Surprising it’s not higher….

‘Poll: 17 percent of Marines would quit if women are moved into combat positions’

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  1. K2 says:

    Strangely enough, isn’t that about the percent that the Obama administration wants to cut the military down by?

  2. KG says:

    I do believe it is.

  3. mawm says:

    It isn’t just a simple equation of “if women are in…. I leave”. From what I understand about Marines, first and foremost they are extremely proud of who they are, add to that their strong ethic and their belief in what they do…. and you have a group who are not going to turn their backs on their Corps. In fact I’m surprised that it is as high as that and those who say they would leave are probably expressing a ‘political’ opinion.

  4. the Marines were the stumbling block waaaaaay back when DADT was first introduced- the Generals stood firm and said —the Corps would be nu more–so- the Dark Side waited until the strong- non PC type officers left due to retirement–same will hold this time–the Dark Side will wait—and take a little at a time—until our entire military will be no more- unless we stand up!!

    on a lighter note-check out the Clydesdale super bowl ad at my site…
    I will be watching this
    Sunday- and I don’t even care about football–HOCKEY fan – you know! (-:

  5. KG says:

    Thanks Carol. I’ll go take a look.
    Wabbit is a hockey fan too….it’s those short skirts and…never mind. :grin:

  6. Ronbo says:

    Just an observation: where did the Obama Regime get the authorization for this latest Leftist Politically Correct Edict in regards to women in combat?

    This was done by Executive Order by Obama and is therefore ILLEGAL – only the U.S. Congress has the authority to lift their ban on women in combat.

    Also, if this latest rape of the U.S. Constitution is allowed to stand it makes women eligible for the draft, which is still on the books, although no one has been drafted since about 1975.

    A personal note from my military career and knowledge of human nature – even if the physical standards for combat troops are lowered and the crowded barracks conditions improved in garrison – I predict very, very few women will actually serve in line outfits, as the living conditions in the field border on the primitive and the troopers have absolutely no privacy.

    Take a look at any construction site anywhere in the West – On paper all these dirty, dangerous, and physically demanding jobs are open to women – and take note how few women one sees at the construction site. A very few – and most of those in construction manager nice, clean and air conditioned trailer doing the payroll and paperwork.

    • Darin says:

      Same in just about every job that involves danger and dirt Ron.One of the oil companies tried an experiment a few years back to increase diversity in the drilling biz.They thought female Roughnecks might be a good idea :roll:

      Once the workman’s comp claims,disability claims and rape charges started piling up they abandoned the idea.Seems they had to pay the gals more than men to do the work to begin with,it was a loss all the way round.

      • Ronbo says:


        Yes, it’s one thing for a woman to be a fighter pilot or work in Military Intelligence, because even if you do go to the combat zone you get three hots, a cot and a nice shower every single day!

        And a word about infantry training…I did the 11B light weapon infantry course at Ft. Jackson, SC in the summer/fall of 1966 where I lost about 25 pounds – and felt like a lean, mean fighting machine – until I talked to a veteran soldier of about 20 years old, who had spent a year in the Vietnam War – and quite frankly, looked like death warmed over.

        He said, “Go find a mirror and look at your health, because if you get assigned to an infantry unit in the ‘Nam, that’s the last you’ll see of it for many years” – and then he went down the list of tropical diseases to include malaria, which he claimed to still suffer from, even after numerous trips to the hospital and six months in the States.

        I said, “And I thought gun shot wounds were the worst of it.”

        The veteran said, “Did they tell you about the landmines, motors and artillery?”

        I told him that Military Intelligence made me an offer.

        “Take it, because those boys know how to go to war! Did you know the M.I. troops get air conditioned barracks and cute little Vietnamese house girls to look after them, not to mention nice deep bunkers to drive into when the Commie artillery opens up?”

        So I took the offer from M.I. and had a pretty comfortable war experience, except for that weird tropical disease I got that put me in the hospital for several weeks after my tour ended.

  7. mistress mara says:

    Two Yankee soldiers, a male and a female, were patrolling an area outside Bagram when they noticed a raghead drinking from a pool of water with his hand. The female soldier , overtaken by fear for this local individual calls out in her county lingo, “Trinken Sie nicht das wasser, die kuhe und die schweine haben in ihm geschissen!” Hint .. there’s pig shit in the water.
    The man shouts back; “I’m a Muslim, I don’t understand your gibberish. Speak English you infidel!.
    The male Yank shouts back in English “Use two hands, you’ll get more!.

  8. mistress mara says:

    A filthy, raping, pervert Imam in Saudi Arabia has suggested that little babies need to be covered by black bags to prevent them from being raped and murdered by Muslim Arabs. Look it up. Words fail me .

  9. mistress mara says:

    And we keep importing these people wholesale into our Country. Why?

  10. KG says:

    Supposedly to replace the children we in the West aren’t having, Mara. The loss of the West seems a high price to pay, even if the theory is right, which I very much doubt.

  11. mistress mara says:

    I cannot change the world KG but when I see bag-heads in my street, I will cast them out. End of story.

  12. KG says:

    “This is what the Islamic justice system and its values are like. This is the Sharia law that the left insists on importing to America and to Europe.”