‘A young woman killed herself after being refused help by mental health workers who said their shift was nearly over.
..Capital & Coast clinical director Alison Masters said that, since Ms McGuinness’ death, team processes had been reviewed and a procedure manual introduced…’
Oh, that’s ok then. Team processes. A manual….and these fuckwits have been doing the job for HOW LONG?  Still, it’s just one suicide, no need to get too excited or sack anybody, is there?
Wabbit had some experience with these clowns when he worked at a hospital in NZ–trying to tear them away from their tea and scones to come and talk to one of their patients who’d damn near frozen to death in a park just outside the hospital grounds. He got the guy a blanket and a hot drink, but the mental health people didn’t want to know and made a complaint about his “rudeness” when he called them lazy and callous, after they suggested the person call the helpline!
Useless bastards.

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8 Responses to FFS!

  1. Ronbo says:


    Socialized medicine?


    Looking out for the little guy! :twisted:

  2. KG says:

    Yeah, riiight…
    To be fair, I think the level of healthcare generally provided to Kiwis is remarkable, Ronbo. Especially considering the fact it’s a tiny country, with limited resources.
    But that doesn’t excuse the failure of these people on a personal, human level.

    • jonno1 says:

      I can’t speak too highly of the Auckland DHB at least, as I’ve had quite a lot of contact with them over the last few years including a broken ankle and a heart attack. In both cases operated on within a few hours and home within a couple of days. I also serve as a “guinea pig” patient for final-year student exams, and the standard of the students is incredibly high.

  3. Darin says:

    Over here she would have gotten treatment right away.And then killed herself after finding out she had to fill out all 598 pages of insurance and medicaid forms to comply with Obamacare.

    • Ronbo says:


      Remember MASH and U.S. Army bureaucracy?

      “Radar, what I’m I signing?”

      “Colonel, this is the Form 101 that requests the Form 102 to inquire about the order we placed last week for the type AB negative blood …”

      “What you’re really telling me is that we aren’t getting the blood from official sources and once again MASH is on its own?”

      “Yes, Colonel we need another donation of type AB negative blood from you.”

      “Why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

      “Army regulation 101/3 which clearly states that all forms must be filled out before the MASH requests personal donations of blood.”

      “Radar you have to be joking!”

      “Colonel Blake, you know very well that Army regulation 110/8 clearly states that EMs are not to tell jokes to commissioned officers in the U.S. Army.”

  4. Flashman says:

    Good old Capital Coast. Cardiac and acute unit experiences:

    1. Chinese nurses who could hardly speak English.
    2. Nursing staff across the ward too busy having a going-away cake party to bother admitting a cardiac patient.
    3. Two nursies too busy on Trademe buying new-baby shit on the company’s dime to bother about doing their jobs on the day shift.
    4. Admin ‘woman’ with a face and attitude like a burst arsehole insisting on documentary proof of NZ citizenship before admitting a referred cardiac patient.
    5. Duty nurse studiously ignores Cambodian guy with blood running out of his arse -leaves it for the next shift to handle.

    Other that that, not bad, not bad at all – but a great place to get awaaaaaaay from asap! :lol: