Kill thousands, persecute a few:

‘Lock up risky mothers-to-be’
‘THE Queensland police union is calling for tougher laws to monitor the behaviour of pregnant women who pose a risk to their unborn child.
….Mr Leavers said tougher laws would complement the criminal code, which provides for a charge of killing an unborn child or grievous bodily harm for any person who violently kills or harms an unborn child..’
So, how does this work? Kill children in their thousands during the first trimester, and women are exercising their rights, not being one who “violently kills or harms an unborn child”.   Decide to carry the child to full term, but smoke or drink during pregnancy and they’re criminals….
Does the police union propose testing smoking and drinking women at random to determine whether they’re pregnant? (As an aside, how on earth did we manage to raise perfectly healthy kids before the Age Of The Zealots?)

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One Response to Kill thousands, persecute a few:

  1. Ronbo says:

    ….like so much that is happening today in Far Left Planet – this makes absolutely no sense at all, because if you affirm a woman’s right to murder her unborn child up to, and including the day of birth, what difference does it makes it she smokes while the baby is in the womb?