Did Russian Hacking Give Obama Two Elections?

Inquiring minds want to know-

Read it here-

“If you are convinced that Russians “hacked” the 2016 presidential election to put Donald Trump in the Oval Office, then you need to consider the possibility that they also equally influenced the last two election cycles.”

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14 Responses to Did Russian Hacking Give Obama Two Elections?

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    The concluding paragraphs give the lie to all the ‘Russian hacking’ hysterical bullshit.

    I came to the same conclusions a long time ago. In fact I think the Black Arsed JackAss’s expulsion of Russian diplomats was simply political theatre, designed to make life difficult for Trump.

    I cannot remember ever a president who was a more incompetent or bigger prize prick. Not even Nixon.

      • Ronbo says:

        A worse president than Obama? Worse than NIXON? Yes, there is a worse President than Obama or Nixon – and that would be James Buchanan – Also, the first gay president.

        History is silent on a possible Muslim connection, or an issue with his birth certificate.

        James’ claim to fame was doing nothing – absolutely nothing – to stop the U.S. Civil War; therefore, most historians give Jimmy Boy the title of, “Worst president in American history.”

        Obama and Nixon did a lot of rotten stuff, but neither started a civil war that laid waste to half the country and killed over one million people.


        • Darin says:

          “but neither started a civil war that laid waste to half the country and killed over one million people.”

          Don’t count the Kenyan,marxist Oreo out yet,he still has time.

          • Robertv says:

            Exactly. In 8 years he made the country civil war ready. Those in the Hillary camp are ready to go. These brain death fanatics are the biggest threat for a peaceful society needed to make the country great again.

  2. Michael in Nelson says:

    That POtuS is just a typical far left Progressive Fabian Socialist. Any lie, betrayal, obstructionist behaviour, cover up or denial is justified in order to achieve the goal of a subjugated populace.

    • KG says:

      Yep. And he ain’t going to stop when he leaves office, is he?

      • Ronbo says:

        Obama will only go silent if they lock him up in a maximum security prison for life, which may actually happen under a Trump Regime if he becomes too much trouble.

        Yes, I know everyone is saying, “It ain’t gonna happen – he’s too popular?”

        I would cite the case of O.J. Simpson who escaped a guilty verdict for a double murder in California only to meet the wrath of the People in Nevada years later.

        Obama is popular today…but tomorrow? Yes, he has legions of supporters, but he has vast armies of haters who want him locked up and keys tossed away.

        …and don’t say, “It can’t happen.” History teaches us that ANYTHING can happen including maximum security for Obama – if that really is his name.

  3. Alan says:

    Eventually, Obama’s actions, like his meddling in the IRS, Department of Justice, only to mention two, will come to the fore like a slowly building volcano, small rumbles at first building to a crescendo. Even the smallest criminal acts usually come to the fore after time. I believe it will open big cracks in the Democratic party, possibly resulting in the creation of a sizable third party somewhere down the road.

    • KG says:

      I sure hope you’re right, Alan.

      • Ronbo says:

        I agree with Alan. It could happen. It’s not set in concrete that the main opposition party will be Leftist or Democrat.

        The Libertarian Party, which is socially very liberal, but very conservative in economics would be an excellent candidate for a new opposition party.

        Best of all, they have read the U.S. Constitution and stand for the smallest national government possible.

        I disagree with the Libs on many issues, but they seem to be sincere, honest and willing to debate without name calling.

        • mawm says:

          It’s amazing how the Democrats have turned into “the nasty party” ….. not. But they certainly have used the name-calling to cower the spineless RINO’s.