How the frog got boiled

‘..I’ve been saying for years now that the Progressivists learned the lessons of their failed experiment in alcohol prohibition all too well. They tried to take too much too fast, and it didn’t work out for them. So they learned the virtue of patience.
They’ve sat back like the insidious little spiders they are, spinning their webs slowly, one strand at a time, until the once-great and mighty American people lie ensnared like so many Gullivers, helpless under the weight of all that gossamer.
And, as the man says: here we are. If Obama is the cunning dictator I believe him to be, he’ll back off a mite on his gun-control agenda and content himself with whatever incremental steps he can get now, like standard-capacity magazine bans, taxes on ammunition, and the like. But his eye will never have left the horizon, and total control of a cowed populace is what he sees on it…’    Cold Fury
Which is why sensible adults should ignore, circumvent and break any law they regard as unjust. The alternative is to become no more than a cipher, a slave to our governments and their bureaucrat accomplices. Fuck ’em.

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2 Responses to How the frog got boiled

  1. KG says:

    Yegods! There’s no conclusion possible other than that American politicians are now the enemies of America. Period. :evil: