The latest Woodpile Report is up

‘…Because DC is paranoid, with cause, qualified honest voters are being openly disenfranchised. One Ohio poll worker admitted voted twice in her own name and four more times in other people’s names. She insisted it wasn’t voter fraud but fighting for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president. Who knew the presidency was anybody’s by right? Nineteen others in the same County are under investigation. In one Florida precinct, 140% of the turnout voted against Allen West. Several districts in Philadelphia turned in a 100% vote for Obama, to the astonishment of statisticians everywhere. Armed Black Panthers enforced voter discipline at one polling place, at others the poll workers trashed opposition ballots and sometimes the voters themselves. While illegal aliens wait for “back door” amnesty they get driver’s licenses, all-expenses-paid medical care, welfare, food stamps, schools, housing and catered bus rides from poll to poll to vote again and again. Meanwhile, absentee ballots for military personnel are delivered late, if at all, and those received in time are often held up or lost…’    Source

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2 Responses to The latest Woodpile Report is up

  1. rivoniaboy says:

    Brilliant – a must read!

  2. KG says:

    It’s always the high spot of my reading week, Rivonia.