Resist tyranny

Resist whenever possible, no matter what form it takes, no matter how “unreasonable” the petty bureaucrat claims it is.. Just RESIST.  Video via Liberty’s Torch

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17 Responses to Resist tyranny

  1. Brown says:

    Absolutely magic. They really are goons.

    • Ronbo says:

      This reminds me of the many times over the years I’ve been pulled over by various branches of U.S. law enforcement on “fishing expeditions” looking for something illegal inside the car.

      The way you handle it is to politely refuse all requests to search the vehicle without a warrant, keep asking for the reason for the stop and if you’re under arrest, and when the officer runs out of excuses after a few minutes, put the car in gear and depart after a cheery, “Have a nice day, officer.”

      It is a very BIG mistake to let the cops search your vehicle without a warrant, as they have been known to plant drugs or weapons to make an arrest.

      In regards to the federal immigration checkpoints: I can’t see how DHS has any legal authority to stop anyone miles away from any border. The man in the video was within his rights to refuse to cooperate.

  2. KG says:

    They sure are. Of course, Americans have one huge advantage when it comes to this kind of confrontation–they can quote the Constitution.
    Here in Oz and NZ, “legal” seems to be pretty much what any petit Nazi decides it is.

    • Ronbo says:


      I think its okay for any Aussie or Kiwi to cite the U.S. Constitution as authority not to cooperate with illegal activity on the part of their authorities…After all, the principles in the document are universal and not limited to one country.

      • KG says:

        Principles won’t stop some cops and bureaucrats from behaving like nazis, Ronbo.
        They have the power, and they use it. Of course there are honourable exceptions, but I worry that young cops don’t have the same attitude towards liberty and a respect for the law that most of the older ones had.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      The US is a nation of Free Men, governed by the Rule of Law underpinned by God-given, natural rights. It is framed by a Constitution which specifically limits the power of Government. The government is subject to the people.

      Australia has a Constitution which articulates how the Commonwealth and the States can divide power among themselves. The people of Australia are ruled by the government

      New Zealand is a Parliamentary Dictatorship, in which there are NO constraints on Parliamentary power and authority. The people are serfs under the governmental jack-boot.

      See the subtle differences?

      • KG says:

        :evil: We sure can. And very succintly put, Gantt.

        • The Gantt Guy says:

          It’s absolutely amazing how many *can’t*. A crying shame, in fact, how few people understand that it’s well established in law that the Parliament of New Zealand can pass any law it pleases, and – other than the tri-ennial performance review – there’s not a damned thing the subjects can do about it.

          But of course, not government in this country could ever go rogue and become tyrannical, surely?

  3. Darin says:

    You should see the looks I get around Christmas and New Years at the DUI checkpoints the local Cops setup.They ask to see identification right out the gate so I hand them my Concealed Carry Permit :mrgreen:

    Funny story,Florida had for many years Agricultural inspection stations for commercial trucks.All commercial trucks had to open the doors on their box trailers so the Fruit Nazis could look inside.This was for legitimate reasons though and not the modern jack boot reasons.
    This buddy of mine was hauling freight back then and every year around December he would get loads from a tin stamping plant in Colorado,same one that made cans for Coors beer.What he was hauling were the Tin end caps for paper frozen Orange juice cans.These were flat and sharp since no can was rimmed onto them yet and as such were not boxed in any way.When the dock workers at the plant loaded them,they put a clean plastic sheet down in the floor of the trailer and a wood bulkhead across the back door frame.A long narrow belt conveyor would stick up into the back of the trailer and they would load them in loose fill front to back and then cover them with more plastic then send him on his way.
    He stopped at the Fruit Nazi checkpoint and by luck of the draw got a green kid with a chip on his shoulder.This young punk comes out with a drug dog and proceeds to put his Dog up in the trailer.My buddy tried to stop him,but too late.The Dog was in there walking around on the lids getting his paws cut up and dripping blood and dirt all over the nice,used to be new can lids.
    My buddy gets his dispatcher on the radio,tells him what went on and the dispatcher freaks.He calls the Fla state dept of Agriculture,they call the Fla state patrol and they call this green kid they had on duty.My buddy said he could overhear on the phone WTF!WTF!WTF!WTF were you thinking we just bought that whole gawd dam load of freight! :mrgreen:
    He said about that time a state patrol car rolled up outside the station,officer got out and walked over to him carrying a piece of paper.Officer handed it to him,apologised profusely and gave him direction to a local landfill.They had to pay,or rather the taxpayers did for $140,000 worth of tin lids and then dump them in the landfill.My buddy said he never saw that green kid again :mrgreen:

    • KG says:

      If the kid hadn’t had attitude, you might feel sorry for him and blame poor training. However…….

  4. Flashman says:

    Things that work:

    1. No comment at this time – happy to cooperate with my lawyer present.
    2. Am I being detained/arrested?
    3. I saw/heard nothing.
    4. I don’t remember.

    Being a little grey man is always a preferred option – unnoticed, unremarkable – secretly contemptuously dismissive.

    • Ronbo says:


      This sounds like Sergeant Schultz, the POW camp NCO in Hogan’s Heroes when the SS or his commander questioned him about the questionable activities of the prisoners in his charge: “I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing.”

      • Flashman says:


        Mr plod arrives at the crime scene or does the door knock: go grey man and stumm – unless you want to run the risk of being included in the net of suspects.

        Sgt Schultz was a smart guy – I bet after 1945 he sidled back into happy civilian life, no probs.