Open House

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  1. Darin says:

    Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight

  2. Gregoryno6 says:

    While Facebook isn’t exactly popular around here (looks sideways at KG) it has spread a couple of my memes far and wide.
    This one, a comment from a year ago on the refugee issue here in Australia, has been picked up by an American group. They find it relevant over there too, especially in the excitement over Trump’s travel ban. Currently, from their site alone, it’s been shared by upwards of a quarter million people.
    There may well be other groups using it. I know only about this group; an American friend follows them and she shared their post on her page.
    The Che meme has likewise gone around the world and come back to me. And the Anthony Mundine meme is still drawing likes, for which Mundine can thank/blame only himself.

    • KG says:

      Mundine is a racist POS. Brilliant meme, by the way, Gregory. :lol:

      • Gregoryno6 says:

        He inspired my meme mojo when he
        a – said he wouldn’t stand for the national anthem
        b – called on indigenous players to not stand at the AFL grand final
        c – got a ‘No Way’ from Lance Franklin, the only indigenous player in the game
        d – said that he would never stand for the national anthem again.

        There was much rejoicing when Danny Green won their boxing match, but you can’t imagine how many people wanted to see Mundine flat on his back and counted out. Well, maybe you can imagine that.

        • KG says:

          I sure can. :mrgreen:
          The clown had the support of the vast majority of Australians, pleased to see a part-Aborigine doing well, until the bastard turned into a racist opportunist. Now he’s hated, and deservedly so. People like him help make more people racist, but he’s too damn thick to see that.
          It’s interesting that during all my time spent among full-blooded blackfellas I was never accused of being a racist and those few racists I met were part-Abos from the fringes of the cities and towns. Like Mundine.

  3. Darin says:

    Newt Gingrich destroys environmentalists –

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      Creeping Jeebus. I thought that little smartaleck beeeotch was going to explode under the pressure of her own self-righteousness. Go Newt!

      • KG says:

        What a loathsome little know-all cow! Reality has yet to impinge on her cosseted, indoctrinated view of how the world really operates. What’s more, she’s grandstanding for her brain-dead peers, rather than asking a polite question.
        No wonder science is in such deep shit.
        How about we ban Fed funding of “universities”.
        That’d save billions and force these know-it -all assholes out into the real world.

  4. MvL says:

    For those who are interested in the Oroville Dam spillway failure without the panty- wetting media hysteria…
    Go here.
    An excellent source of real information.
    And of course for those of us who operated these things back in the day, there are a couple of links that may interest you.

  5. KG says:
    THIS is what the Australian and New Zealand governments gave taxpayer’s money to. :evil:

    • Ronbo says:

      Disgusting! Poor people starve to death so Clinton’s ugly and stupid daughter can get more loot! “MR. & MRS. CLINTON: HAVE YOU NO SHAME!”

      • KG says:

        Rhetorical question, yes?

        • Ronbo says:

          I was just throwing back to the Leftists a line they threw at a Republican Senator, one Joseph McCarthy, many years ago, who was spot on about Communists worming their way deep inside the USG.

  6. Ronbo says:

    It’s official: Trump calls Leftist Media: “Traitors!”

    Hey Leftists – if the shoe fits wear it.

    Trump tweets: The media is the ‘enemy of the American people’

    President Trump blasted the media as “the enemy of the American people” in a tweet Friday, calling out several outlets specifically.


  7. Darin says:

    Dr Tim Ball-Trump may dismantle federal EPA-

  8. Ronbo says:

    The Blind Sheik is dead:

    Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch
    Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead
    Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
    Wake up, the wicked witch is dead!
    She’s gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho
    Let’s open up and sing, and ring the bells out
    Ding-dong! the…

  9. Darin says:

    Spotted two bumper stickers today-

    “I never worry about what other people think,odds are they don’t do it very often”


    “It’s a Jeep,if I wanted a Hummer I’d call your sister”


  10. Darin says:

    Fastest Woman in Racing-Courtney Force 330 MPH first pass –

  11. KG says:

    Merkel: Europe Must Take More Migrants, Islam Is Not The Cause Of Terrorism
    I pray a stray bullet will do us all a favor soon….

  12. mawm says:

    South African golfer (bear with me KG) “the Big Easy” Ernie Els played golf with Trump and Abe and is now getting flack for it. Els who has an Autism Foundation (amongst many other programs helping golfers from poor backgrounds) is standing his ground.

    “I just said, ‘Go eff yourself. I played with the President and you haven’t.’

    Els said that discussions between the two on the fairway were primarily focused on his foundation, the Els for Autism Foundation.

    ‘He wants to be helpful, he wants to be in and that’s the kind of guy he is.'”

  13. KG says:

    ‘As we say around here, there are men and there are boys grown tall. ‘
    the inimitable Remus

  14. Gregoryno6 says:

    And the latest news is: Donald Trump has syphilis. Well, maybe, sort of, kinda, you know he looks that way at times…
    According to the symptoms listed here, so have I.
    Questions were raised about Hillary’s health during the campaign, but there was something blatantly wrong with her head bobbing about and her collapse as she got into the limo. And she seems to be keeping a low profile presently… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • KG says:

      It’s odd, walking around Darwin, that there’s almost no mention of the bombing to be seen.

      • Gregoryno6 says:

        Anything about Cyclone Tracy?

      • Ronbo says:

        @KG: I don’t think the Australians want to remember the Jap surprise attack on Darwin in 1942, not only because of the heavy destruction on the docks and town done by the Jap bombs – but rather for what a “Balls Up” it was to the Aussie defense forces and their American allies.

        Also, there was a near riot at the Darwin train station and Australian Army MPs nearly shot civilians trying to get on the train to the south and safety…Later on these same MPs got drunk and looted the abandoned civilian houses….while the main Aussie military force bugged out on the only road to safety.

        Meanwhile, the only troops manning the defenses of Darwin for a few days was a few AAA and artillery batteries.

        If the Japs had had a landing force available, they would done an unopposed landing and could have raised all kinds of hell in Australia.

        No, if I were a Australian I wouldn’t want to remember the first attack on the Homeland either…which was not typical of Aussie behavior by civilians and military in both world wars.

        • Gregoryno6 says:

          That entire part of the war was an embarrassment for the Allies. And a costly embarrassment at that.
          The British administration in Singapore simply refused to believe that Japanese troops could outfight white men. The island’s ‘impregnable’ status was literally one-sided: the guns all faced out to sea. Even with seven weeks to get them around to face the peninsula, very few were relocated. The Japanese crossed the Straits of Johore and took Singapore at a walk.

          • Darin says:

            Prior to 1940 there were few if any that took Japan seriously as a threat,such a tiny nation afterall.And that thinking is what caught everyone off guard and back on our heels in the pacific in 1941 IMO.

            Iran anyone?…..

  15. mawm says:

    On Amazon:-

    Trump Success Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Fluid Ounce

    Customer Questions & Answers

    Question: If I spray this on my skin, will it make it thinner, causing me to post deranged tweets at 3 a.m.?
    Answer: No because liberalism is a mental disorder. No cure in a magic bottle

    Top Customer Reviews

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    Smells great, And it makes any SJW near You cry so that makes it much better.

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    Great scent, got compliments at the office! Made me smell great again!

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    Smells so much better than obamas’ spray TRAITOR

    • Ronbo says:

      LMAO! 30,000 showed up yesterday in Melbourne to hear him speak. I should say this is the American Melbourne in Florida, which is the sister city to Melbourne, Australia.

      Yes, in case you’re wondering it was, indeed, named after the Melbourne in Australia by a Aussie ship wrecked sailor in 1880. Anyhow, the town had a lottery and names of cities were put in a hat and “Melbourne” won. This was the hometown of the Aussie sailor and his entry. The Americans naturally objected to a foreigner winning, but a deal was a deal and Melbourne , Florida on the Atlantic was so named and officially registered for all time.

  16. KG says:

    Surrendering to barbarism, one step at a time:
    ‘A public school in Sydney has adopted a policy permitting Muslim male students to decline to shake hands with females.’

    • Ronbo says:

      Who would want to shake hands with sand niggers in the first place? or talk to them?

      You take a your right foot and kick them is the ass, which is easy to hit because the savages are ass all over.

  17. KG says:

    Victor Orban on the open society.

    Via Col. B. Bunny. His excellent site is on the blogroll. >>>>>>

  18. mawm says:

    Maybe NZ’s McCully will find his missing balls under Haley’s skirt.

  19. KG says:

    ‘Fearless French waitress drags a giant lizard out of an Australian restaurant by its tail after it wandered in looking for food’

  20. KG says:

    ‘Le Pen refuses headscarf, nixes talks with Lebanon cleric’

  21. Gregoryno6 says:

    “In 2016 the lectured-to demographic finally decided it had had enough. The time had come to give some back.”
    A selection of the best responses to those videos filled with actors who were suddenly experts on the American political system. Warning: Bad language, sarcasm, and faces you will think you sort of recognise. Weren’t they in – you know, that tv show? The one your mother never missed?

  22. Ronbo says:

    Milo – victim of a political witch hunt by the ruling class.


    Somehow I don’t we have heard the last from the very politically incorrect Milo.

  23. mawm says:

    Nigel Farage always offers a good soundbite.

    On the younger generation –
    “they’ve become the very thing they’re working so terribly hard to defeat: god damned fascists.”

  24. Warren Tooley says:

    Well guys its finally happened. I’ve uploaded 87 or so videos on You Tube. I got hit with my first community strike. What was my crime. Climate crime. I said something about the earth charter, and now my video has been cancelled.

    I don’t know what other explanation, then not agreeing with climate change is now a climate crime.

    • Darin says:

      If you’re taking Flak,you know you’re over the target,good job!

      • Ronbo says:

        Indeed, welcome to the club, but always remember that I was censored years before it was cool….and threatened with death by an E-FATWA from the Muslims.

  25. Ronbo says:

    Head up Crusades!

    CNN is about to be outed:

    Hee, hee – they have their moles and we have ours complete with videotape!

  26. Pascal says:

    Brzezinski: ‘Our Job’ Is to Control ‘Exactly What People Think’

    he [DJT] could have undermined the [our] messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.

    LOL. An MSNBC creature of Soviet-style Media (SSM) slips and validates Pascal in calling it SSM.

    That she’s also the daughter of Carter’s vaunted NSC chief makes her slip that much more proof of long-standing major Leftist strategy in gaining control of media.

    • mawm says:

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      (It is beyond my ability to post the actual image. )

      • Pascal says:

        Great find Mawn.

        This makes it very hard for Mika to walk it back. It’d be a shame if MSNBC had to throw her under the bus.

        • Ronbo says:

          I don’t see what the big deal is here…The LEFTIST Media decades ago may have not been honest enough to say who they were supporting and what their objective was – but as an old soldier, I can tell you without fear of contradiction the LEFTIST Media was pretty much the same in the 60s. 70s, and 80s – the big difference is that today the LEFTIST Media does not enjoy a monopoly as it did in those days….They no longer have “air superiority” like they did in the old days of the four major channels of ABC, CBS, NBC and later CNN.

          …and like a battle, he who loses air superiority is doomed to failure.

          • Pascal says:

            You and I are members of the choir. I find it delightful to peel away the comfort zone of those who have for years denied what was obvious. There’s a huge satisfaction in the emperor has no clothes nature of it all that makes it laughable. Once most all viewers are laughing at them, that will increase the number of rats deserting the Fourth Estate. They will provide O’Keefe a backlog for exposés for years to come.

          • Gregoryno6 says:

            Inside their heads the armies of Fake News Inc still have the power. But only inside their heads.

            • Ronbo says:

              Yes, but an increasing number of Leftists are on to the fact that all their traditional more or less peaceful means of taking down a Republican president have failed, and then the real danger comes because that means only violent means remain.

              The thing of it is that if the Left has Trump assassinated it will mean civil war…Trump didn’t start the revolution – the revolution selected him as leader, but should he fall to the gun, knife or bomb, waiting in the wings are his family…Eric, for one, and waving the bloody shirt.

  27. Gregoryno6 says:

    From Morning Mail: Walls Work Wonderfully.
    “EU countries which constructed border fences in response to the migrant crisis have seen a collapse in illegal migration, while unprotected states have seen it increase… Hungary, which led the charge on strong borders, was able to cut illegal crossings from Serbia to 25,000 – a massive drop from the 2015 high of 200,000.”

  28. KG says:

    Obama licks the ass of anti-Jewish states and their leaders, does underhand deals with and gives money to a state openly committed to wiping out Israel, no mention of it in the MSM.
    But Trump is “insufficiently forceful” in his condemnations of anti-Semitism!
    These people are beyond shaming, and the NZ media dutifully parrots their shit:

  29. Darin says:

    Antikythera Episode 2-

  30. Darin says:

    Just watched Hacksaw Ridge,best movie in a LONG time.Completely humbling what the power of conviction can do in this world.

  31. Darin says:

    Multiculturalism-what we were promised-vs-what we got

  32. Darin says:

    Hows its made-Traditional Rope

  33. KG says:

    Silly man – doesn’t he know that money’s needed for paying welfare to muzzle invaders?
    ‘The 22 Fair Work Commissioners who earn an annual salary of up to $350,000 made the final decision to slash Sunday rates for 700,000 Australian retail and hospitality workers….’

    • Darin says:

      Well if he is supposedly capable of working,fire one of those commissioners and give him their job.

      That way he gets the money he needs and you will have a commissioner that does actual work and has some common sense.Both problems solved

  34. Darin says:

    State Democrats backing government reform?Miracles do happen :shock: :shock:

    • KG says:

      Amazing! But on second thoughts perhaps not so surprising. Most politicians are opportunists who can smell a realignment of the trough, after all.