Good stuff!

The Hilux blew an alternator yesterday, which also blew the fusible link. So I took it to the local truck workshop. After telling me “we don’t fix small shit” the guy agreed to do the job and ordered the parts. They arrived this morning and the job was done by 10:30. Great service, and well worth the case of beer we gave them as a bonus.  (The fusible link cost $100! What a racket..)

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  1. Elijah says:

    Freaking auto-electrics. Probably 40% of repairs these days are related to that crap.

    • KG says:

      Yep–and increasingly sophisticated and expensive diagnostic gear is needed in order to fix them. :evil:

      • mawm says:

        Where would they be without diagnostic gear when they are so clueless even with it.
        Long story made very short – the sprog’s diesel Fiat (Fix It Again Tomorrow) randomly refuses to start. Engine cranks well, has fuel and air, glow plugs are fine. On one occasion said sprog ran the battery down with multiple attempts. Diagnostic gear shows “low voltage in all systems” from that one occasion. dealer says it is only a battery problem despite the load test being OK, charge in battery approx 12.7V, etc. Wanker at desk tells me it is infallible. Nooooooo….. it can’t be the crankshaft position sensor coz the diagnostics don’t show it.

        • KG says:

 And who are we to argue with the “experts”, eh?
          Seems to me that the increasing reliance on computers goes hand-in-hand with diminished thinking skills.
          The truly infuriating thing is that the customer ends up footing the bill for the dealer employee’s incompetence. :evil:

        • MvL says:

          This. could help.
          (Probably the most relevant brand name ever) :mrgreen:

  2. Michael in Nelson says:

    That’s where the car companies make their profits…spare parts. To build a car from the parts department would cost you 5X to 10X the price of a new one.

  3. Michael in Nelson says:
  4. KG says:

    for Darin and Oswald:!

    ‘..By the way, on the market today are air guns which fire even .50 caliber rounds at nearly 800 feet per second. The .458 LA Outlaw fires a 45 caliber 430 grain projectile at 732 fps. This is 509 foot pounds of energy leaving the barrel. At 50 yards it is capable of taking down large game with ease. The Gamo Hunter Extreme which shoots a .177 caliber round at 1,650 feet per second. The average velocity of a .22 long is 1,095 feet per second (yes, gunners. I know all the variations you’ll now write me about. grin). Then there’s the Benjamin Rogue .357. 175 grain bullets at 800 FPS but with a punch when it connects with the target big enough to hunt wild boar. Yes, wild boar.

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    • Darin says:

      Yes,very amazing they managed that back then.One minor correction,the stock/air receiver was made from wrought Iron not Cast Iron.I would hate to see one made from cast iron holding 800psi air :shock:

      That gun also blows the lefty “they only had muskets in 1798” argument out of the water.It was the 18th century assault rifle :grin:

  5. dondiego says:

    Staying at a caravan park in a tent right now, so cant do a (basic) service 2000-odd kms late. Considered doing it in a rest area- but scared of being deported :!:
    Anyway, paid this prick $160 (I had the parts) and his report written and verbal was brakes need doing too.
    If he’d even looked he’d have seen brand-spanking new gears on there(!).

    Not the first time a scams been attempted on me here… ( :roll::twisted: )

    • KG says:

      I wouldn’t even bother with the service, Dondiego. Unless you’re driving a Testarossa Ferrari it’s hardly going to make much difference, is it? And most big truck stops in country areas totally ignore somebody doing a service on their car/4wd, I’ve found.
      Scammers abound, everywhere in every damn country. :sad:

    • KG says:

      It’ll be very interesting if they didn’t Robert. Just so long as it lands on Mecca or Medina, none of us will mind too much, will we? :twisted:

      • Robertvdl says:

        If God destroys their most holy places who are we to question God. And If it destroys Rome ?

        • Darin says:

          I still say we should be spending money on early warning systems for finding and tracking impact bodies rather than this useless idea of global warming.

          With Asteroids and the like it’s not a question of if ,but rather when.

  6. KG says: stuff happens.