How Trump Can Drain the Higher Education Swamp

Redirecting Federal funds away from “civics” courses could well see an end to leftist  indoctrination on campus-

Push back-

“You’ll also see it in how the two sides look at the Department of Education. The Republican gentleman thinks that education, including higher ed, is properly a matter for the states, and that all such federal grants should be zeroed out. But the Obama DOE has undertaken a massive effort to remake our politics and culture, and the ruffian thinks we should answer the Democrats in kind. If they’ve paid universities to teach contempt for America and American values, let’s sponsor a different set of programs that teach what’s right about America and admirable about our Constitution and culture.”

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One Response to How Trump Can Drain the Higher Education Swamp

  1. Contempt says:

    The entire complete Common Core joke gets eliminated asap. Our entire education system has been corrupted. We know that. So get it moving now President Trump. Following Trump on Twitter, facebook and emails is so much better than press conferences. Except the one today with the CNN dude was classic entertainment.

    Having a good time here! Optimistic about America the Beautiful.