Open House

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  1. Darin says:

    Another leftist assault backfires-

  2. KG says:

    No-longer-Great Britain:
    ‘No Evidence Needed’ to Report ‘Transphobic Hate Crime’

  3. KG says:

    Kiss free and fair elections goodbye, if this passes:

  4. mawm says:

    Let’s hope this is the beginning of an avalanche. Trumpism rocks!

    The Victor Orban-led Hungarian Government takes aim at Soros and will use “all the tools at its disposal” to “sweep out” NGOs funded by the Hungarian-born financier, which “serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments,” ..

      • tranquil says:

        Great stuff!

        I was *hoping* that Europe would have a bitterly-cold winter, the reason being that it might freeze to death a few of the Muslim invaders there. I haven’t heard that it has though – there *must* be a few of them who have frozen in this cold, surely? Maybe the corpses have been quietly gathered up and (of course) the MSM haven’t reported on it……

        • Darin says:

          Let’s hope they find the weather too cold and go home.However given the insane nature of European governments,they will probably throw elderly pensioners out of their homes so the invaders can have them.

  5. Darin says:

    Things could get much worse for dems in 2018-

    Hmmm….a 2/3’s super majority would be nice :twisted:

  6. mara the deplorable says:

    Obama, in his cry-baby leave-fest speech blathered on about Democracy then exhorted his followers to pick up their clip-boards and express their disapproval at the way Democracy is going. Bollocks the clip-boards! He was telling his followers to revolt against the very Democracy that he bleated for. He is calling for Civil War knowing that his personal security will be safeguarded for the rest of his miserable life.

    • KG says:

      “He is calling for Civil War knowing that his personal security will be safeguarded for the rest of his miserable life.”
      Until – if there’s real civil war, the palace guard turns on him….

  7. tranquil says:

    Blimmin’ annoying guy at work today. He was waffling on about Obamacare and how Trump is going to axe it – not a word (of course) that it is being *replaced* rather than just being axed.

    Fortunately, the work he’s doing is due to finish in March (I think) so only a couple more months of his annoyance to go.

  8. mawm says:

    Trey Gowdy – “We Make Law”

    • Ronbo says:

      Excellent speech by a man who believes every word and not something said by a political hack like Obama for the purpose of meaningless rhetoric; however, it’s kind of like the farmer who closes the barn door after the cow went out, because for six years after the GOP had a majority in the House and they were nothing more than the whores of Obama as he committed one crime after another.

      Yes, I’m sure Trump will follow the U.S. Constitution, so I don’t expect the House to have cause for action against him but clearly the time has come for a purge of those Republican House leaders who refused to impeach Obama.

      • KG says:

        “.. but clearly the time has come for a purge of those Republican House leaders who refused to impeach Obama.”
        Yes. yes and YESS!

  9. Ronbo says:

    2016 will go down as one of the most important elections in American history – the defeat of an ideology for the first time since 1800.

    Donald Trump and the Death of Utopianism

    The aftermath of this extraordinary election, likely the most important in American history, has been fraught with controversy and confusion.


  10. Ronbo says:


    Yes, the top ten cities for bedbugs are those controlled by the Democrat Party, which is more proof the Dems are worthless at governing.

    Chicago, IL. Carl Larson Photography via Getty Images.
    Detroit, MI. Photo copyright SNWEB.ORG Photography, LLC. …
    Columbus, OH. …
    Los Angeles, CA. …
    Cleveland – Akron – Canton, OH. …
    Dallas – Ft. …
    Cincinnati, OH. …
    Denver, CO.

  11. Ronbo says:

    So McCain stuck the knife in Trump’s

    Traitor John McCain? The man who sold out his fellow POWs in North Vietnam?

    Why am I not surprised?

    The POS needs to be taken out ASAP – He’s a clear and present danger to the Republic!

    Drudge Headlines and links:

    Russia slams ‘nonsense’ claims about perverted hooker romp…
    Pulp Fiction…

    • Contempt says:

      McCain and my senator L. Graham are past schedule to be put to pasture. Looking/hearing oBowa is almost as bad as the same for them. I see comments elsewhere saying why doesn’t Arizona and South Carolina quit electing them? Beats me. But a 2 term limit would be appropriate for senators. Enuff of these lifetimers.

    • Ronbo says:

      It’s not the first time the French have been impressed with revolutionary changes in America – the late 18th century comes to mind.

      BTW, my humble little blog is still getting heavy hits from France. This activity didn’t start until Trump came on the scene – So it would seem the French are interested in political developments in America and are looking for information beyond that provided by the LSM.

  12. KG says:

    NZ – once a fine little country, now a socialist swamp producing semi-literate uninformed indoctrinated morons. Take a look at the comments under this article:
    Note the comments given a “thumbs up”…..

    • Contempt says:

      love it when oBowa is described as a statesman, dignified etc. Truly there is a great divide of opinion. But that one over there is crazy as a loon. Let’s hope his future plans whatever they are do not materialize. Trump looks better every day. I never heard a bad word about him until he ran for prez. You gotta laugh at the Dems.

    • mawm says:

      CNN put out that story because they new precisely what it would do; that is lodge itself in the vast empty spaces within the craniums of the terminally stupid as truth. Giving them access to a keyboard does the rest.

  13. mawm says:

    I guess Chris Steele of Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. has just shot himself in the foot and McCain has shown himself for the fool he is in believing and acting upon such information. As “Andrew Wordsworth, co-founder of London-based investigations firm Raedas, who often works on Russian issues, said the memos in the Trump dossier were “not convincing at all.”“It’s just way too good,” he said. “If the head of the CIA were to declare he got information of this quality, you wouldn’t believe it.””

    Yeah, it’s so amateurish that you could almost believe it was produced by the CIA and it is so fake that other clients of Orbis will doubt the quality of their “intelligence”. What an oxymoron! What morons!

  14. Darin says:

    Lost two hours of work today,why?Because some low life,thieving democrat ,crack headed asshole broke into my shed and stole about $1500 worth of lawn gear and did about $500 worth of damage to the shed.

    Called the cops,went through the usual motions,told the neighbors that assholes are about.I don’t expect anything to come of it,or to get anything back.I would like to find them and turn them into lamp shades however. :evil:

  15. Darin says:

    How Boeing moves big plane parts

    • mawm says:

      Maori can’t even agree on how to pronounce their own name (somewhere along the spectrum of Mari – Mowri – Mouldy depending on where they come from).

  16. KG says:

    ‘AUSTRALIA IN 2017
    Four Anzac Day marches in NSW were cancelled yesterday because nobody could agree on who should pay to protect crowds from Islamic terrorists.
    …Just arm the diggers. Problem solved.’

  17. Darin says:

    “Staying up late and swearing are possible traits of highly intelligent people”

    I must be a genius!

  18. Ronbo says:

    French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen comes to the Big Apple to visit Trump.

    Revolutionary development, heh?

    If France swings right – it’s only question of time until the rest Europe falls in line.

    • mawm says:

      She in front at present but France has a weird system where all the losers can gang together against the leader.

      • Ronbo says:

        No problem – We’ll have our good friend and ally Russia to hack the election for Le Pen like they did for Trump.

        The Russians are better at stealing elections than the Democrats!

        Hey now, just a little satire.

  19. Michael in Nelson says:

    This effort by the HBSC never got the outraged coverage it should have.

    His war on faith and the unborn has been a big reason so many will cheer when he is gone.

  20. Gregoryno6 says:

    An oldie, but a goodie.
    Hollywood Hypocrites with guns.

  21. Ronbo says:

    A few thousand American “Tripwire” troops sent to the Russian front.

    I was a “Tripwire” soldier in West Berlin – one of 5,000 – during the Cold War where we were surrounded by 500,000 Russian and East German troops.

    Of course, there is no way a few thousand soldiers would win if the Russians decided to attack, but by killing USA troops, America is inevitably drawn into WW III.

    The thinking is that the Russian know this and won’t attack.

    • Robertv says:

      But we have a lot of progressives who could think they have nothing to lose. We all know these people don’t think right. Let’s hope the military commanders love their children too.

  22. KG says:

    Speaking of disgusting shit, this headline in the NZ Socialist Herald:
    ‘All around the world, politicians in the mould of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are rising. They all pose the same “profound threat”. ‘
    No mention – of course – of why the rise of “populism”…
    The “profound threat” we face is the determination of politicians to destroy Western culture by flooding our countries with primitive, murderous assholes as part of the drive towards globalisation. What we are seeing is a healthy pushback against cultural genocide.

  23. Darin says:

    Faith Goldy on the RCMP’s latest stupid gun reclassification-

    • KG says:

      I want to marry Faith Goldy!
      But the reclassification she’s talking about is effing insane!

  24. Darin says:

    The Work Skiff is coming along nicely

  25. KG says:

    ‘Obama thinks everyone talks about how cool he is.
    After all, he made a point of it saying it to Stephanopoulos … twice.
    “Everybody likes to talk about how cool I was,” he said at the start of the interview, referring to his White House senior staff.
    Then he expanded it at the end of the interview. “People,” he said, referring to everyone, “always talk about how cool I am.”
    And here we thought people talked about things like making ends meet, keeping their families safe, getting a good education, terrorism and other mundane topics…’
    he’d be a damn sight cooler when reduced to parity with ambient temperature. :evil:

  26. Oswald Bastable says:

    So nowI know what a heart attack is like…

  27. mawm says:


    NZ taxpayers – sign the petition.

    This decision along with the UN anti-Israeli resolution can only have been done by Key. He resigned knowing that these would come to light under English’s watch. *spit*

    • KG says:

      I always said Key was a slimy, duplicitous c*nt. I can’t help but wonder how much of the stolen 5.5 million will be paid by Clinton to Key for his trouble.
      Update: petition signed.

  28. KG says:

    Bloody hell! I’m trying to buy something called Cavilon barrier film online and no company will ship the little spray bottles to NZ.
    I might as well be living in the bloody Amazon jungle. The same product here is three times the price. :evil:

  29. KG says:

    ‘Local farmer motors past Lycra-clad cyclists on expensive road bikes as they travel up a steep hill’

    • mawm says:

      The lycra is to look good – not for speed.

      To be fair they are cycling a 11 000 km, it’s about endurance not speed.

      • KG says:

        Fair point. But it did look funny.

      • Robertv says:

        I suppose the young guys do most of the moving around at home by car and for them cycling is just a hobby. For the farmer it could be his only mean of transport and therefore does this all day long.He’s probably more used to the local situation, such as lack of oxygen and humidity.

        • Darin says:

          That’s my guess,the farmer is used to the altitude and the cyclist is probably a city boy used to living down in the valley.

  30. Gregoryno6 says:

    Make us afraid, Rosie. Make us very afraid.

  31. Pascal says:

    Under this sarcastic title Trump and Cruz Are RINOs, McCain and Rubio Are Real Republicans find a good example of how the realignment of partisans is coming along. (Or, at least, as it currently appears.)

  32. mawm says:

    This is very good.

    Some thoughts at the end of the Obama presidency.

    “…in 2008, American voters were seduced by high-flown oratory and a promise of spectacular social and cultural transformation, only to discover that they’d been stuck with a master of menefreghismo, a slick character who was all talk (except when he decided to do something outright damaging and probably petty). ”

    Although he fails to mention that the high-flown oratory was others people’s ideas read off a teleprompter.

    • KG says:

      Excellent! Perhaps the best yet, it sums the bastard up perfectly.
      ‘….And how fitting it was that, after having begun his presidency by brown-nosing Islam, he ended it by kicking Israel in the cojones. I need not go into detail about the massive mess he has made in these last eight years – the ways in which he’s alienated America’s allies while kowtowing to its enemies, stood up for criminals while rebuking cops, whitewashed Islam while ignoring its Jewish and Christian victims in the Middle East, defended illegal aliens while sneering at law-abiding, hard-working citizens, and lauded “community organizers” while demonizing entrepreneurs. The list goes on: the Obamacare fiasco, the climate-change fraud, and so on. Not least, there’s his sowing of racial discord: how stunning that a man so capable of articulating a noble vision of a post-racial America could turn out to be so toxically obsessed with race, so thoroughly convinced that America is still steeped in racism, so gifted at creating and aggravating racial division while claiming that his goal is to heal….

  33. Darin says:

    Feller/Buncher from the outside

    Amazing how much can get done with a $550,000 piece of equipment.

  34. KG says:

    Wabbit smells rat:
    ‘Commanding general of DC National Guard to be removed from post on inauguration day
    “The timing is extremely unusual,” Schwartz said in an interview Friday morning, confirming a memo announcing his ouster that was obtained by The Washington Post. During the inauguration, Schwartz would command not only the members of the D.C. guard but also an additional 5,000 troops sent in from across the country to help. He also would oversee military air support protecting the nation’s capital during the inauguration….’

    • mawm says:

      He’s either in Obama’s pocket and will allow his troops to standby and watch the rioters take over, and Trump has got rid of him, OR Obama wants chaos to reign and have no leadership available to rein it in and it’s Obama who has got rid of him it. Either way expect Trump to make alternate arrangements.

      • KG says:

        That’s my reading of it too.
        He’s an Obama appointee and I wouldn’t expect Trump to trust him, given the chaos the left has planned.

  35. KG says:

    A new kristallnacht???
    ‘A German regional court in the city of Wuppertal affirmed a lower court decision last Friday stating that a violent attempt to burn the city’s synagogue by three men in 2014 was a justified expression of criticism of Israel’s policies…’

    • Darin says:

      So then burning down a mosque should be considered a “justified criticism of islam” after a terrorist attack?

      Something tells me probably not huh?

      • KG says:

        Hell no. In a dhimmi country, islam is protected.

        • Ronbo says:

          Nazism was once protected in Germany – not so much today. I predict the same fate for Islam. I see the day when the Mosques burn…”There is nothing like a burning Mosque in the morning…You know that gasoline smell…And the smell of burning Muslims…It smells like victory.”

  36. Darin says:

    Buddy Greco dead at aged 90

  37. Darin says:

    Corey Booker,another hypocritical preening jackass of nebulous “qualifications”-

    Another Obama wanna be,but one even less qualified and less intelligent,it’s a wonder he can breathe on his own.

  38. Darin says:

    Canada committing economic suicide with cap and trade-

    A Canadian manufacturing firm was billed $107,000 for $13,600 worth of electricity.

  39. mawm says:

    Fake News – the WAPO article about the firing of General Schwartz as the swearing in is taking place is bulldust. The WAPO making alterations to their story to hide their made-up story aimed at making Trump look incompetent.

  40. KG says:

    Ah, yes..the tolerant, “inclusive” left:
    ‘Opera star Andrea Bocelli backed out of singing at Donald Trump´s inauguration after receiving death threats, The Mail on Sunday has learnt. The revelation came as another singer – Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday – last night pulled out of the President-elect´s festivities after being threatened and branded an ´Uncle Tom´. …’
    When will conservatives realise that the vermin are at war with us?

    • Ronbo says:

      The conservatives? Never. A conservative is a reactionary who speaks in soft tones like William F. Buckley and have such good manners. However, we nationalists have dirty work stained hands and have always understood the socialists were at war against liberty – and we detest them – we curse them – and we mean to destroy them as a viable political movement.

  41. Ronbo says:

    The feel good article of the day: A Washington state Mosque is burned to the ground!

    A national trend? We can only hope…

    …even a crazy guy is sane enough to know that Islam simply has to go!

  42. Darin says:

    You’re a time travler and don’t even know it

    If you live to be the average adult male lifespan in the west of 75 years.You will have moved 1,366,565,000,000,000 Km though the Universe towards the Great Attractor.

    Completely fascinating

    • KG says:


      • Ronbo says:

        Spaceship Earth – The Garden of Eden for the Universe? So far this appears to be the real deal. Did you know for a few bucks you can have a sun somewhere out there named after you?

        The sun “Ronbo”

  43. Bill the Bunyip says:

    This is along video of the SpaceX launch of Iridium satellites.
    Around the 26 minute mark it shows the landing on a floating platform (called “just read the instructions”)
    Putting aside the politics of Musk, it is an awesome example of human creativity and ingenuity, with nary a gummint official involved.

    • Darin says:

      Musk and his type are an odd bunch.Most are agnostic and don’t give any thought to things they can’t find or don’t have an answer too.Social issues and political issues,they tend to just go with the flow.They are trying to put together pieces of complex projects to assemble a workable solution.He’s definitely getting a subsidy for Spacex,but it’s not the usual direct cash payment.It’s more of a lend/lease arrangement where Spacex is getting paid to produce a product,in this case a reusable launch vehicle for putting cargo into LEO and while they are doing it they are leasing infrastructure from Nasa/USAF.

      His partnership with Tesla is one where he and Tesla have gotten taxpayer cash,massive amounts of it and hopefully will produce something usable.I haven’t seen any hard numbers on it,but their new solar roof system looks promising along with their power wall concept.

      *IF* it does provide a 40+ year roof,and a power source capable of running the average family home turn key all for about the same money as a simple conventional roof,it will be a big deal.

  44. Bill the Bunyip says:

    I was aware they were getting deals from Gummint and like you I don’t know how much.
    What I am impressed with though is they get things happening and you can’t do that when you have gummint involved with all its bullshit requirements of disabled transgender toilets for robots etc.
    These folk are no doubt way into the nerd zone, but they are following the Nike philosophy and just doing it.
    Plus watching that first stage come back and land on a dot in the ocean is absolutely awesome.

    • KG says:

      “..requirements of disabled transgender toilets for robots ”

      • Darin says:

        Yes,it is a return to an era when Nasa wasn’t a social engineering experiment.

        Blue Origin is looking to make big strides in the next few years too,their New Glenn rocket will be capable of overland flight and recovery.

      • Ronbo says:

        “..requirements of disabled transgender toilets for robots ”

        • Ronbo says:

          @Darin & KG:

          You do know why Mushburger and some other plutocrats are bankrolling these new generation rockets and seriously planning a colony on Mars?

          These Dweebs really believe theLeftist propaganda about “Climate Charge” caused by man that will warm the earth and make life impossible IN THIS GENERATION.

          How the hell did such morons make one dollar, much less BILLIONS?

          It boggles the mind.

  45. Darin says:

    1000 HP custom built Mustang on Jay Leno’s Garage