And we are told Trump is evil?

7th Century barbarism in action-


“The youngster, named Faten, was punished after stepping over the threshold of her home while cleaning.””But members of the female al-Khansa brigade produced the torture device, and Faten bled to death from her wounds, a witness claimed.”

How long before this is common practice in the west?And for bonus points when will we realize that extermination of islam is the only option? 

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8 Responses to And we are told Trump is evil?

    • KG says:
      The linked article is interesting for the reporter’s obvious sympathy towards these invaders and antipathy towards patriot’s efforts to stem the tide of crap.
      These are not “refugees” by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Cadwallader says:

        The Americans are no so fast on the uptake as the Hungarian Government is. Did anyone in Hungary object to their construction of a “wall?”

        • KG says:

          The Brits have a natural wall – the Channel – and they refuse to patrol it effectively.
          The truth is that the elites want this invasion and they’ll delay and sabotage any attempts to stem the tide.

  1. Cadwallader says:

    It is certainly strange that women inflict this filth on young females. If it had been a gang of males dishing-up the cruelty it would be easy to infer a sexual pleasure from the barbarism. Either way, they’re filthy rotten creeps!

    • Darin says:

      The whole situation is bizarre,the brutality of the women involved as well as the deafening silence from western feminists.Of course with western feminists it’s always been about hating men and not so much about equal rights.