Too true–and few dare say it

Children with rights but no responsibility are getting out of control
…This is about some parents refusing to curb their social life or right of entry to various venues despite having children and in spite of the many other choices available.
Instead of accepting that some areas might be off limits (albeit briefly), the militant parent mafia believe they should be able to access all areas, children in tow, regardless of who it affects..’

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9 Responses to Too true–and few dare say it

  1. Ronbo says:

    No surprise!

    The kids (if they go to public school) have been brainwashed by “professional educators” (read: Fascists-Socialist-Liberal-Communists-Progressives, or whatever-the-collectivists-are calling-themselves-this-week) since grade school.

    So by the time these poor little mind numbed robots reach high school, a certain teacher puts the finishing touches of fascism on them IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK!

    “The Wave” which is available world wide on Netflix takes place in contemporary Germany, but has a basis in fact – In 1969, an American high school teacher in order to illustrate the Nazi takeover of Germany’s youth in the 1930s conducted an experiment with his students.

    In less than a week he had produced scores of “good little Germans.”

    The shocked staff (this was in 1969, when public education did have a few standards) fired the teacher.

    I highly suggest “The Wave” (2008) movie to the members of Crusader Rabbit, it speaks volumes about perversion of public education into collectivist brainwashing.

    • Thanks for posting that Ronbo, I will have to research that.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Ronbo, I remember a very similar movie with exactly the same name, but I remember it from when I was in High School way back in the ’80s. We watched it as a class assignment; I guess the teacher thought so few of us had watched The Wall and so many of us had completed sufficient of our indoctrination it would be OK for him to reveal the real plan.

      Ahh there you go (thanks, ixQuick). The 2008 movie is a re-make of a 1981 TV series. The TV series was set in the US, but the movie – probably at the insistence of the communist teachers’ unions – has been relocated to Germany.

  2. Darin says:

    I was impressed lately when at the doctors office,a young lady with two children maybe 6-7 years old walked in.The two kids quietly walked over to the table next to where I was sitting,laid out a couple coloring books and a pack of Crayons and started coloring.Quiet and polite minding their mother and their own business.They were clean kept and well groomed.

    In contrast was the usual single mother white trasher with four complete unwashed heathen brats at the other end of the room who were generally wreaking havoc.Koolaid stained clothes,messed up matted hair and making a huge noisy mess of the place.

    The difference could not be more striking and more simple.The first woman was raising adults and the other raising children.Sad thing is the good kids would now be considered abnormal by the social engineers and probably given meds :???:

  3. Cadwallader says:

    This posts rings many bells for me. These over-indulged brats grow into teenagers who insist on their rights without either ability or responsibility. A week or so ago there was a link here to an article about self-infatuated teenagers. I wonder why they’re self-infatuated?

  4. Elijah says:

    I don’t think that education is the only problem. It is also the fact we have a set of selfish and lazy parents who think that their lifestyles do not have to change once they have children. They can “have it all.”

    These parents see their kids as status accessories and not future adults that they have to socialise. So instead of happy kids in a healthy environment, we have a bunch of miserable kids staring into their iPhones while Mr and Mrs Wrist Tattoo try to maintain their empty single lifestyle.

  5. The Gantt Guy says:

    I see another victim writhing in agony in the trash can, KG. They really shouldn’t come unarmed into a battle of wits.

    • KG says:

      I thought it managing to cram two factual errors into one very short sentence showed a certain..err..talent, Gantt.
      But not one we can use around here. :roll: