites. Good to know it works on cane toads too, keep up the good work wabbit http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

    • KG says:

      Thanks Medusa. :smile: I’ll mention the Dettol/sand fly thing to Gecko–she suffers badly when bitten by sandflies too. (they don’t tend to bite me, fortunately. Gecko’s theory is that they wouldn’t dare. :twisted: ).

  3. Redbaiter says:

    Those people who come to a new place and want to implement the same ideas that destroyed the place they came from are aptly described as locusts.

    Moving in plagues across the country and destroying everything as they go.

    Tell that dirtbag what he is KG.

    Fucking locusts like him are a bigger problem than cane toads. I only wish there was as simple a solution as Dettol for them.

    • KG says:

      “I only wish there was as simple a solution as Dettol for them”
      Well, there is, but it’s illegal…. ;-)

      We’ve had a string of these bastards dropping in to work a few weeks and then flying out. Always with their smug assumptions and prejudices intact. One of them the other week saw a snake and wanted to know how she could call the “local snake catcher”. :shock:
      The local snake catcher (if anybody could be bothered, which they can’t) would be someone with a 12g.

      • Redbaiter says:

        You should have taken the silly bitch behind the woodpile and showed her one of those really venomous one eyed trouser snakes that are so frequently about.

        (Just kidding Gecko)

    • KG says:

      Holy crap! The media climbed all over that, didn’t they. Thanks for the link RB.
      It’d make a good “Joys of Multiculturalism” post.

  4. KG says:

    hmmmm….we just called into the local rural supplies place, and they have cattle prods for sale. Gives me an idea…..

  5. mistress mara says:

    Thanks for that RB. Another good site to put on my already too long favourites list.

  6. mistress mara says:

    BTW, just had a good larf at barenakedislam.com Brief clip of Michael Coren
    on the subject of Islam.

  7. nominto says:

    KG……I hope you told him he could always wipe the Dettol off the cane toad…bare handed ,so not to hurt the toad :mrgreen:
    and not to mention those ahole Kiwis who live in Aus for years who are too lazy to apply for citizenship and then expect the same Aussie rights …and yet can still vote in NZ elections :roll:

    • KG says:

      :lol: By that time the toad’s dead, nominto. He’s just a general dead shit and the sooner he leaves, the better.
      I agree with your point about kiwis not applying for citizenship. However, in one respect at least they get a raw deal–those who have worked here for a long time and paid a lot of tax ought to be able to claim some benefits if they need them.
      The other point is the inequitable treatment of Kiwis when it comes to super payments.
      An illegal immigrant fresh off the boat is eligible for better treatment than Kiwis, and that stinks.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      I’m one of those, nominto. I lived in Australia for 10 years and never took citizenship. I have no reason for *not* taking it, but because we kiwis can enter Aus on the ‘Special Category’ visa, it’s all too easy not to.

      As a result, when I was out of work from Jan-Aug 2012, I was not entitled to welfare in any form. With hindsight, I’m actually bloody glad of it. I had to use up all my savings, sell all my privately-held (i.e. non-Super) shares and came within a whisker of losing my house and car. But as a result of that, I came through that period with my principles and dignity intact. I paid somewhere around half a million Australian dollars in taxes during my decade there, and I’m now immensely proud of the fact I didn’t ask for any back.

      What *really* pissed me off though, was the way I was screwed on my superannuation. The government forced me to contribute 9% of my income into an ‘approved’ superannuation scheme. The rules provide that a portion of it can be withdrawn under circumstances of extreme financial hardship. Now, I was out of work for 8 months. I liquidated all of my investments. I was on the verge of losing my house. And was that ‘extreme financial hardship’? Nope. The way you prove ‘extreme financial hardship’ is to be on welfare continuously for 6 months. No exemptions for those not entitled to welfare.

      Another interesting little factoid. If you have superannuation in Australia, and you leave permanently, you can liquidate your super and take it with you … *except* if you’re migrating to … NEW ZEALAND!

      Oh, and I’m right back on my feet, thanks for asking. Got a *great* price for the cottage in Melbourne and converted it back to kiwi at $1.30.