Francis Porretto:

‘The Death Of Legitimacy’
Says it all for me.
‘Why The 2nd Amendment – An Object Lesson From Mexico’ by Wolf Howling

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9 Responses to Francis Porretto:

  1. Ronbo says:

    Excellent article!

    What can I say? Once again, great minds think alike!


    In Roman historical terms we are in the final civil war period that will only determine which particular Caesar will rule the “Western Empire” of America, Canada, Britain, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand…or as Orwell named it, “Oceania.”

    I suppose the other big empires will be “Eurasia” = Russia and “Eastasia” = China.

    Nietzsche had it right, history endlessly repeats itself.

  2. Contempt says:

    We are supposed to be learning from the past. That does not happen. It is given that at any moment oBowa will take steps to ban guns/assault rifles/BB rifles, etc. You seen the documentary about Britons standing in line to give up their guns? I saw that somewhere years ago.

    There really truly is a difference between Good and Evil. Serious contempt.

    • Ronbo says:


      I don’t see that happening in this country with the gun owning majority – But I can see thousands selling their inoperative WW II German rifles with rusted barrels and crap Saturday night specials to the Feds to make a few bucks.

      • Contempt says:

        Ronbo, I don’t see it either. Some folks will forever be asleep at the wheel anyway. The contempt for our America is so sickly clear. oBowa’s gun stuff will arouse many. Results remain to be seen but there appears to be no turning back. I once owned a semi-automatic Remington .22 that fired 19 shorts, maybe 15 longs – this is what is termed an “Assault”rifle today.

  3. KG says:

    Jesse Ventura makes Piers Morgan look like the whining lefty Brit he is:

    Thanks to the estimable Col. B. Bunny for that!

    • Darin says:

      I’m beginning to think Piers gets some form of sexual arousal by being beat down by so many real men :grin:

  4. KG says:

    You might be on to something there, Darin. :roll:

  5. GW says:

    Thanks for the link, KG. As always, it is greatly appreciated.

  6. KG says:

    You’re most welcome, GW. It seems little enough for the pleasure of reading Wolf Howling.