No ‘phone or internet since yesterday. And no rain either. I blame the weather presenters….

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  1. Robertvdl says:

    Peace Under Attack

    When he launched a white dove – a traditional symbol of peace – into the air in St Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict XVI was probably not expecting that the effect would be immediate. And certainly he would not have expected the effect to be conflict.

    But that is exactly what happened in the Vatican square yesterday afternoon, as an angry seagull attacked the bird as the Pope looked on.

    Bad Sign

  2. HarvardPotatoHead says:

    !!!ChopperReid!!!Yours very truly now understands that Australia is an island!!That South Australia district is where the newfound oil is, YVt believes. Can that be true?! That is where my former Harvard Professor with the Neanderthal genes will locate his “Naussie”* birthing station undt it appears to be perfect for a highly professional laboratory if yvt does say so himself. The new lab will be ordained by natives as NASA – Neanderthalia Area of South Australia. Therefore former residents of NASA will be also known as**** ex-NASA’s or ex-Naussies*****.

    *”Naussie” – Neanderthalalian creatures birthed in South Australia**
    **now to be christened Southern Neanderthalia aka Naussies***
    *** see above “NASA” reference.
    ****also known as – aka
    *****BlackBerry has assed yV.t 2 post this announcement undt told me to tell you folks in our 56-57th Steaks to hold on he’s coming to save you.
    ******Algora also wishes you well and tells us that he is moving to NASA for some change.

    gotta beep tata must go now darlings take care Yours Verily Trulililily HarvardPotatoHead

  3. Contempt says:

    That Harvard dude is the epitome of contempt.

    My Little Red Sportscar 1991 Pontiac Sunbird Convertible remains on the block awaiting an appreciative buyer with $100,000 [delivery not included] in mint Confederate currency, 24 karat family jewels, gold, silver, oil contracts in NASA, and lastly United Steaks of America [non-counterfeit] currency. The Little Dearest has a 3.1 litre engine [the 3rd btw] 5 speed manual transmission, 140 Horses romping unrestrained, needs a top, clutch, transmission, radiator, new paint, reupholstered and a few other minor details. Looking forward to your RSVP.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      That’s funny, Contempt, but we had a fella who used to comment here occasionally who also had a 91 Sunbird for sale. Also for $100,000 in Confederate currency or similar items of appreciable value.

      Perhaps you bought yours from him? He was a fella from the South, if I recall.

  4. KG says:

    Politicians come and go, but bureaucrats are forever:
    ‘According to the Victorian government’s Growth Areas Authority, 540 different regulatory ticks are required between an area being designated as open to urban development and the completion of a house on it.’