Obama gives himself a licence to murder…Americans.

images‘..A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or “an associated force” — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S...’    source
“believed to be”? By whom? And what the hell does “an associated force” mean?
These are words we expect to hear from a third-world dictator, not an American President. Meanwhile, American troops in the field are dying because they’re constrained by insane ROE’s and lawyers….but Obama can kill on a whim. Does no politician have the courage to begin impeachment proceedings?


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  1. Ronbo says:


    Interesting how this “Presidential License To Kill” evolved, starting with the murders of USA citizen Islamic terrorists by drones, so as not to worry the American and world public.

    I mean who in America gives a rat’s ass about dead towel head terrorists since 9/11, heh?

    In fact, American patriots stand and cheer!

    But you can best believe there is no cheer in Smallville, USA from patriots who now clearly understand that drones invisible to the naked eye in the blue American skies can launch Hellfire missiles at them, their friends and their families, should Dear Leader Obama deem them “Enemies of The People.”

  2. Darin says:

    That’s the problem I have with this,who decides who is the enemy?Obama and company have a horrible track record when it comes to decision making :evil:

    • Ronbo says:


      The Obama Regime (the American Left since the 1960s) have told us over and over again who their MAIN ENEMY is – the 85% of the U.S. population who still support the U.S. Constitution and work in a capitalist system – and they hate us with every fiber of their being and they want us dead.

      I submit the time has come for American patriots to return the Leftist hate at terminal velocity…

  3. Robertvdl says:

    Now we know how the American Indians felt !

    • Ronbo says:


      What particular American Indian tribe are we talking about? Because many tribes became allies of the European colonists and later of the Americans and other countries in North and South America.

      Cortes conquered Mexico with less than 500 Spanish troops and Pizarro knocked out the Inca Empire of South America with less than 200 Spanish followers.

      How did the Europeans do it?

      Of course, they had more advanced weapons, horses, body armor and better leaders – but mainly because the various Indian tribes were at war with one another, and joined the white invaders in bringing down other Indian tribes like the Incas who had become tyrants over the less powerful tribes and made genocide on captured prisoners.

  4. KG says:

    ‘A Cabinet of Dunces’

    More like a cabinet of evil anti-American assholes.

  5. Flashman says:

    America has fallen a long, long way down the rabbit hole since the Augustan Golden Age of Ike Eisenhower.

  6. Step by step we march toward fascism and tyranny. Under Woodrow Wilson we imprisoned Americans for speaking out against World War I. Under the Palmer Raids we arrested and deported or imprisoned immigrants we didn’t like. All to protect the liberal elite of the day. The liberal elite also subscribed to eugenics and they sterilized tens of thousands to clear the human genome of genetic weeds. Margaret Sanger even initiated the Negro project as a silent genocide to cleanse them from the United States.

    Today we have dummy email accounts used for off the books conversations and policy creation on the President’s cabinet. The Justice Department refuses to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, but ships weapons to Mexican drug cartels to be used to commit the murders of Federal law enforcement officers and innocent civilians. The Secretary of State doesn’t read the memos from Libya and is unaware of any danger there. But she has the film director locked up as a political prisoner in order to appease the Muslims overseas who are mostly unaware of it.

    The National Endowment for the Arts is using tax payer money to fund propaganda for Obama and making up code words so the uninformed will be kept in the dark as to that abuse of government power. Then there are those who idolized Mao Tse Tung who have walked the halls of the White House and did the President’s bidding and so secure were they in their beliefs that they hung Christmas ornaments bearing his image on the national tree. The U.S. Congress forges legislation behind closed doors and tells the American people that they can know what is in the bill when it passes and is signed into law and the Democrats lock out the Republicans from committee meetings and deny their constituents a voice in their own government.

    It has long been the policy of the Obama administration to never allow an emergency to go to waste. They use it to push their agenda and to shut down criticism. They use such emergencies to expand their power and to tighten their grip upon it. They spend tax payer money as if it will never run out and they continue to buy votes with it by affixing the yoke of political slavery about the necks of those whose palms they have greased.

    Now we find that Obama, who couldn’t get the secret police that he and Rahm so desperately wanted, is using lethal force to kill American citizens who are merely suspected of being terrorists and who are not even planning to launch a terrorist strike and we as Americans are supposed to just shut up and sit down and trust the government as it murders its own citizens. Isn’t that what we accused Syria’s Bashar Assad of doing?

    A recent poll revealed that 53% of Americans believe that the government is a threat to their freedom. But this is only the beginning. We still do not know what Obama promised Vladimir Putin when he was caught on an open mike with Medvedev. Even the Unions who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and broken heads to get Obama elected are now backing off of him as they begin to realize the true cost of Obamacare that they fought so hard to get. Last I heard, the IRS says that a family of 5 on the bronze plan would cost 20K a year indicating the reason that the system was front loaded with four years of taxes before anybody got anything.

    The mainstream media has been complicit in all of the above. They have carried the water of the leftists and attacked all criticism with a zeal reminiscent of Pravda under the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War. They lie to the American people and hide what the American citizen needs to know. They shape the public’s mind and intent with purpose and they do so in order to curry favor with their political masters.

    In truth, I do not even know my own homeland anymore. Like the Londoner who felt a stranger in her own native England, I feel a stranger as well. We must now forget our Federal overlord and focus upon the States. The States have ever been closer to the American people and we must look to them to stand up to the Federal slave master. The Leviathan of government has grown far too large and far too powerful. Hobbes would say that so long as man is not forced to return to nature then we must abide by the government that we have. But the U.S. government was not founded upon Hobbes’ principles of government. It was founded upon the philosophy of Locke.

    Therefore, consent to be governed may be withdrawn at anytime and for any reason. But Locke also said that a man had to resort to his feet lest there be no place left to go. It is here that Americans find themselves in a quandary as they did when Lincoln refused to pull his troops out of Fort Sumter. General Pierre G.T. Beauregard had no choice, but to fire the shot that signaled the beginning of the Civil War. What else was he to do?

    We are swiftly approaching that point in today’s history. Faced with an increasingly tyrannical government that cares more for power than for liberty, the citizen must rely upon his State government to take up the banner and to stand for what is right. Should the State governments fail to constrain Washington D.C., then we will be left with Beauregard’s choice.

    Sorry for the overlong post Keith, but this struck a nerve.

    • Ronbo says:


      It will be civil war.

      The die is cast.

      …and Caesar marches on Rome.

    • mawm says:

      Good one! It is not only the American Federal Government, one must not forget that the whole of Western World faces the same tyrany from their governments, and then there is the EU and the UN. The fact that each and every one of those involved in senior positions has to have “protection” from their people speaks volumes.

      One day soon this false edifice of “representing the people” will crumble………and then there will not be enough lamp posts.

    • rivoniaboy says:

      Sounds like Rome 180 AD -onwards….

  7. KG says:

    William, Please don’t apologize for a brilliant comment. Would you mind if we ran it as a post here on CR?

  8. KG says:

    “One day soon this false edifice of “representing the people” will crumble………and then there will not be enough lamp posts.”
    I’m not much of a praying man, Mawm. But I pray to God that day will come in my lifetime.

  9. mawm says:

    Here’s a nice rant from the UK in the wake of the vote for homosexual marriage…..


    • KG says:

      It’s a beauty. And it makes very, very plain that those in power no longer represent the people.
      They are illegitimate governments, given a patina of respectability via the farce of the ballot box.

  10. Brown says:

    This is the simple result of people demanding the govt (whatever that is) do something. Every time you expect or demand someone you don’t engage as a contractor to do something you can do yourself a bit of independence and freedom slips away. Often its of little consequence but they add up and one day you wake up and its added to a sum that you may not like. Govts are among the least trustworthy entities about as they have taken on themselves the right to fleece you and treat you as best suits them and their intimate supporters. That they will eventually select whom they’ll dispose of is hardly surprising – history shows the long established pattern of trust and abuse of that.

    On this basis you, and mankind generally, have got what we deserve. We are inherently a crappy species.

  11. KG says:

    “We are inherently a crappy species.”
    I don’t agree. We are a magnificent species, capable of the most astounding feats of creativity and adaptation and courage.
    But we’re flawed and humans range from the contemptible to the almost divine, from cathedral and space shuttle creators down to politicians and paedophiles.
    So what? Diversity within a species is to be expected–taken together we’re neither good nor evil, neither clever nor stupid but rather a mix of all things.
    And the line between good and evil runs through the individual.

    • mawm says:

      It is the venality and greed displayed by those who enrich themselves at the expense others, be it politician or ‘entitlement’ beneficiary. :evil: