Why working Kiwis get a raw deal in Oz:

NZ is being used as a “back door” into Australia by various groups. It’s impossible to stop this and at the same time maintain the traditional free and easy movement between the two countries.
‘The NZ-born group (30,470 arrivals) was easily the biggest in 2012, ahead of China-born (17,580), India-born (14,280) and UK-born (14,800).’   source
NZ-born New Zealanders moving to Australia only total 30,000, yet overseas-born people with NZ citizenship total about 47,000!

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8 Responses to Why working Kiwis get a raw deal in Oz:

  1. dondiego says:

    Yep, I’ve conversed with numerous turd-worlders who are doing exactly that. The bastards only have to live in N.Z two years (at least that’s what two separate citizens of the South East Asian persuasion told me).*

    That is why I came to this (better) country now- all those rats deserting the sinking ship New Zealand will eventually be stopped. Australia is catching up fast for nanny-statism and anti-white racism: Hard working (white) kiwis will be punished.

    Shits me to tears how edu-tourist visa scammers get in, and lower the tone of both countries.
    Non-elite whites the world over are being hammered disproportionately, but as I said above Australia still has scope for a better life.

    *-also at least a handful of sub-continentals wanting work references

  2. The Gantt Guy says:

    Prime Minister Abbott: “We have enough fucking rats* invading from the North. Close the southern door or we will close it for you.”

    Quisling-In-Chief Key: Well, I’m taking heat for the 50,000 of our best and brightest we lose to you every year, so man-up, bitch and do your worst!

    It’s a win-win for Key. He gets to show how well he supports “multi-cultural” New Zealand, and he gets to make it harder for kiwis to go into exile in Australia.

    * Can’t see PM Abbott saying “fuck”, but I’m taking a little literary licence.

  3. KG says:

    “It’s a win-win for Key. He gets to show how well he supports “multi-cultural” New Zealand, and he gets to make it harder for kiwis to go into exile in Australia.”

  4. sbk says:

    “It’s a win-win for Key. “…

    yep…its a choice between ,Print more Norman…and David Who.

  5. George says:

    I see that Jewlya has been bumping her gums in Queenstown. She claims the illegal boat people problem is an Australasian one and it’s only a matter of time before a tub turns up here. News for you bucko, it’s called the Tasman Sea. And we have plenty of islands that from where they can watch the world go by if they survive that.

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