Marriage = 1 Man and 1 Woman

You might read the title of this post and think “well, duh”, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that all across the Western world, leftists (Obama, Gillard, Cameron and Key) are busy working with their fellow-travellers and useful idiots (in New Zealand, people like Farrar and Slater), opening up the next battle in the war against the traditional family. Why are they doing this? Well, our old friends the Soviets realised long ago that before you have a dictatorship of the proletariat (i.e. genuine Socialism, where everyone is reliant on the state for everything) you must first destroy the ties that bind. And the strongest are the Church and the Family. Now, it’s highly likely that our leftist enemies like the Greens, Farrar and Slater would argue that’s not what they’re doing at all. They just want “equality”. The very definition of useful idiots. But that’s not the point of this post.

In New Zealand the Bill which seeks to redefine marriage is on its way through the legislative process, and is currently going through Select Committee hearings. Many thousands of submissions have been made to the Select Committee, the vast majority opposing the Bill (not that I expect that to slow down the social engineers in Parliament).

Colin Craig, leader of the Conservative Party, appeared before the Committee recently and argued passionately and articulately that homosexuality is a choice, and society is right to discriminate on marriage in favour of the traditional family.

Garth McVicar also appeared. He argued (as I do) that changing the law to allow same-sex marriage will be yet another erosion of basic morals and values in society which have led to an escalation of child abuse, domestic violence, and an ever-increasing prison population. Of course, his message has been twisted by the MSM and other assorted useful idiots so that people now believe he said that gays are increasing the prison population, but that’s what the MSM and useful idiots to. Find a meme and stick with it.

McVicar Bob McCroskie, from Family First, is running a petition seeking to protect marriage. The petition has already been signed by 72,000 good kiwis and presented to the Select Committee, but they’re keeping it open for more folks to sign. Here’s the link, in case you’ve not signed already. Even if it doesn’t stop the scum in our Parliament, it will at least send them a message.

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  1. Cadwallader says:

    I suppose I had better take my goat out for a farewell/divorce dinner tonight….we were getting on well too. :evil:

  2. Gannt, a good article and thanks for the link to my post on McVicar.
    Just a note though in your last paragraph where you’ve said:

    “McVicar is also running a petition seeking to protect marriage”

    I think that should have been ‘McCroskrie’

    As you allude to, I think their collective mind has already decided on this one and they are just going through the process.

    BTW, I have done a similar one today as well.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Fixed, Conservative, and thanks for pointing it out.

      That’s a grat post at your place, too. Discrimination is important to the civil society. We practice it every day, in thousands of different ways.

  3. mawm says:

    The beginning of this destruction of the family was the feminist movement where the role of the husband/father was belittled and diminished. Look how well that has worked out with all the absent men in children’s lives.

    • Absolutely, that is exactly where it began; truthful historians will look back and see feminism as being the marked point of change.

      • dondiego says:

        I’ve come to believe, through various readings, that the advent of feminism was simply a communist’s way of increasing the workforce in their lagging-behind civil engineering.

        Women are equal! Grab a shovel! The destabilizing effect being a bonus.

  4. KG says:

    Apologies for the O/T, Gantt. Have you seen this?
    ‘Come To NZ – The Nice Stupid People Will Finance Your Home’

    • But that is reality, KG, that is where we are; we are a nation with genuine struggling families in poverty, yet we are handing it out to immigrants who haven’t contributed a cent. The student case Cactus Kate cited is common. We also have immigrants arriving here who are disabled or who have other illnesses and begin collecting on arrival. We also have thousands of immigrants collecting our pensions for which they have not paid a dime. Where is John Key?

      • KG says:

        Hopeless, isn’t it Conservative? Kiwis seem oblivious to the colonisation of their country and the destruction of their culture. And why are Maori silent about this? Is the only acceptable villain the white Kiwi?

        • KG, I am really unsure where the problem lies; I think it is a general apathy or possibly an absolute ignorance. The kids thesedays are absolutely ignorant; they have no idea about anything nor do they care; American Idol or Man versus Wild are more important to them. The only politician who has got his finger slightly on the pulse of this one is Winston Peters—Colin Craig is silent on this; I would have thought he would have been all over this. But therein lies the conundrum; his constituents are immigrants, and being naturally more conservative, he doesn’t want to upset the apple cart.

          • KG says:

            Those things make for a hard, steep hill to climb, Conservative.

          • pmofnz says:

            Peters is only ever ready to tap votes for Winston First. He knows exactly how far to push the envelope to open the discussion, then lets other useful idiots foam and froth over matters.

            As for CC’s silence, if he doesn’t start soon, he’ll be staring at 2017. What is needed is a conservative party that will put a stake in the ground with a non-negotiable take it or leave attitude. This homosexual marriage travesty should be the flash point. Sure the liberals will choke and rant screaming ‘bigot’ and the like, but it needs be said.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      To segue the discussion back to the topic-at-hand*, I confess to discriminating against Ms Cactus, and lumping her into the same leftist boat with Farrar and Slater. She’s brilliant (and I mean brilliant) when she chooses to post on matters economic, or topics such as the one you link to, which are right dead-centre in her swing zone. I shall have to be somewhat less discriminating in the future.

      And back to the topic at hand, of course TVNZ got snowed by an activist. Labour and the Watermelons always, always, always trot out one of their own when they want to sell a bit of pork. Whether it’s those two silly tarts who took on Paula Bennett when she told everyone about what their *real* take-home pay was, or Phil Goff’s “beautiful” honey-trap he used to bring down that hopeless, hapless prick from Epsom. They do it every.single.time.

      But let’s use our powers of discrimination and the information Ms Cactus has discovered, to see if we can’t tease the thread a little further, shall we?

      This poster-child for the failure of our immigration policies came to NZ from South Africa. She spent perhaps 2 years in high school and then went on to the benefit of a state-funded university education, graduating with a degree which equips her for only one job: leftist activism and agit-prop. That she came here so young means she most likely came with her parents. Unless they came in on some pretext of being refugees, they would have had to meet the skills requirements. Perhaps daddy’s a doctor?

      So, if daddy’s a doctor, he is likely a man of means. So why then does she even have student loans? Better question: given all of the above, how the hell did she become entitled (effing well HATE that word) to enter the scheme. And why does daddy not finance her into her house?

      Perhaps the word “partner” has something to do with it? Perhaps were the word “husband” things might be different in daddy’s eyes? And the NZ taxpayer wouldn’t be saddled with yet another leech-for-life school –> university student –> cozy university sinecure –> Labour/Greens Party candidate statist activist scumbag for whom the appropriate punishment is not a cozy appointment to the UN by age 55, but a hard lesson in life at 25?

      *O/T? Are you kidding me? As you point out so often, O/T is not only accepted here, it’s welcomed. Many of our best conversations come from a starting point which is either tangential to, or completely different from, the headline post!

      • Cadwallader says:

        Well said Gantt. Dealing with this nonsense story, or not dealing with it as the case may be, is not a reflection of Kiwis in general. The story is blatantly a sneaky put-up by the retards of the left. It is really stupid in that the end result will be to rile Kiwis (take a look at Whaleoil yesterday) into rejecting so-called tales of alleged plight every time they are trotted out by the inept msm. The nub of this topic is the sense of entitlement which recent graduates tout about with them. I suggest the entitlement plague is the fruit of leftie academics telling worthless students that they are the equal of everyone who has achieved through strenuous effort and application. Unwarranted youthful entitlement really pisses me off!

    • Phil Stephenson says:

      If she has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, why doesn’t she use it to make some money? Seven years ago I was sent by NSW Police to a clinical psychologist in Sydney in connection with my employment at the time. Although I wasn’t paying, I saw his schedule of fees, and his base rate was $300 an hour. That was in 2006, so it must have gone up considerably by now, so why doesn’t this bludger get a job using the skillls her degree has presumably given her. At 300-odd dollars an hour she could probably afford to buy a house all on her own before too long, or is that too much to expect?

      My daughter is also 25 years old, and she and her partner have a three year old, and another on the way. Her man has a job and is looking around for a better one, and a while back, they were asking my advice about getting a mortgage and buying a house. Where did I go wong?

  5. kowtow says:

    First let me apologise for linking you to Chris Trotsky. But under the heading of know your enemy it’s a worthwhile exercise.I pid no attention to Obummer’s speech till Trotter’s article in my ODT.

    Seneca,Selma,Stonewall. All tie in with GG’s post and the idea that Obama is undermining America and the west. This is more proof,as if any more is needed.

    • john says:

      Talking about “…seminal moments in the history of the struggle…” I think Trotter just had one and it’s splattered all over this pretentious piece of crap posing as journalism.

  6. Jo says:

    happy new year, CR.

  7. Cadwallader says:

    O/T has anyone read the story in NZ Stuff this morning about a pissed-off Mum whose son was tattooed with a swastika while in state care? Why was he in state care? This obvious question appears to have been ignored by the msm idiot who reported this.

    • KG says:

      :shock: Her son is in state care and she’s pissed off by what happened to him there? Hang on…..
      Oh, never mind….

    • Phil Stephenson says:

      I had a look at the news article. The kid asked for a tattoo, so he wasn’t held down and tattoed forcibly. He apparently asked for a cross, “like Jesus died on,” but instead he was given a swastika. Then the Brainiac learned a hard lesson when he found out you can’t just scrub a tattoo off. Maybe they need to focus more on that type of thing at school.

      You couldn’t make this stuff up.

      To be fair to the mother, there were social workers involved, so there’s a good chance something relatively minor was blown out of proportion, and the most inappopriate response was of course automatically chosen.

  8. KG says:

    “To be fair to the mother, there were social workers involved, so there’s a good chance something relatively minor was blown out of proportion…”
    Ah, I see. It seems that anything involving social workers turns to shit and I’d be surprised if this was any different. :evil:

    • Phil Stephenson says:

      KG, this should give you a laugh. When I was in NSW Police, a former social worker joined and was sent to our station. One of my workmates told me he went out with her on one of her first shifts in a caged truck, and they were called to a bunch of guys fighting in the street. They got out and my friend tried to break up the fight but one of the hoodlums kept bunging it on, so my friend arrested him and threw him in the back of the truck. The new girl didn’t offer any help in restraining him, so my friend told her after they got him locked in the back that she should have jumped in and helped. He told me with wry astonishment in his face that she answered, “You mean we can just grab them?”

      Six months at the academy and she didn’t pick that up.

      • KG says:

        :lol: “Six months at the academy and she didn’t pick that up.”
        She probably spent three years at Uni and didn’t pick much up there either, Phil.
        Was she about 5’4 too? Most of them seem to be.

        • Cadwallader says:

          Was her name “Jools?” Did she do part time hours at the local rape crisis centre?

  9. mistress mara says:

    Cad, some of these lady cops would have your balls in a vice within seconds should you give them any aggro. Would a male cop do the same thing under the same circumstances? Silly question as men and women are different and all the stats we see are designed to deny differences in gender.
    I’d have made a good cop in my younger years except for the fact that I could get lost coming home from the corner dairy and I don’t really like walking about in the dark.

  10. KG says:

    “..some of these lady cops would have your balls in a vice within seconds ..”
    That must be why there have been near-mutinies among cops in several countries because they’re sick of rescuing their female colleagues who can’t handle large stroppy males?

  11. mistress mara says:

    You trouble maker KG.