smoke and mirrors and Clintons

curiouser and curiouser….


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8 Responses to smoke and mirrors and Clintons

  1. have you noticed how ‘accidental’ plane crashes – or ‘mishaps’ seem to be involved in many deaths to those who do not follow the line-
    Sen Ted Steven’s death comes to mind as does Ann Romney’s incident w/ a problem w/her plane during the last election …after that M. Romney got real quiet—
    I could go on w/ more but- won’t—-

  2. BTW-in RE: to H Clinton- I would not rule out a clandestine operation on her part either!

  3. mawm says:

    To be sure, this Aministration is causing havoc in the ME. To what end I dont know – maybe the obliteration of Israel.

    I wonder if Huma was with Miss Piggy? After all she is Iranian.

    • KG says:

      Good point, Mawm. Huma is the Iranian’s pipeline into this corrupt Administration.The media will not conduct a decent investigation into her and Clinton.

      • mawm says:

        Of course not – after all they have the same end in mind; the end of white male excellence.

  4. KG says:

    O/T, but for utter bollocks, this is hard to beat. And note they’re nearly all bloody women….

  5. KG says:

    I’m left wondering what the hell maori have left to moan about. :shock: