The unspeakable filth that is the Australian Labor Party:

Killing a culture they hate, yet are willing to parasitize.
‘..Intel in the department has it that there are 30,000+ asylum seekers illegal immigrants in Indonesia waiting their turn to travel to Christmas Island, and hundreds of boats are in the pipeline waiting to be launched. My estimate this year is for 35,000 – 40,000 arrivals by the time of the federal election.

Oh, by the way, somebody might like to ask the new immigration minister why, in the last few years alone, thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ have returned to their supposed ‘country of persecution’. This is another big secret the department is hoping does not become public: asylum seekers are granted Protection visas, only to travel back to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, marry their arranged brides and lodge applications for large groups of ‘family members’. And curiously, many of these asylum seekers, returning to their country of origin, do not have jobs; that is, their travel is funded by welfare payments, which they continue to collect while overseas…
This is a fucking outrage, and the Aussie media is complicit.
These bastards (Labor, bureaucrats and primitives) will turn Australia’s main cities into mirror-images of London and Stockholm and Oslo, complete with the violence and rapes and “honour” killings those places suffer from. It’s not a maybe–it’s inevitable.

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30 Responses to The unspeakable filth that is the Australian Labor Party:

  1. Carole says:

    This is Treason too. Why are all Western politicians betraying their own countries
    and people?? I would like to see us all leave the UN, they are the ones who rule us with “refugee quotas”. We need to stop all refugee/asylum seekers before we all look the same, 3rd world. And “foreign aid” has been going on all my life time and
    has achieved nothing. Hopefully the Aussies will get mad and not let their cities become like London etc. They really need to listen to Geert.

  2. KG says:

    Oh dear, how sad…..for some reason, this is supposed to be our problem!
    “THE UN’s refugee agency has raised the alarm over the rising number of boat people perishing in the Indian Ocean, including Rohingya Muslims fleeing communal strife in Myanmar (Burma)….’

    Read more:

  3. mistress mara says:

    Agree KG, it IS an outrage that this happens … I am beyond furious when I scan the net daily and see the West not so much being taken, as being given away on a silver platter with garnishing and grapes . Abbott will not do what is required. I see nobody who will. You, me and the other realists here must realise that we are living on the cusp of major , erm , change, and there is probably sweet fuck all that we can do about it. Maybe the West will fail because we are stupid and weak enough to deserve it. I’ll go down kicking though. :evil: :evil:

  4. KG says:

    But they continue to import thousands of illegal, anti-Western welfare bludgers….
    ‘THOUSANDS of low-paid foreign workers will be stopped from coming into Australia and taking local jobs under a crackdown on visas. The Minister for Immigration says growth in visa programs is “out of step” with skills shortages. ’

  5. KG says:

    “Maybe the West will fail because we are stupid and weak enough to deserve it.”
    True, in a lot of cases Mara.
    But a hell of a lot of us don’t deserve it–we’re the victims of the “tyranny of the majority”.
    And the majority are uninformed/brainwashed clowns.

    • Cadwallader says:

      Yep! Democracy is mob-rule with forms to fill out.

      If 51% say anything’s OK then it comes to pass. Where is the legitimacy in that? The application of a raw majority can never be a foundation for legitimacy whether it be on legal or moral grounds.

      I would say that NZ’s idea of democracy is more defensible than that in OZ given we can vote with our feet and NOT vote! Hence 51% records 51% of those motivated to vote, rather than a bedraggled populace forced to cast a vote as in OZ.
      PS If you refuse to vote in OZ do you get tossed in gaol?

      • Cadwallader says:

        PS A fat young tart dropped off my census forms today. I told her she is wasting her time expecting me to complete them. I have consistently refused to do so since 1996 and have had lots of threats thrown at me. It usually involves a senescent telephoning and threatening (twice) then a letter from a goon in Statistics NZ then…nothing! As with the OZ electoral system we are legally directed to complete this nonsense under threat of prosecution. Why?

        • Paul Marsden says:

          Yeah, they used to send me quarterly surveys for my business to fill out. In the end, I just got sick of the damn things and refused to complete them (and when I did anyway, I just copied the same info as previous returns) . Lots of empty threats re prosecution etc, but no follow through. Perhaps anarchy works after all..??

          • Cadwallader says:

            I get these on behalf of my forestry partnership and each year they ask the same things…have you milled? Have you re-planted etc..? Anyone with half a brain would apprehend that the trees are still too young to mill. I now just bin the documents. If they provided a better understanding as to why anyone could want the information it would help but they don’t, so I won’t.
            What really pisses me is that the census returns are sold by the government to businesses for commercial reasons but the information is extracted by force (and certainly not through commerce) from each of us. They can get stuffed, again!

      • KG says:

        “Democracy is mob-rule with forms to fill out.”
        Brilliant! Exactly so. :grin:

        • KG says:

          I’ve never filled out a census form and never will.
          If they’re “for purely statistical purposes” then why do they need your name?

          Civil disobedience would work just fine, Paul, if only the gutless lemmings could be convinced to try it.

          • Octagongrappler says:

            I got my forms yesterday KG! I am going down to the burning of the census forms in Auckland next week!! :mrgreen:

          • Cadwallader says:

            You’d be surprised how many do refuse in NZ.
            It has always been the Libertarianz policy to refuse and refuse they do!
            It is the forcible extraction of the information which deeply offends not the nature of the inanities demanded.
            I have only completed one census in the past 17 years and that was when I coincided with the census while in The Peoples Republic of WA. The deliverer of the forms stood over me while I pretended to inscribe answers to their crap questions. I recall being Mickey Mouse at least six times!

      • D.T. says:

        Cadwallader : I didn’t vote in a local council election many years ago and to make a long story short I was informed that if I didn’t pay my $100 fine I would have my drivers licence cancelled ( god knows what they would have done if I didn’t have a licence ) . I think it’s called extortion isn’t it? If it was anyone else it would be illigal but not for politicians.

  6. mistress mara says:

    KG … “and the majority are uninformed/brainwashed clowns.” I rest my case m’lud.

  7. D.T. says:

    What about the illegal aliens shacked up at Macquarie University campus sexually assaulting women ? The public wouldn’t know about it if the women didn’t report it to the local Police. Fuck I hate the liarbor party and all their minions.

  8. Octagongrappler says:

    Well my form is getting burned, When the dickbrain comes to collect it, I will say the tooth fairy stole it.. :mrgreen:

  9. KG says:

    ‘THE cost of lavish new suites for the Prime Minister and other federal MPs has blown out to more than $25 million.

    Read more:

    • MvL says:

      Ahhhh…But it’s “eco-friendly”
      The Commonwealth will lease three floors of the CBD building, dubbed Sydney’s first six-star, green-rating skyscraper.