Apparent Systemic California Voter Fraud and Why It Matters Now Given the Enemy’s Talking Points

A Guest Post by Pascal

On November 8, 2016, I and my daughter were witnesses to a voter irregularity that was casually dismissed by election place volunteers. It occurred to us afterwards that it was likely not only deliberate, but what we witnessed was a demonstration to others on how easy it was to do. IOW, the perpetrator was showing to all surrounding him how the behavior was not only not checked, but that there was no danger of being prosecuted for voter fraud, and that the crime could be repeated as often as any “voter” wished.

First, let me explain provisional votes.

A potential voter goes to the sign-in desk and asks for a ballot.
The registration checker does not find the name requested on the rolls.
The potential voter then asks for and is given a provisional ballot.
Each one is instructed towards a booth to fill out their ballot, remove the ballot number stub, and then place the ballot in a blank envelope and seal it.
Then they are to place the sealed envelope within a larger blue envelope upon which the applicant has filled in the necessary information that permits election integrity officials to determine if the name on the blue envelope is indeed eligible.
They are then to turn in that blue envelope back to the election officials.

These are about all there is to the simple requirements for anyone voting with a provisional ballot.

Now, on the other hand, for anyone who’s name is registered, they are simply handed a ballot, and directed to a booth for marking it with their votes.

The registered voter then goes up to the election official standing behind the ballot box. Usually all he has to do is make sure the number of the ballot is removed before insertion, and then the voter inserts it in the ballot box. One secret ballot among many.

But this is what my daughter and I witnessed.

A man with a ballot asks the ballot box official in an unusually loud voice, “IS THIS WHERE I PUT THIS? ”

Ballot box official says “Yes.”

The man deposits his ballot in box.

The man then pulls out from under his left armpit the blue provisional ballot envelope and asks, “NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS”?

Ballot box boy simply looked dumbstruck. (A man would have reacted instantly). From what I could see, the blue envelope looked as blank as the expression on ballot box boy’s face.

Ballot box boy takes the envelope and puts it aside.

“Voter” leaves.

Do any of us have any idea how often this could have been repeated? By the same man even? He could travel from polling place to polling place in and around Los Angeles and repeat the crime without concern. Certainly the loudness of the perp and the total lack of any effort to detain him was far too blatant. To me the behavior and lack of checks on it bears all the earmarks of systemic fraud.

Now multiply his behavior by however many operatives may have been sent out or, indeed, multiplied by others watching and then repeating his actions.

So, whenever you hear it repeated that Donald Trump is delusional for saying the popular vote was ripe with fraud, you have this eye-witness account to help you put the detractor in his place.

One more thing with respect to how the Dems are playing the official vote outcome now; specifically with their charges of President Trump not having won a popular vote by THREE million votes.

Let me provide you one more indisputable fact to which you can add to your own conclusions from what I just told you about what I saw.

Donald Trump lost in evidential voter-fraud California by over FOUR million votes.

Here is the certified tally from the  California Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton,  DEM          8,753,788   61.7%

Donald J. Trump, REP, AI   4,483,810   31.6%

For those in our society who care about fairness, were we to simply ignore the tally of California votes because it is so badly compromised by systemic fraud, or at best by systemic incompetence, then without even looking at possible (likely?) irregularities in other Dem controlled election strongholds, a fair and decent society will acknowledge — California election officials be damned — that Donald Trump actually won the popular vote by about a million votes.

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21 Responses to Apparent Systemic California Voter Fraud and Why It Matters Now Given the Enemy’s Talking Points

  1. Darin says:

    Good post and I would like to add something if I may.

    Democrats stealing elections is nothing new,this is just the most recent example.The example prior to this one was the Jim Crow South.Democrats controlled the voting precincts in the south and stacked the deck against blacks,primarily because they voted Republican by a vast majority prior to 1964,but also because the democrat party is built on racism.I don’t mean the modern “racism lite” that has been all the rage in recent years,I mean KKK,cross burning negro hanging racism.

    In response congress passed the Voting rights Act of 1965 insuring that blacks and other minorities could freely participate in the right to vote.In the Act is section 5 in which certain southern states and a few others must abide by the new voting act and also any changes in voting procedure in those precincts must first be approved by the DOJ.

    Another recent example of dems cheating was in their own primary for president.Bernie Sanders and his supporters were actively discriminated against by members of his own party so as to skew the primary election in the favor of Hillary Clinton.

    There are examples,not just of the institutional fraud being committed internally by the DNC leadership,but also of blatant vote fraud being being carried out by poll workers literally stuffing ballot boxes in favor of Hillary.

    Mark my words,I do not agree with Sanders ideology,we are 180* out on nearly all issues,however I do support his right to an honest contest.His run should have been fairly judged by the voting public,not deep sixed by a few crooked insiders at the DNC.

    So as Pascal has pointed out,it’s a safe bet that fraud was committed yet again in democrat strongholds across the nation.A national candidate and those who supported him were disenfranchised of their right to a fair contest and it is entirely possible that Trump would have won the popular vote had it not been for the massive,organized fraud committed on the nation by the DNC and the far left.

    Given the propensity of the left to cheat they obviously cannot be trusted to run an honest poll at election time.I believe that what we need to do is re-write the voting act of 1965,particularly section 5 and require blue states to use photo ID for anyone voting in any election and photo ID coupled with the voter’s Social Security number for the national election to prevent duplicate voting in multiple states.

    The racist,intolerant left is the same today as the racist intolerant left of yesterday.They can never be trusted with anything and should be as Reagan said,”left on the ash heap of history”

    • Pascal says:

      Look how little effort it takes to expose how poorly protected are our votes Darin. I say little effort despite each of us having to write down about 500 words. Although I worry how many will bother to read either of us because 500 words is SO MUCH MORE than 140 characters, I felt is was necessary to testify to the corruption I witnessed and pray that others will carry along the message.

      Thanks again Darin for the platform no matter the outcome.

      • Darin says:

        Anytime,and don’t worry,one day they will hear us.The left doesn’t realize what sort of monster they are poking.By the time they realize it,it will be too late for them and I for one welcome the day of their death.

        “bend it to our will,or break it all to pieces” is my new motto.

  2. mawm says:

    This electoral fraud is massive! Just another example – I have a friend (don’t ask) who is an avowed Marxist (more Trotskyite), ardent Obamaphile and Trump-hater, and heavily involved in Dem politics. Like me he is an emigrant, we just went different ways. He lives in Connecticut and has made a lot of money and is semi-retired. He has a house in Florida as well. Like all the snowbirds he moved south before the election and proudly told me that he had voted (early vote) in Connecticut before driving south. When I asked him if he was going to vote in Florida as well he denied it, but it was really evasion rather than a convincing “no”. I was left with the distinct impression that he, a member of the bar and in-house counsel for a company, was knowingly committing a crime. I also wonder how many more are like him.

  3. Ronbo says:

    Washington state doesn’t have polls – all voting is done by mail.

    Also, to register to vote all you have to do is check the block on the form saying you are an American citizen.

    In Seattle upwards of 40% of the registered voters are Republicans, yet Hillary carried the city by 94% of the vote.

    Yes, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      Wasn’t there one district where votes for Hillary outnumbered all voters combined? Or should I say, was there only ONE district where etc?

      • Ronbo says:

        I think that was in California. The way the Democrat/Communist Machine works in about five states on the east and west coasts is for the Dems to win one election – and once that happens, the machine takes over the polls – and forever after, the Dems run the state.

        Seattle, for example, hasn’t had a Republican in decades. The Dems honestly won all the elections? I think not.

        Pascal’s excellent article is re-posted on my blog.

  4. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Sorry to link whore but you’ll laugh at this Democrat dope who, without realising it, confirmed the existence of widespread voter fraud in California.

    And yes, I’ve said ever since election day that Trump won the popular vote in 49 states out of the 40.

  5. Contempt says:

    Along with fraud some people are told who to vote for. Example, before the election I stood in an elevator next to a black dude who said “Now I gotta vote for a woman.” I’m pretty sure he was returning from a democrat meeting.

    Just drain the damn swamp now. Drain the swamp now. R and D and oBowa’s shadow government. There is a self interest behind every door. Sweep the front porch. Nitpicking is bloated beyond sanity.

    • mawm says:

      He should not have let them win over Flynn. Big mistake!

      There are traitors in the ranks. What was he doing appointing Preibus as his Chief of Staff? And the trio of McCain, Graham and Ryan need to be disempowered……totally.

  6. Contempt says:

    Well I’m feeling good after Trump’s talk today. Calm cool and collected. No screens to read off of in front of him swinging his head left to right reading bullshit. Pure relief following the last president. Who was he ? damn I can’t remember.

    The upcoming event in Florida on Saturday is guaranteed to be great. And if any rioters are there? Take them down.

    Every day gets better. MAGA!