Get a life, you disgusting PC clowns!

‘A TEN-year-old football fan has become embroiled in an online race row after he went “blackface” to pay tribute to his favourite player.’
What this is about is forcing kids (and adults) to conform to their rotten PC view of the world. The player doesn’t mind, but what he thinks must take a back seat to those who decide just what is offensive–on his behalf! Sickening bastards.

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2 Responses to Get a life, you disgusting PC clowns!

  1. These PC nutters have been brainwashed to look out for anything that resembles racism and to complain about it; that’s our education system—full of liberal closet communists. They are evil, soul-destroying people, and they have infiltrated every aspect of education from primary school right through to university.

    They will do anything to demonise the white guy.

    Have a look at this one, which I will blog on in the next day or so, where Samual Jackson tries to bait a reporter. If the reporter had have taken the bait, he would have been fired!