Kiwis waking up to the maori scam

‘The Maori-Crown relationship is deteriorating in the eyes of the public. A UMR Research poll commissioned by the Human Rights Commission has found fewer than a quarter of New Zealanders agree the relationship is healthy.
The numbers have fallen for the fifth straight year.
Treaty relations
Poll: “The Treaty relationship between the Crown and Maori is healthy.”
2008 40 per cent agree
2009 28 per cent
2010 26 per cent
 2011 25 per cent 
2012 23 per cent
Source: HRC
‘…Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said that being disapproving of Treaty relations was the one thing that brought all groups together – pro-Treaty, anti-Treaty, pro-Government and anti-Government.
“People are united in this one thing – that it isn’t good enough,” he said…’
What’s “not good enough” is that Key has left the loathsome, parasitical creep de Bres in place. A place that has no purpose other than to lecture and hector white New Zealanders into accepting the unacceptable.
The rest of this article goes on to propagandize in favour of the Treaty handouts, citing the views of academics and NOT ONCE does it point out the reasons Kiwis are increasingly disenchanted with the scam.
This NZ Herald article is propaganda, not journalism.

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3 Responses to Kiwis waking up to the maori scam

  1. Cadwallader says:

    Until the msm cease giving oxygen to the idiotic maori who both hate whitey and demand more from whitey at the same time, the dirty industry of entitlement will not abate. The treaty is not a founding document it is a record of how things were in 1840 as it suited all parties to be recorded. It was based on perception not principle. Forget it.

  2. Barry says:

    That’s a very good and honest description of the stinking parasite de bres!