General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, USMC:

“Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”
Let’s hope the General was talking about enemies foreign and domestic.

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13 Responses to General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, USMC:

  1. KG says:

    And this wholly admirable man has been dumped by the half-breed occupying the White House:
    ‘Thomas Ricks wrote “I am told that General Mattis was traveling and in a meeting when an aide passed him a note telling him that the Pentagon had announced his replacement as head of Central Command. It was news to him — he hadn’t received a phone call or a heads-up from anyone at the Pentagon or the White House” .’ (via Richard Fernandez, Belmont Club)

    Because (I hear) Mattis insisted on proper contingency planning, and that clashed with the commie boy-wonder’s idiot optimism in foreign affairs….The same optimism which has installed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and resulted in the disasters in Libya and Syria.
    America under Obama is no place for principled men.

  2. Ronbo says:


    It looks like ARM (American Resistance Movement) just gained another experienced warrior with a true understanding of how to conduct “Regime Change.”

  3. wonder if the PC s at the DoD are going to try and change the OFFICER’S oath to INCLUDE the words – President (or Commander in Chief) —
    I could go on- but- I have an Horse to tend to!

  4. MG Vallely’s site-
    G Mattis will join the MG I hope!! We need all that we can get who have taken and believe in the OFFICER’s OATH as it stands today!

  5. Flashman says:

    Have a butchers at this:

    OK, Russia absolutely unreservedly despises the United States, I get that. But the above opinion piece just delivers hammer blows at neo-Neronian Empty Suit’s domestic policy.

  6. Redbaiter says:

    Read that stuff about Obama culling Generals and officers who will not agree to fire upon Americans?

  7. KG says:

    The scummy NZ media. Headline in the NZ Herald this morning:
    “Thousands march for gun control in Washington”
    Yet the Herald virtually ignored the thousands protesting in support of the Second Amendment!
    Bastards. Filthy propagandists.

  8. Redbaiter says:

    Yeah, they’re slime alright.

    Bet they don’t have much to say about the March for Life. (much bigger protest)

    If they even report on it.

  9. MIchael in Nelson says:

    I’ve been on a research trip for almost 4 weeks and am not up to speed on some of these issues. What is the scut on Obama’s granting himself armed protection for life? Did it include all of his family (Michelle and the girls)? What reasons did he give for implementing a policy no other President felt necessary.

    My take is either he realizes just how much some who love freedom hate him or it is an ego thing which he has plenty of.