Muslim Rape Culture

islamr But it’s ok. They simply don’t understand “cultural differences”, you see.

And behold a beneficiary of the cultural enrichment we in the West are enjoying. When a judge can look at that photograph and tell the perp  ” I wish could release you” then the law has become an illegitimate institution and judges such as her have become the enablers of thugs.

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22 Responses to Muslim Rape Culture

  1. Darin says:

    Woodchipper,feet first,you know,because of “cultural differences” :evil:

    I believe it is well past the time for Australian,NZ and Brit women to ignore the law and start carrying concealed.Any small caliber revolver would have prevented this and as far as the law is concerned,it is better to stand trial by twelve and it is to be carried by six.

  2. KG says:

    Revolver? Hell, it’s illegal for them even to carry pepper spray!
    I agree it’s time they ignored the law–the damn laws are supposed to serve the people, not the other way round.
    Even a sea-urchin can use spines to protect itself, therefore the “law” places us below sea urchins. Screw the law. :evil:

  3. KG says:

    The media speaks of “islamophobia” and “hate speech”…but never about this:
    ‘ – The Christian religion is, by far, the most persecuted in the world. According to the estimates of the OSCE, 105,000 Christians are assassinated every year for their faith, throughout the world. In other words, one every five minutes! Furthermore, it is likely that the reality is even worse. The Commission of bishops of the European Community (COMECE) estimates the number of Christians assassinated every year for their faith at 170,000 and the number of Christians persecuted for their faith at two hundred million. These figures are terrifying. But there is something even more terrifying: the indifference of the media and the politicians to this burning reality.’
    One small niggle–those Christians weren’t “assassinated”. They were murdered.

  4. Tom says:

    I see where a fire in a saudi hotel killed 15 muslims,only 15 what a waste of a fire.

    • KG says:

      Somebody should have done what muslims did to some schoolgirls…bar the exits to prevent more from escaping and let them burn to death because they weren’t “properly dressed”.

  5. Wombat says:

    Whenever I see a rape victim I get this niggling voice in the back of my head that says “what’s the bet she was a supporter for civilian disarmament?”

    Perhaps she’s not any longer.

    I moved to the sticks because I refused to live among monsters while having my defences shackled by well-meaning idiots, and every time I see a rape victim I can’t help but wonder if they’re one of those well meaning idiots.

    Harsh, perhaps, but I suspect that California and New York host a great deal more “incidences of cultural misunderstanding” than do Texas and Arizona. Aside, where the fuck are the men in this?

    These articles should read “anglo shows cultural sensitivity and kills his sister’s muslim rapist, in keeping with Islamic tradition.”

  6. KG says:

    ‘…These articles should read “anglo shows cultural sensitivity and kills his sister’s muslim rapist, in keeping with Islamic tradition.”…’

    Yes indeed, couldn’t agree more. But women also have a responsibility to ignore the law and carry some means of self-defence and learn how to use it. As well as taking self-defence classes.
    Women cannot expect to denigrate and ridicule men, then play the helpless princess and expect those same men to be their protectors – at the risk to their own lives.
    It’s called personal responsibility.

    • Wombat says:

      Precisely. They made their bed. They can lie in it. The advent of the pistol ought to have sorted this matter out centuries ago, but no, people choose to be disarmed and therefore roll the dice.

      I have but a shred of pity for them.

  7. KG says:

    One of the more idiotic feminist campaigns we saw (and there’s been more than a few of them) was the brainless “Take back the streets” movement, where feminists claimed it should be possible for women–no matter how intoxicated, no matter how they are dressed–to walk the streets at night in perfect safety.
    Wishful thinking and feminist ideology as a replacement for plain commonsense….the streets at night will never be perfectly safe for women (or men), because there’s a certain irreducible level of risk in any activity.
    And on a side note, I see the French train which got knocked off the rails and over a cliff by a boulder still has “women and children” trapped in the carriages. Apparently, men trapped in the carriages are of no account. :evil:
    If they’re rescued, though, it will be men who do it.

    • Wombat says:

      Feminists, like all lobby/protest movements, thrive on demanding unachievable outcomes. It ensures that they have a voice and/or income until the sun burns out.

      As for being armed, I’ve engaged in long and heated debates with a great number of “sports shooters” and more often than not they barely concede that it would be prudent to decriminalise tazers and pepper spray, much less the day to day carry of firearms. Try to imagine how difficult it would be to convince Jane Average on the matter.

      I got sick of trying to play Moses to a bunch of fuckwits determined to stay in Egypt. Fuck them all. They can rot in their metro-cesspits until the sewer dwellers take them one by one. I’ll be tending my acres, tuning my range cards and building community with people who don’t need to unfuck themselves.

  8. mawm says:

    Aside, where the fuck are the men in this?

    Well, after all the denigration of men by the media and women, the unfair judgements in divorce courts, the easy availability of sex without commitment…….I guess they have all gone fishing, hunting or whatever takes their fancy. No longer is it seen as a life choice to get married and slave away at the coal face to raise ungrateful, sulky kids and feed the habit of a spendthrift wife who got lucky and hit the jackpot of a life of leisure. On the other hand some of us have been fortunate in our choices…..

    • KG says: Spot on, Wombat and Mawm. Says it all for me.

    • Wombat says:

      Cheers. Ironically women from second and third world countries are more civilised than their first world counterparts. They recognise the difference between the genders and play to their strengths rather than attempting to hijack our natural roles in the name of progress.

      My wife hails from South America and I can’t think of a single Australian born woman I’ve ever met that I’d trade her for.

      • Darin says:

        Agreed,I’m single and it looks to stay that way as 90+% of American women are crazy with a capital C.

  9. Mathew says:

    It’s sad but when people like us start mumbling about maybe taking a tougher stance on immigration from muslim countries, the usual retards in the west are the first to scream RACIST!

    The same retards who fight tooth and nail for womens rights, well at least the right for them to kill their unborn babies.

    If they could just take a second and stop from slitting their own throats to spite their faces, they’d see that kicking some of these scumbags out of the country is actually better for the women they support.

    But no, that’s all too easy, far better to wait for the raping to reach Swedish proportions first and then start scratching around their ass looking for a way out.

    • Wombat says:

      There’s no point trying to avert what’s coming. It has the momentum of a freight train and although I sense it’s slowing, the end of the line is getting close and ruination is imminent.

      There’s only one thing for it. Move to higher ground and stock up on beans, bullets and bandaids. The progressives want to ignore reality? So be it. They won’t be able to ignore starvation or jihad, nor the no-man’s-land between them and your supplies.

  10. William Stout says:

    I agree with Darin. The left have ever been soft on crime, viewing criminal predators as victim’s of society. As for myself, I have ever been a fan of hanging judges, and of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    • Wombat says:

      IMO that’s the reason the rank and file progressives are given but the heirarchy know all to well that if you eliminated crime you’d be unable to beef up your police state… err… “law and order” budgets.

      Hence more laws and slacker punishments. They don’t want to get rid of criminality. They want to use it as a justification for snuffing out our liberties one by one.

  11. KG says:

    “They don’t want to get rid of criminality. They want to use it as a justification for snuffing out our liberties one by one.”

  12. KG says:

    SBS is a taxpayer funded broadcaster–and leans as far left as the ABC:
    ‘SBS destroys a tape of the Mufti of Australia calling suicide bombers “heroes” to stop viewers getting the “wrong” idea.’