“2013: Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times”

Victor Davis Hanson

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25 Responses to “2013: Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times”

  1. HarvardPotatoHead says:

    Pray 4 Hillary.http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_heart.gif

  2. we in the US have allowed the slow slide to tyranny to creep into our Constitutional Republic by not paying attention to the Dark Side’s written/spoken/ and willingness to follow through w/ their plan…
    (John Dewey -turn of the last-last century) comes to mind–overthrow of the Ed System–they did it!!
    Thus- you have the ‘good ‘ professor ‘ touting the overthrow of the Constitution!

    ?-are we going to write a plan-state the plan aloud- and follow through -= or are we going to just complain !!!?

  3. GW says:

    I put VDH’s essay at the top of my blog also – he captures what should be everyone’s angst perfectly. Some of the things that we are seeing from the left today simply would never have been seen just a decade ago – such as the calls from out intelligentsia to scrap the Constitution because, in essence, it is an unreasonable impediment for them to impose their “solutions” on the U.S. There are similar attacks on capitalism in the mainstream now. The left is truly ascendant, openly proclaiming their ideology, and triumphalist. They don’t intend to take prisoners. I despair for our nation. The problems we face now are systemic and becoming less and less amenable to correction at the ballot box.

    Nearly 150 years ago, the first Republican president ended slavery and the unequal treatment of blacks after the bloodiest war in our nations history undertaken to keep us united under the Constitution. It is beyond ironic that the first black President, 150 years later, a deeply left wing Democrat, is doing his best to tear our nation apart so that he can remake irrespective of the Constitution.

    • KG says:

      GW, I’ve reached the point where I think it would be better to have open civil war than to continue this slide into totalitarianism.
      The result may be (almost certainly will be) catastrophic, but the alternative is worse.
      “live free or die”.
      Those who think that’s an extreme position are the Judas goats who will deliver the herd to the slaughter. And there are far, far too many of them.

      • mawm says:

        This is happening in slow motion just like the Jews marching to the gas chambers. When will the Americans wake up – after 60 million have been killed by their own government?

        Nothing, absolutely nothing this Administration says can be believed and nothing they do does not have an ulterior motive……… and this motive is not for the benefit of Joe Citizen.

        Their can be only one of two possible outcomes – submission or civil war.

    • Andrew Berwick says:

      the first Republican president ended slavery and

      and he abrogated the constitution to do it.

      The war between the states started the pernicious fiction that the US should be a democracy; that first each man, then each person, should have a vote; that the president could either ignore or change the constitution.

      Slavery is wrong. School massacres are wrong. Murder is wrong. But many many wrong things are not unconstitutional.

      • GW says:

        That is a bit off from the historical record. Lincoln amended the Constitution to end slavery. Its called the 13th Amendment. How you can call that abrogating the Constitution is a bit mystifying.

        And if you want to get right down to it, Lincoln didn’t start the war – the mere fact of his election led the South to secede, with the war itself being initiated by Southerners firing on Ft. Sumter (actually, they were college kids at the Citadel, my own alma mater)

      • GW says:

        Just to clarify, Lincoln did suspend the right of habeus corpus during the war, setting up a mini-Constitutional crisis that was ultimately resolved after the war. He also took the position that the Dred Scott decision was not a decision of general application, but limited to that case. Given that the Supreme Court is, today, rewriting our Constitution based on their own political views, I wish that one had stuck. But just to clarify that also, nowhere in the Constitution are the Courts given the penultimate power to interpret the Constitution, making of their decisions binding Constitutional law.

        Lastly, I am pretty sure that the U.S. is a Republic, not a democracy. I am not sure what your point is regarding the “fiction” that the U.S. is a democracy. If you are referring to suffrage, to be honest, I am pretty sceptical of universal suffrage at this point. If you are not a taxpayer, a soldier or a vet, I really don’t think that you should have the right to vote.

        • KG says:

          “I am pretty sceptical of universal suffrage at this point. If you are not a taxpayer, a soldier or a vet, I really don’t think that you should have the right to vote.”
          Absolutely. And that’s the position of quite a few commenters here, GW.
          Thanks for the background info–always fascinating stuff.

  4. The Gantt Guy says:

    Just a reminder to those readers imprisoned in the United Socialist States of America, the new Congress is sworn in tomorrow (Thursday, your time – we’re a little ahead of you here at the bottom of the world).

    Email your Congressman and demand he vote to remove Bonehead and the rest of the leadership. They have not just failed, they are foxes in the henhouse, enthusiastically advancing King Barry’s agenda at every opportunity. And they *must* be excised if you are to regain your nation.

  5. KG says:

    I very much fear it’s now a simple numbers game, Gantt. Not enough people are informed enough or care enough.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Agreed. 89-8 in the Senate. And the 8 included 3 openly communist Dems who voted against because the ‘compromise’ (surrender) wasn’t sufficiently punishing of the productive.

      Rubio, Lee, Shelby, Grassley and Paul are to be congratulated for going against the group-think GOP leadership muppets and voting with their principles.

  6. :twisted:
    no one answered my question–from my comment above-
    “?-are we going to write a plan-state the plan aloud- and follow through -= or are we going to just complain !!!?”


    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Well, our enemies have stated their plan – long and loud. I wonder when people are going to start believing them?

      As for our side, the plan is pretty straight-forward.

      Step 1:
      Use the mechanism of the Tea Party movement to remove establishment RINOs from elected positions from Congress (House *and* Senate) through to local School Board and dog catcher, and replace them with Constitutional Conservatives. Being careful of course not to make the mistake the Dems made with King Barry – projecting the entire progressive agenda onto him and affording him almost God-like status (there is a risk of this with Rubio).

      Step 2:
      On the basis that nobody is infallible and power is a seductive whore, continue stocking up on ammunition. While you’re at it, step 2a might involve painting a baby-blue helmet on all your paper targets to make your range-time a little more lifelike.

      (Gagging for the AK-smiley to return – you’ll just have to imagine it for now).

      • Findalis says:

        I hate to tell you this but the TEA Party is non-existent. In fact it has been taken over by the Paulbots and they run the show. A true Conservative does not dare show his or her face at one of their meetings.

        • KG says:

          I think that’s an exaggeration. There are lots of Tea Party branches and the “paulbots” certainly haven’t taken over all of them.

    • mawm says:

      CCS – we are not in America. You need some leadership from outside your legislature and, to my mind, this will only come from within the Tea Party movement. Somebody has to stand up and do it or else you’ll all be running around like headless chickens.

  7. KG says:

    Will this one do?

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      I’ll have to look when I get home. The content filtering engine here at the cube farm told me I’m not allowed to see whatever that link leads to. :oops:

  8. Darin says:

    The guys at work depend on me to explain some of the rougher financial stuff as it happens,since most of them only see their paychecks as they hand them off to the wife.
    One of them asked me this morning what this BS meant to him.I told him simple,all of us that work just got 2% of our gross income lopped off yesterday because the payroll tax cut went away for everybody in all brackets.
    He was none to happy about it,and walked off muttering something about ‘shoving Airforce One up that monkeys ass” or some such.