‘..On April 19, 2011, increasingly worried NSW Police held a desktop exercise with staff at Villawood to test the staff’s capabilities handling public order incidents. A scenario was put forward of the detention centre being torched during a riot and they were asked for an operational solution.

According to evidence given to the Senate select committee, the staff said: “We would open the gates up”. Which begs the question: “And then what?”
NSW Police suggested a plan to remove the detainees from danger in buses under police escort to another commonwealth property at nearby Holsworthy. The scenario was dismissed by Immigration officials as “unrealistic” because “the situation would never arise”.
Lo and behold, just 24 hours later, the unrealistic scenario occurred. What ensued looked like an unscreened episode of Fawlty Towers. A few inmates gained entry to the roof of one building and began a protest. Soon there were more than 100 inmates involved and someone lit a fire in the compound.
NSW Police attended but had to remain outside the centre because of jurisdictional issues that had not been resolved, despite many meetings between key stakeholders to try to reach agreement on a memorandum of understanding on jurisdiction which had passed through more hands than a well-worn $5 note.
Meanwhile frantic phone calls from the detention centre to the Australian Federal Police in Sydney (who had the jurisdictional responsibility) revealed that only 22 were trained and available to handle such incidents. However they were not actually available right then.
So calls were made to Canberra where a force of appropriately trained and equipped officers was dispatched. By car and bus. It took several hours for them to arrive, like the troops in an old western who leave the fort by horse to rescue their comrades from an Indian attack.
Unfortunately, when they arrived they discovered that the roof height was greater than 2m and the Australian and New Zealand standards that the AFP operates under state any height greater than 2m requires “approved restraints” which, of course, they did not have.
So they decided to negotiate rather than remove the offenders from the roof and restore order. Meanwhile the NSW Police, complete with a riot squad, watched the farce unfold and were powerless to act.
The rioters left the roof at will to go to the toilet, recharge their mobile phones, talk to the media and have meals but no one considered arresting them as they came down for their break.
Instead, a senior Immigration official stuck his head through the roof and spoke to the rioters. Strangely those discussions fell on deaf ears and the rioters stayed on the roof for a few more days.
According to evidence given by Assistant Commissioner Frank Minnelli, the NSW Police, who are seemingly not afraid of heights, could have got the rioters down…’

Tim Priest, retired NSW detective.

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7 Responses to Bureaucrats….

  1. mistress mara says:

    Put them all in female university dormitories. Uh, hang on ….
    They should all be dumped back into the territorial waters of their country of origin but don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen. Meanwhile and forever, “assume the position” folks and keep smiling. :roll:

  2. Ronbo says:


    They say the oldest profession for women is hooker, but I’d bet man’s oldest profession is bureaucrat!

    The politicians come and go – but a bureaucrat lasts forever…

  3. Darin says:

    Like I said about our FBI and ATF,a 10 year old girl with a water pistol could walk in and own them.http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

  4. Andrew Berwick says:

    F-18s with cluster munitions.

  5. The Gantt Guy says:

    There’s only 3 kinds of good bureaucrats.

    (1) Those swinging from lampposts
    (2) Those lining up to be next for the swing
    (3) Those busy closing down their totalitarian regimes before they get in line.