Brexit vote sparks new EU revolt

It looks as though the former Eastern Block nations will be the saviors of Europe,the last ones with balls enough to make a stand against Brussels.

From the Australian-

“Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, an influential diplomatic EU bloc known as the Visegrad Group, will lobby together at a summit next week to ensure that national governments are put back in the EU’s driving seat.

The summit will gather all EU leaders, excluding British Prime Minister Theresa May in Slovakia’s capital to forge a new vision of Europe. It is expected to expose the rift between newer member states in the east and western countries committed to a European project based on open borders and markets.

Hungary’s populist conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban pledged to use the debate to push the EU away from traditional western European liberalism towards policies based on preserving “historic, religious and national identity”.

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5 Responses to Brexit vote sparks new EU revolt

  1. KG says:

    Go Easties!

  2. Diamond Mair says:

    I visited the Czech Republic several times, back in 2003-2004; there were still vestiges of resentment over their time as a “member” of the Soviet bloc. The “regular folk” (CZR’s versions of ‘Joe Six Pack’) weren’t really enthused over their “inclusion” in the EU; as far as I know, they kept the CZ Koruna as their currency, accepting Euros, but MAINTAINING that portion of their sovereignty. Being of partial Czech heritage, I’m very proud of them, for being part of a group that is ready to remind the EU minions that THEY (minions) have their JOBS to serve – maybe the UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS will finally ‘get the message’ ;-)
    Semper Fi’

  3. Darin says:

    A young lady with a spine-