Don’t believe them

When the media says the coming total rejection of liberalism is just a momentary passing fad.They are losing big time and furthermore they know it.They have lied to us long enough that even some on the left are waking up to it.

Televised news and print media are losing money at a rate never before seen and as any 5th grader knows profitability in media is directly tied to market share.The once great hope of the print media,that the internet and online operations would be their savior hasn’t panned out for them either.They are slowly relegating themselves to being seen as the lunatic mumbling gibberish and scribbling on the asylum wall.

And what got them to this point?As the saying goes-“”You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”The media  as a whole have pushed the official narrative for decades,the sky is red,cats chase dogs and the Easter bunny drives a Porsch.As Daniel Greenfield said-“The problem is reality,that is the truth,has a way of making itself known”.People are waking up and realizing that things aren’t right and those that tell us otherwise are seen for what they are-Liars

So,what is replacing the LSM? You and I for one,humble blog writers and commenters,more people are gleaning their information from sources on the web,like anything else this trend has it’s good points and it’s bad points,but on the whole I believe it is a net positive.Proof of this is the threat level being felt by the LSM,the verbal and written attacks on the web feed and so called”fake news” is increasing to a dull howl.And who else has taken notice?Why governments of course,the propaganda bosses aren’t liking the way the shop is being kept.Notice the thrashing about by various government apparatchiks wishing to censor free speech online.

State controlled media is next to fail,the cracks are already showing and for the same reasons.As the Australian Youtuber Bearing recently pointed out,LSM readership is down across the board and it’s because the public is trending away from the BS they have been fed.When a guy in his pajamas sitting in front of his computer at home has twice the following of your flagship journalist at a major print media outlet you have truly shit the bed.

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  1. Darin says:

    A link to Aussie Youtuber Bearing’s recent video regarding the push back against feminism and also some links to other Australian channels.

    I’ve watched a few of their videos and I must say they are a right rowdy basket of deplorables!

  2. — “When the media says the coming total rejection of liberalism is just a momentary passing fad.”

    It might not be a momentary thing, but it would be equally deleterious to the cause of freedom to convince ourselves that left-liberalism is doomed and will soon vanish never to be seen again. Its core principles go back many, many years. As a character of mine once said:

    “My mentor liked to say that success breeds failure. You tend to repeat your old, successful moves because they worked, while your enemy is developing a new one to clobber you with.”

    Keep that in mind.

    • Darin says:

      Oh definitely,I wasn’t implying that the battle was over,or ever will be,just that the enemy is wounded and now is not the time to stop the attack.

      We can never win any battles if we never engage the enemy,people are starting to wake up and see the truth and then speak their minds. We’ve been on defense so long that a little offense does a lot of good.

  3. Ronbo says:


    Recently, for some reason, I’ve noticed lots of troops running out of the blockhouses to the trenches, fixing bayonets and charging over the top…

    They wear these funny little baseball caps saying, “Make America Great Again”…

    I have a funny feeling our allies on the Right – the British, Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders will be joining the charge soon wearing the same sort of funny red hats saying things like, “Make Britain Great Again”…

  4. C-CS says:

    will post this again-

    waiting for our hollyweird elates to go to canada–I have coined a new ‘word’ which I was encouraged to copyright (way back in 1993 I coined RINO – but did not copy right – a “friend” took it to a RNC convention in 1994 as a button and takes credit for it ) SO here are my new ones –copy right C-CS–celeBRATy and celeBRATies–

    Happy New Beginnings for 2017–

  5. Gregoryno6 says:

    And the wail of ‘Russia hacked us!’ continues…

  6. tranquil says:

    Breitbart, the Connor Post, Andrew Bolt’s blog – some of the sites I get news from now. For anti-Islam news, this site is great – I also drop into and Used to visit but find it too depressing now.

    About the only thing I use lamestream news sites for now is sports results.

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      For Australian perspectives I recommend and Morning (I write about politics occasionally but I wouldn’t put myself in the same class as either of the above.)
      I’m sure I’m not the only one here who doesn’t visit the blogs of Tim Blair or Andrew Bolt as often as they once did. That registration/login business is just plain ridiculous; I get the impression too that the commenters are a touch quieter than they used to be, especially at Blair’s. Wouldn’t be surprised if their view stats have dropped dramatically in the last few months.

      • KG says:

        “Wouldn’t be surprised if their view stats have dropped dramatically in the last few months.”
        Neither would I, Gregory. I get the feeling that both blogs are merely to provide the almost obligatory “alternative viewpoint” and there’s no passion or conviction behind them.
        Allowed speech isn’t free speech.

  7. C-CS says:

    BTW-new papers here are going out of business
    as to MSM broadcast- only FOX and then only a few on FOX–

  8. KG says:

    Real news – and NZ outlets have reported NONE of it:
    ‘NYE Chaos: 1,000-Man Mob Attacks Police, Sets Germany’s Oldest Church Ablaze…’
    ‘…Cover-Up: France Claims ‘No Incident’ After 1,000 Cars Torched’

    • Ronbo says:

      Yes, the NZ government propaganda ministry said nothing about these incidents, nor did the USA government controlled media; nevertheless, we who count know all about it thanks to the Internet…and without total control of the media, no socialist government can sleep in peace.

      Yes, revolutionary changes are coming and it’s a planetary process the Leftist reactionary regimes currently in power cannot reverse or stop.

  9. Ronbo says:

    New Zealand gets an unplanned visit from a White Man With An Attitude – Well, the thing is a white man can only take the PC shit for so long before he gives into righteous anger – and damn the sanctions! “Turn this plane around? Gee, that would be so cool!”

    White Man With An Attitude – WMWAA – I think we’ll be seeing more of this displayed in public places in the years to come.

  10. Warren Tooley says:

    Why can’t the government support the paper? Cause climate change has made the government broke.

  11. Warren Tooley says: