Gates of Vienna has moved


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4 Responses to Gates of Vienna has moved

  1. Robertvdl says:

    Kicked in the Head and Left for Dead

    A gang of immigrants, who appeared to be Arabs, were roaming the streets of Eindhoven in the Netherlands looking for people to beat up. They came upon a Dutch man and proceed to beat him viciously.

    I was born there and my parents still live in Eindhoven. They don’t leave the house at night.

  2. KG says:

    All of this is because politicians won’t face the fact that the vast welfare/spending Ponzi racket will collapse without importing young people.
    But the social and economic costs of this “fix” are far, far higher than they ever imagined (or will admit) and the fix itself is flawed, because when the money runs out–as it will, because these people are net takers, not contributors–they will not only breed at a much slower rate (that’s already happening in some places) but the young muslims will turn to crime and violence as their preferred lifestyle.
    It’s already happening in parts of Sydney and Melbourne, where despite a robust economy these people often live on welfare and crime in preference to working. The excuse, of course, is that they’re “discriminated against” because they don’t have Australian-sounding names. Well, it may be true now, because nobody trusts the bastards, but it wasn’t true for the Lebanese Christians who were driven out of Lebanon to Australia by these primitive thugs. Those Lebanese settled in well, with the minimum of friction.
    And discrimination against Lebanese muslims is based on simple experience and self-preservation–they’ve taught us that they can’t be trusted.

  3. KG says:

    I should add that the politicians are aided by all the well-meaning useful idiots who bought into the whole multiculturalism bullshit, who refuse to let hard evidence spoil their warm and fuzzies. :evil:
    The articles on the right sidebar “The Misguided Advocates of Open Borders” and “BARBARIANS AT THE GATES” make the case far better than I can.

    Gates of Vienna was one of the first blogs that I read–2007–
    I knew about the battle of Vienna- from HIStory–self taught —
    The painting was completed- in 2010 ish–
    We must guard our GATES – now!!