I hope we see this all across the West


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“We want the Venezuela we had 20 years ago, when there was food, security, medicine, when the money you made was enough to buy what you needed,” said Agustín Perez , a 30-year-old carpenter who lives in the poor east Caracas barrio El Atlantico.

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4 Responses to I hope we see this all across the West

  1. KG says:

    This is a peaceful push for change. Elites ignoring this will make violent change inevitable.

  2. MikeH. says:

    Darin, I fear what we are going to see all across the west is the travesty being played out in Venezuela. God knows damn few, here, are even remotely aware of what’s going on there, thanks to the liberal media. However, I suspect a great many wouldn’t even recognize just how close this is to the U.S., the possible political ramifications or the potential stampede of destitute Venezuelans that will be driven north.

  3. .Alan says:

    Venezuela does not and will not get bailed out like Greece.